Discover both sides of this handicraft world—the front Side und the Flip-Side—in a brand-new Yoshi adventure accessible exclusively zum the elamiya.com move system.

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A neu adventure

Play solo or through a freund as you search zum gems from the powerful Sundream Stone. You kann sein play hinweisen your very own pace, too!





Friends und foes

From Poochy and the Poochy Pups to Shy Guys and Goonies, below are some of the personalities you’ll meet along the way.

Front Side and Flip-Side

Stages schutz a 3D-depth layout that enables Yoshi zu move bolzen the foreground, middle, and background pathways.

Get all the goodies

Seek out collectible items choose flowers, coins, and Poochy Pups. Unlock in-game handicraft costumes zum Yoshi, too!

Crafty Collage Maker

Create your very own amazing artwork to print or re-superstructure with die Crafty Collage Maker online activity.

Free demo available

You kann sein play through ns Front Side and the Flip-Side des the erste stage in the complimentary game demo. You kann sein even mannschaft up with a friend und play cooperatively ~ above a single system!

Can sie find the Poochy Pups?

The Poochy Pups space hiding bei different spots on this site. Uncover all 3 Poochy Pups kommen sie earn my elamiya.com Platinum Points. The more sie find, the more points you’ll earn!

My elamiya.com membership required to receive points. Not a member?Sign nach oben now.Not a member? sign up zum a my elamiya.com membership.

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Game, system, and amiibo marketed separately.

Visit amiibo.com for einzelheiten on amiibo functionality.

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