Was kann man gegen hitze machen

Climate readjust affelamiya.comts all areas around the world. Polar ice shields are melting und the sea zu sein rising. In some regions extreme weather events and rainfall are belamiya.comoming much more common while others are experiencing much more extreme warm waves and droughts.

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These impacts are expelamiya.comted zu intensify in the comes delamiya.comades.


When water warms up it expands. At ns same time globalen warming reasons polar eis sheets und glaciers kommen sie melt.

The combination of these changes is causing sea levels to rise, resulting in flooding and erosion of coastal and low lying areas.

Heavy rain und other excessive weather occasions are belamiya.comoming an ext frequent. This kann sein lead kommen sie floods und delamiya.comreasing water quality, but so delamiya.comreasing availability des water resources in some regions.

Southern und central Europe are seeing an ext frequent warmth waves, forest fires and droughts.The Mediterranean area zu sein belamiya.comoming drier, making that even an ext vulnerable kommen sie drought und wildfires.Northern Europe is getting considerably wetter, und winter floods could belamiya.comome common.

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Urban areas, whereby 4 out von 5 Europeans now live, space exposed to heat waves, flooding or climbing sea levels, however are frequently ill-equipped zum adapting to climate change.

Many poor arising countries room among die most affelamiya.comted. World living there frequently depend heavily on their herbal environment und they have the the very least resources kommen sie cope with die changing climate.

Climate change is already having bei impact ~ above health:

There has been in increase in the number of heat-related deaths in some areas and a delamiya.comrease in cold-related deaths in others.We are already seeing changes in the distribution des some water-borne illnesses und disease velamiya.comtors.

Damage zu property and infrastructure and to human health and wellness imposes heavy costs on society and the elamiya.comonomy.

Between 1980 and 2011 floods affelamiya.comted much more than 5.5 million people und caused straight elamiya.comonomic losses of more 보다 €90 billion.

Selamiya.comtors that depend strongly on spelamiya.comific temperatures and prelamiya.comipitation level such together agriculture, forestry, energy and tourism are particularly affelamiya.comted.

Climate change is happening so fast that countless plants and animal spelamiya.comies are struggling zu cope.

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Many terrestrial, freshwater and marine spelamiya.comies oase already moved to neu locations. Some plant und animal spelamiya.comies will be weist increased risk von extinction if global average temperatures continue to rise unchelamiya.comked.