WhatsApp has been slowly introducing some an excellent features so that users kann learn each function properly.

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Undoubtedly the top message platform, WhatsApp today has much more than a billion individuals who are actively sending messages and communicating end voice around the globe. Ns company was acquired by Facebook, and the messaging apps is completely free to use. WhatsApp developers had actually initially released the phone number-based messaging app for simple communication; however, it took kommen sie the internet like a storm. Ns popularity von the cost-free messaging app has got the developers zu keep upgrading more and more functions on WhatsApp. However, though die features are progressively coming right into existence (compared zu other popular apps who already schutz many des them included), on WhatsApp. Though users might say that other apps were currently ahead des WhatsApp, a sluggish implementation works well in WhatsApp’s favour. First—users gain time kommen sie learn and use every attribute as and when they are released. If you schutz all features currently there, freundin may not remember geholfen of them punkt use. Und lastly, each feature is rolled out after extensively testing for efficiency, charme saving und performance.

Until date, WhatsApp has released a last of functions that you kann use zum messaging. Apart from message features, over there are number of tweaks and tricks the you kann do with WhatsApp. We have put together nearly all the 40 features, tips and tricks that users can use with WhatsApp kommen sie become a WhatsApp jockey.


1. Send a single message to multiple people hinweisen once

Broadcasting a single message zu multiple people hinweisen once zu sein possible. Merely click on the menu (three dot ellipse) und select ‘New broadcast’. You wollen get in option to send die same message kommen sie multiple people von adding ns contacts bei the receiver list. Click on the ‘+’ sign on the right und select the names native your contact list.


2. Format your text

You kann now send messages in bold, italics or strikethrough too. Just use die special characters before and after die words zu get ns formatting von your choice. Zum example, use asterisk for bold (*hello*), underscore weil das italics (_hello_) and tilde weil das strikethrough (~hello~).


3. Discover out who freundin chat v a lot

If freundin want zu know who sie are chatting too much with on WhatsApp, you tun können find out von simply scrolling through the chat screen. However, if you schutz cleared out ns messages or if lock are too many, it möchte be difficult to find the end easily. Zum this, head to the settings and click on ‘Settings’, climate ‘Account’ and then ‘Storage Usage’. Here you will find a list des contacts you are presently chatting with and if freundin tap anyone, you can find out how viel of charme you schutz sent or received during all chats. Now you kann sein probably uncover out who is your good pal. This feature zu sein available just on iPhone weil das now.


4. Save säule when utilizing WhatsApp on mobile networks

If freundin are roaming, or if sie are top top a slow-moving or expensive charme network, you can choose zu reduce your säule consumption by selecting what sie want to automatically download. You kann choose to selectively download video, picture or audio wie you are roaming. Additionally, freundin can so click ~ above ‘Low dünn usage’ zu reduce the amount of data used throughout a WhatsApp call.


5. Mute chats and groups

If you are top top a kopieren, gruppe that sends too many messages across or if your friend sends you too many unwanted messages, you kann sein simply mute the group or contact to stop alerting you. You can choose to mute the audio alert or die notification respectively. Die messages will come in but wollen only zeigen you when you anfang WhatsApp. Select the contact or group and choose ns ‘mute’ auswahl from die menu.


6. Manage your privacy

If sie don’t choose to show anyone on your contact list that freundin are making use of WhatsApp, you can shut off die ‘last seen’ option from showing up on your screen. Sie can also select to disable blue ticks (a form of check out receipts) und turn off her profile photo. Head zu ‘Settings’ und you should discover it in the ‘Privacy’ option. However, you should understand that if sie disable this options, sie cannot see other die same from contacts too.


7. Share documents

WhatsApp has actually started enabling you kommen sie send and receive files too. If photos and videos are allowed zum sure, PDF, Excel and Word records can deshalb be sent. Merely attach the document kommen sie your chat und share her documents. WhatsApp zu sein rumoured to deshalb allow GIF files in a brief while.


8. Read messages without blue ticks

When freundin read a message, you so send back a check out receipt to the sender. This method he or she knows the you schutz seen die message. However, if freundin don’t want kommen sie send a review receipt (blue tick) back to the sender, you kann sein read ns message without them discovering it with two simple tricks. If freundin want to read a message, simply reduced off all charme networks to die phone. Use airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi. Offen WhatsApp, review your message. Once done, close WhatsApp von killing that from ns memory auch (use in app killer if needed) und then anfang your data again. This seems tedious, right. Ns other easiest trick is to include a WhatsApp Widget on your desktop. If a post arrives, you tun können read the entire message without the rundfunkveranstalter knowing it. Just scroll die message on ns Widget. However, beware, if freundin click on die widget, you will trigger WhatsApp and a blue kontrollieren will be sent out across. Click here kommen sie know more about just how you kann sein do it.


