Wieviel Koffein Ist In Kaffee

Caffeine wakes united state up, stimulates die cardiovascular system, und supports concentration and attention. Normalerweise consumption has no detrimental health effects according to current scientific knowledge. However, wie does normalerweise consumption end, and what ist considered auch much?


Caffeine wakes us up, stimulates the cardiovascular system, und supports concentration und attention. Normal consumption has no detrimental health results according to current scientific knowledge. However, wie man does normal consumption end, and what zu sein considered auch much?

Update zum 2019: due to the fact that we were tired of the limitless guessing, we carried out our very own laboratory investigation an the summer des 2019. Together with the Institute zum Product high quality (ifp) an Berlin-Adlershof, we tested fünfzehn preparation methods, such as espresso, cold brew or French press, weil das their caffeine content. Below you can view the results of the study.

Du schaust: Wieviel koffein ist in kaffee

That depends, of course, top top how viel caffeine is in your drinks und foods. Freundin don’t ingest caffeine only wie you drink coffee and “energy drinks.” You also do wie man you consume tea, soda and even chocolate.

Let’s take a closer look weist exactly what caffeine quantities we room talking about.

The Caffeine bei Coffee: ns Basics

Caffeine is bei alkaloid discovered mainly an coffee beans, tea leaves und cocoa beans.

Alkaloids space naturally occurring nitrogen compounds, which have various and specific impacts on human beings or animals. Zum example, nicotine und other opiates also fall into ns alkaloid category.

Coffee beans and ready-prepared coffee schutz different caffeine contents. Even die beans us contain various inherent amounts des caffeine. Die amount the ends up in the perfect drink also depends on:

The beans’ roasting temperatureHow finely die beans were groundHow long the coffee grounds were steepedThe steeping temperature

The best-known types des coffee room Arabica and Robusta. Lock differ, amongst other things, bei caffeine content. Arabica beans contain about geholfen as much caffeine together Robusta coffee. Arabica averages 1.2-percent caffeine und Robusta averages 2.2-percent caffeine.

If sie want to limit her caffeine consumption, the good news ist that Arabica ist much an ext widespread. Manufacturers sometimes also mix in some extra Robusta beans to make other coffees stronger.

The median Caffeine inhalt of Coffee and Other Foods

The european Food security Authority has assessed the 200 milligrams von caffeine per single dose und 400 milligrams von caffeine von day is harmless to gesund adults. Pregnant or breastfeeding women tun können safely consume 200 milligrams über day without damaging your children.

However, what does the mean in terms des coffee, espresso, tea or chocolate? the following table provides in overview.

DrinkCaffeine content (Milligrams von 100 Milliliters)Milligrams per Serving% of Recommended daily Limit
Filter Coffee5582.5 (150 milliliters)20.6
Espresso13333.25 (25 milliliters)8.3
Decaffeinated23 (150 milliliters)0.75
Instant Coffee3958.5 (150 milliliters)14.6
Black Tea2030 (150 milliliters)7.5
Green Tea1928.5 (150 milliliters)7.1
Drinking Chocolate69 (150 milliliters)2.2
Coca-Cola1033 (330 milliliter-can)8.2
Coca-Cola Light/Zero1239.6 (330-milliliter can)9.9
Afri-Cola1020 (200-milliliter bottle)5
Afri-Cola 25550 (200-milliliter bottle)12.5
Fritz-Kola2582.5 (330-milliliter bottle)20.6
Club Mate20100 (500-milliliter bottle)25
Red Bull3280 (250-milliliter can)20

For drinks, i indicated caffeine content per 100 milliliters und per offer size. Espresso, weil das example, contains more caffeine than filter coffee, however it still has much less caffeine per cup because ns serving sizes are usually smaller.

In ns serving column, i indicated bei brackets ns assumed part sizes. Ns fourth column refers kommen sie one serving and indicates how much of die recommended daily limit freundin would therefore use.

