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The test so shows what dünn your webseite collects und which third partys it shares with, a requirement under ns CCPA.


Updated June 17, 2021.

Your webseite runs ~ above cookies, as does most of the Internet. However do freundin know which plätzchen are bei use on her domain, and how zu control them?

Data privacy laws regulate plätzchen worldwide und most likely impact your website auch – however striking a balance between data privacy and data-driven business can it is in tricky. consent monitoring platform (CMP) has automated die entire compliance process, und provides your website with a world-leading cookie checker bei a plug-and-play solution that respects user privacy and her website’s säule needs.

Learn an ext about our free cookie audit tool, sign up to CMP today and get started with google Consent Mode.

Cookie checker, in short

Free cookie audit with CMP

Cookies are die most used technology for tracking webseite visitors, and also collecting and sharing their säule for a range des purposes – prefer remembering log-in details or shopping cart contents, anzeige targeted ads on your domain, or providing you with säule about her website’s performance with its users.

But plätzchen are deshalb notoriously privacy-unfriendly as the säule that they collect from users und share with third parties range from anonymized die info to die highly private und sensitive charme – choose behavior, location, acquisition history, preferences, orientations, convictions, beliefs, and personal traits.

Does my webseite use cookies?Scan your website zum free with the CMP cookie checker

Data privacy laws in the EU, California, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, south Africa, and New zealand (among countless other countries and regions) schutz changed the ways in which her website kann use cookies – an many places, strictly rules apply.

Some call for you to obtain front consent from users before running any kekse on her domain, when others need you to present her website’s visitors with choices kommen sie opt-out – und almost all require that your webseite features privacy notices that notify your users in detail around every cookie an use on her domain.

Yes, every cookie and other monitor technology, including info on:

Technical specifications,Provider,Purpose,Where charme is sent to,And what kinds of säule are collected.

But knowing all plätzchen on her website is only für hilfe the arbeit done – because once did you do it managed zu get complete transparency, most data privacy laws deshalb require you zu be able to control them and, more importantly, to hand over control zu your website’s visitors.

In short, transparency und control are ns two most vital things for you kommen sie get right when it comes to dünn privacy compliance on her website.

And this ist difficult to achieve if sie don’t schutz a cookie audit tool like CMP weist your disposal.


The CMP cookie checker bring transparency und control zu your website.

Try CMP free zum 30 job – or forever if you have a small website.

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What plätzchen does my webseite use?

Websites come in many different shapes and sizes, but nearly all use plätzchen for objectives ranging from radikale site function to intricate end-user tracking.

Protecting the säule privacy von your website’s travellers really come down kommen sie knowing und controlling your website’s cookies.

Exactly what types of cookies your website uses depends on number of things, such as if sie use third-party dienstleistungen like Google hermeneutik or HubSpot, if you use social media plugins or if you embed videos, if you schutz a web shop or if freundin display ads on your domain.

Did freundin know that websites on average use 20 cookies? gain a totally free cookie audit with the CMP cookie checker

Third-party dienstleistungen will set third-party kekse on your website, und these wollen often collect und share end-user data that fall under ns legal definitions des personal data/personal information – choose search und browser history, IP addresses, cross-website verfolgung information, user actions on a website, maker data, shopping history, and much more…

Websites typically oase several third-party cookies in use the require ns right compliance solutions to run legally an the several significant regions von the world.

Common third-party plätzchen that most websites use include Google analytik cookies that measure webseite traffic und conversion prices on her domain. These space regulated über data privacy laws an large parts von the world (EU, UK, Canada, California, south Africa und many various other places).

But your webseite may so have plätzchen that you’re not even aware of und unable kommen sie detect yourself, because –

72% von cookies ~ above websites space loaded in secret by other-third splitterpartei cookies.

18% of cookies top top websites space “trojan horses”, i.e. Cookies that hide as deep as within eight various other cookies, loading each various other without her knowledge.

50% von trojan horses möchte change on repeated visits von users kommen sie your website.

Source: Beyond die Front Page, a 2020 research paper on website cookies.

Scan your webseite with die CMP cookie checker zum free

Learn more about Google analytik and plätzchen

Learn an ext about HubSpot and cookies

Google ending third-party cookies? new technologies will blieb need consent.

Cookie checker through CMP

World-leading cookie audit through CMP CMP is bei automated säule privacy compliance solution developed around the world’s most an effective cookie checker that scans your website und detects every tracking technology an use on your domain.

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Alongside ns automatic cookie checker, CMP also takes control von all trackers on your domain und offers your end-users a choice of consent or opt-out through highly customizable banners und interfaces on her domain.


Reveal all tracking technologies on your webseite with the CMP cookie checker.

Implemented directly from die cloud, CMP zu sein quick und easy kommen sie use, und automatically detects where in the welt your website’s visitors are located zu ensure die right compliance systems with the säule privacy law in effect in that nation or region.

Try CMP free zum 30 job – or forever if you oase a klein website.

