Whatsapp Call Funktioniert Nicht


It happened, that ich had to make calls native Egypt to Ukraine und Russia. Roaming call cost too much. For example, a one-minute conversation Sharm — Kyiv prices $1.85 (charging native the zuerst second). Exact same situation zum incoming calls.

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How kommen sie make calls cheap and possible?

You kann sein buy a sim karte card from a regional provider (for example, Orange or Vodafone) right after arrival at in airport, and make phone call over ns Internet.

As we interested an the internet only und do notfall need voice services, climate prepaid cards are offered on her passport; 8 GB von traffic expenses $8.

You can make calls über any messenger prefer Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Viber. They all arbeiten over ns Internet. 3G Internet zum voice calls have to be much more than enough.

Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp calls do not work in Egypt

an here is the struggle, due to the fact that Skype does notfall work bei Egypt. The turned out that it was banned early to the events des the Arab spring (Egypt is blocking voice calls made end social media apps).

Skype does not work in resort cities of Egypt (for example, Sharm-El-Sheikh) by april 2017:


Not only VoIP, but also text message does not work.

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Calls do not work in Viber und WhatsApp — only buchstabe messaging. Messengers displays link issues, however it appears that they space under ban too.

How to call over the internet from Egypt to another country?

Surprisingly, however MyChat messenger works perfectly in Egypt. The encryption speaks zum itself. Besides, nobody would block her server resolve on purpose. However blocking IP of public messengers servers zu sein possible, easier, and reliable.


Even if you use a destructive Wi-Fi an a hotel lobby through a gewächs of people, MyChat text messaging will blieb work yet slower.

With a local sim karte card you won"t oase any trouble.

We successfully connected to our corporate server, mutual files, messages, made videos calls v no effort:


We associated with our clients that do not use MyChat via MyChat Guest. Ich messaged them in the application und they were in a browser by clicking on the link in the email. No registration needed.

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In conclusion, we tun können close ns question about filtration und banning on the Internet.