Most of the figures come from a presentation around caffeine-containing foods published von Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. I was able to roughly convey these figures with various other values ich found online – zum example, ns German Coffee association website.

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How Much ist Too viel Caffeine?

As i mentioned earlier, though, freundin certainly shouldn’t rely blindly on this information, especially in the case of coffee. These are median values can vary significantly from one cup des coffee to another. That’s why a 2014 study referred to as for in end to using “a cup of coffee” as a unit measure des caffeine.

The researchers in that study tested an ext than 100 espressos und cappuccinos throughout Scotland, Italy and Spain. The measured amount von caffeine von serving ranged native 48 milligrams to a chuck 317 milligrams! A serving of 317 milligrams ist officially no much longer classified together “harmless” und uses nach oben a an excellent three-quarters of bei individual’s jeden tag limit.

It need to be said, though, that die serving must schutz been nice big. Hopefully anyone confronted with it would think weil das themselves and decide the it wasn’t a particularly healthy choice!

I’m afraid i can’t tell sie anything an ext specific about your mitarbeiter caffeine intake. The subject has simply not been researched in more detail, and caffeine content differs substantially from cup kommen sie cup.


When unavoidable your very own coffee, though, I can at the very least pass ~ above one rule of thumb. Die hotter the water, die longer ns steeping time, und the finer die coffee grinds, the more caffeine möchte be infused into die finished drink.

Additionally, part des the caffeine molecule dissolve wie man they are roasted weist high temperatures. Due to the fact that these roasts schutz a darker color, this is so an indication des beans v a lower caffeine content. If you have a lighter roast, it might oase more caffeine.

Should children Consume Coffee?

There’s an additional interesting reality to klasse from ns German Coffee Association’s website

. A bar of milk chocolate contains 20 milligrams des caffeine, however a riegel of bittersweet cacao contains practically 80 milligrams – much more than a double espresso! good thing kids generally don’t like dark chocolate, anyway.

It’s a great question, though: What around children? are there any particular health risks associated with youngsters consuming caffeine? space there legal regulations?

At ns moment, the answer to both questions is “no.” ns European Food info Council identified that, in principle, a child’s body tun können process caffeine nur as well as in adult.

Caffeine über Numbers

It need to be noted, however, the a smaller sized or lighter body kann process much less caffeine. Die same european Food safety Authority article suggests a general rule for calculating angestellter intake limits:

The body weight an kilograms multiplied by three equals ns recommended best consumption von serving an milligrams. (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds)The human body weight an kilograms multiplied by 6 equals ns recommended maximum consumption von day an milligrams. (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds)


50 kilograms (110 pounds) body load * 3 = 150 milligrams des caffeine per serving50 kilograms (110 pounds) body weight * 6 = 300 milligrams von caffeine per day120 kilograms (264 pounds) body weight * 3 = 360 milligrams des caffeine von serving120 kilograms (264 pounds) body weight * 6 = 720 milligrams of caffeine von day

However, this is only a turbulent guide because tolerance deshalb depends on other (unknown) factors. Coffee drinkers usually understand from their own experiences what your limit is.

Legal Limits zu Caffeine

The only legal requirement zu sein that beverages v a caffeine inhalt of more than 150 milligrams per liter must be labeling accordingly. Coffee and tea space exempt because die authorities assume that everyone knows that these drink contain caffeine. Ns regulation because of this mainly concerns energy drinks.

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However, this has actually nothing specifically zu do through children. At die moment, minors can blieb buy limitless amounts of energy drinks. In some instances, retailers oase voluntarily introduced age restrictions, yet only partially. Also then, these limitations are notfall always continuously implemented.

Because die excess consumption von energy drinks can be fairly harmful, the Foodwatch organization is calling zum a statutory period limit. (The article zu sein only available an German.)

In her experience, how much coffee von day ist okay, und how much zu sein too much? Should power drinks be legally regulated, or need to it it is in left up to parents? i look forward zu hearing your opinions!