Scan your webseite with our cookie checker to seen all cookies in use

Cookie checker zum good client relations

A cookie audit zu sein not just about charme law compliance. Structure trust with the end-users des your webseite has become increasingly crucial as data privacy is schon fast becoming a metric of in brand geraten reputation itself.

When asked why they left a brand, 80% von consumers speak they left since the feuer was utilizing their charme without consent.

But balancing säule privacy compliance versus your data-driven business and needs weil das insights into your domain’s performance tun können be complicated.

With CMP, it’s easy und automatic.

Helping websites every over the world to win a sustainable balance betwee data privacy und data-driven business is the purpose von CMP – zu foster bei internet economic climate that works zum both die end-user and your website.

That’s why CMP works seamlessly with google Consent setting that lasst uns you run popular Google-services (like google Analytics) based on the consent state von your website’s visitors, ensuring that freundin still get performance and conversion dünn even if end-users opt out von cookies und trackers on your domain. CMP zu sein free if you have a small website (under 100 subpages) and integrates through HubSpot, Umbraco, google Analytics, google Tag Manager, WordPress, IAB und more.

Try CMP free weil das 30 days – or forever if you oase a small website.

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Scan your website with our cost-free cookie checker to see what plätzchen are in use

Learn much more about compliance v EU’s GDPR

Learn an ext about compliance through UK’s GDPR

Learn an ext about compliance with California’s CCPA/CPRA


Cookie checker, bei detail

What space cookies? und what cookies does your website use?

Okay, deswegen what are cookies anyway?

Cookies space units of data that to be invented an the early on 90s, called after ns fortune cookie because des their frameworks as containers bearing a message. Und that’s exactly what kekse are, only die message kann sein be every kinds des data, even die most private und sensitive info about an individual.


Websites use bei average of 20 cookies, most des these room third-party cookies that need end-user consent.

Initially designed zu function as die recall of a website, plätzchen have arisen over the tonnage 30 years to become die supply chains des the internet economy, harvesting large amounts of säule from end-users that zu sein then grouped, profiled and, in turn, sold in real-time bidding auctions for targeted advertising online, among many other purposes.

A 2019 CMP report revealed how third-party cookies from Google and Facebook were hiding on europäische union government und health websites, collecting sensitive dünn about users without their consent.

With data privacy laws emerging all over die world – indigenous state-level bills in the us to in upcoming neu ePrivacy Regulation an the europäische union – cookies, trackers und the tracking technologies von tomorrow are expected kommen sie be even more regulated. Und it all comes down kommen sie what wake up on your website.

Check her website’s kekse with CMP weil das free

Learn an ext about compliance with the EU’s GDPR

Does my webseite use various cookies?

Broadly speaking, plätzchen come an four types –

Necessary cookiesPreference cookiesStatistics cookiesMarketing cookies

Only necessary kekse are freed (e.g. From consent requirements bei the EU), nonetheless you ausblüten need kommen sie know des them and tell her end-users around them an your website’s privacy notice/privacy policy.

Statistics and marketing cookies make up the majority von trackers on many websites today, due to the fact that they’re often third-party cookies that are set on your website when sie use third-party services, like google Analytics, HubSpot, Facebook, Twitter, youtube etc.

Check your website’s plätzchen with CMP

These cookies always need die prior granular consent von end-users, or (in California) the end-users need zu be presented v a choice von opting-out des having these cookies collect their data.

But no third-party kekse being replaced? Do i even need a cookie checker?

Maybe did you do it heard that third-party plätzchen are slowly being replaced with new tracking technologies?

It’s true the third-party cookies are being phased out in many website browsers, consisting of Chrome and Safari, but the neu technologies poised kommen sie replace them still operate in the very same way: collecting and processing user dünn for various purposes.

In other words, angestellter data/personal info will still be processed über these new technologies, und end-user consent (in die EU, UK, south Africa und Brazil) and opt-out options (in California and soon Virginia too) will ausblüten be required if your website zu sein to usage them an a legitimate way.

In fact, a cookie ist already in umbrella ax that startseite many different verfolgung technologies, such together –

HTTPS/JavaScript cookiesHTML5 regional StorageFlash local Shared ObjectSilverlight diverted StorageIndexedDBUltrasound beaconsPixel tags

Using a cookie checker like CMP permits you zu know precisely what plätzchen your webseite uses, kommen sie control them und to offer end-users consent and opt-out choices.

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Try CMP free for 30 work – or forever if you schutz a small website.

Check kekse on your webseite with CMP for free

Third-party plätzchen being replaced? see why you blieb need end-user consent

Summary: check plätzchen with CMP

Automatic compliance bei plug-and-play equipment with CMP

Maybe freundin started reading this article and was questioning yourself: does my webseite use cookies?

By jetzt you have to be pretty sure that yes, your webseite does certainly use cookies… yet which ones? and how many? Where carry out they kommen sie from, und what säule do they collect from ns people visiting her website? How kann you control their function, deswegen that your website is bei full compliance with the charme privacy laws in effect around die world? and how tun können you make certain that your website still receives the data that sie need kommen sie get insights right into its performance und conversions?