9. Stop automobil download des photos and videos to save data

Similar zu turning turn off audio und video downloads wie roaming, you can also choose kommen sie selectively download photos and videos when on data or Wi-Fi respectively. Head to ns settings und you möchte find ns needed settings under ‘Data usage’.


10. Add dates to your calendar

This ist presently only obtainable on iPhone. If your contact sends you a day within ns chat, you will be may be to see it an blue and underlines. Simply lang pressing on die date kann sein allow you zu add die dates to your calendar und create bei event.

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11. Include shortcuts to your homescreen zum individual chats

If you are continually chatting v a few friends, or some necessary contacts, you can reduce die time to anfang WhatsApp und hunt for the name und start a conversation. Simply long press on die contact und select ‘Add chat shortcut’ from ns menu. You kann sein add die chat contact directly to your desktop und start chatting from there itself.


12. Usage WhatsApp on your PC

If freundin want to use WhatsApp on your PC and have ns convenience des a large physical keyboard and a large screen, simply affix your phone call to ns PC utilizing WhatsApp Web. Head kommen sie ‘web.whatsapp.com’ and scan die QR password on ns screen through your mobile (from settings and WhatsApp web). Your entire WhatsApp chat will be viewed on your browser. Alternatively, sie can also download ns standalone software von WhatsApp zum PC indigenous ‘http://www.whatsapp.com’. Sie need to schutz your mobile phone connected zu the internet too an order zu use this feature. (click here) you can also use this method to install a different WhatsApp account top top your desktop PC.


13. Send messages zu yourself.

Sometimes sie need to prüfung a message before sending them out. You kann sein send them kommen sie yourself top top WhatsApp before sending it zu your contact. Kommen sie do this, simply produce a WhatsApp group, add a friend und then delete er from ns group. Now you room alone bei that group, and you kann sein send message there. It is deshalb a an excellent option for taking quick notes.


14. Transfer files bolzen PC and mobile

Though this ist not completely functional, you kann sein still lieferung documents and media from your phone to your PC and vice versa. Just send ns media record or document to yourself (check previous trick), and you can save ns same top top your pc or desktop computer using WhatsApp Web.


15. Safeguard your plaudern – disable notice preview

When you receive a message, you can see that message scroll bei your notification bar, even if freundin don’t have WhatsApp opened. However, despite this feature, freundin could oase sensitive messages being read über unwanted elements peeping into your phone. To avoid this, simply head to die phone’s settings and disable notifications weil das WhatsApp. When done, WhatsApp will notfall show something on your notice bar.


16. Do voice calls

If freundin did notfall know that already, yes, WhatsApp kann help sie make phone calls around die world—with other WhatsApp users, that is. Just pull up the contact and hit ns phone icon zu make a voice call. Ns call is absolutely free des cost, yet you will spend on internet data—mobile or Wi-Fi. You kann make phone call on low-speed networks too, but be ready weil das a delay in the voice.


17. Send various emojis

Sending emojis was always there, but did freundin know the there are much more emojis 보다 what freundin see? Simply lang press on the emoji that freundin like, and you will see some more come up on the list. Choose ns ones from ns list for your requirement. WhatsApp introduces neu emojis top top Android.


18. Send large heart

This zu sein a straightforward feature, a possible Easter egg if sie want kommen sie call it. If sie send a blog post with nur a einzel heart emoji in it, WhastApp converts die heart emoji into a large one und animates it through a heartbeat. Don’t believe us, try it right now.


19. Quote messages in ~ chats

This ist one von the most-recent functions that WhatsApp introduced. You can now quote a certain message and reply accordingly. If sie are in a large WhatsApp kopieren, gruppe or an a lang conversation v someone, you kann sein refer kommen sie a certain message that freundin are replying v quotes. Simply long press on the particular message an the list and you will seen the reply auswahl popup (Android users möchte see in arrow symbol on die top-left). Click reply and your quoted message will appear together a kasten along through your reply.


20. Block undesirable people and spam

There are mal when freundin get messages from unknown contacts. These can be unknown people, or merely spam messages with advertisements and promotions. Simply cut them turn off from repeatedly coming to your phone von marking them together spam. Offen the unknown message und you wollen find two choices ‘add zu contacts’ and ‘spam’. Choose accordingly.

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