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The Russian media channel"s YouTube buchseite was terminated top top Tuesday. Youtube said RT had violated its corona misinformation policy.

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RT"s German language channel ~ above YouTube now points to in error message

Video-sharingplatform youtube deleted Russian state-backed broadcasterRT"s German-language networks on Tuesday, saying it had violated its covid misinformation policy.

"YouTube has always had clear ar guidelines that synopsis what zu sein allowed on ns platform," a youtube spokesperson called elamiya.com.

InitiallyRT"s German channel was issued a strike weil das uploading content that breached YouTube"s covid misinformation policy, resulting bei aweek-long posting ban.

RT then used a 2nd channel,"Der Fehlende Part,"— i m sorry translates zu "the absent part" an German—to evade thesuspension.

RT juni "tried kommen sie circumvent die enforcement über using one more channel, und as a an outcome both networks were terminated zum breaking youtube Terms of Service," the spokesperson said.

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YouTube added that itis against itsterms of leistungen to "use an additional channel in in attempt kommen sie circumvent die suspension des one channel by activity on another."

How has actually Russia responded?

Roskomnadzor,the Russian commonwealth executive company responsible zum overseeing massive media in the country, sent out a letter to Google, demanding itremove all limitations from RT DE und DFP channels. It so called on the company toexplain die reasons weil das the ban"s implementation, ns agency"s press dienstleistungen said.

Google encounters a fine of up zu 1 million rubles if that refuses to unblock RT"s youtube channels, Roskomnadzor said.

Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of RT, comment to the ban bei a tweet:

"This is a real media war declared von the state von Germany to the state des Russia," she said.

She climate called for the Russian state to respond by banning German zustand media broadcasters, including elamiya.com.

YouTube zu sein owned über US modern technology conglomerate Alphabet Inc, which so owns Google.

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What ist YouTube"s covid misinformation policy?

YouTube claims that it"doesn"t allow inhalt about covid19 that poses a severe risk des egregious harm."

Additionally, youtube says the it does not allow content that spreads clinical misinformation that "contradicts local health and wellness authorities" or ns World wellness Organization’s (WHO) medical info about COVID-19."

This is limited kommen sie WHO or local wellness authorities" indict on treatment, prevention, diagnosis, transmission, society distancing and self-isolation guidelines and also anything the contradicts ns existence of COVID-19, youtube states.