Wann Streikt Die Db

Though die strike ist officially at in end, a finish restoration des the network wollen not kommen sie quickly. The latest action gott underway zum freight service on september 1 and for passenger operations the next day.

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The five-day activity has caused severe travel disruption throughout Germany

German rail travel was gradually return tonormal ~ above Tuesday as a strike lasting an ext than 5 daysended.

The action, which severely disrupted the service of thestate-run rail operator, ended hinweisen 2 a.m. Local time (0000 GMT) ~ above Tuesday.

Though normalerweise servicewould not resume immediately, a Deutsche bahn (DB) spokeswoman shown that the operatorwas functioning quickly zu restore smooth to work on every lines.

Travelers to be urged kommen sie check ns trains they have booked top top the internet or via the DB Navigator app.

Almost 20,000 train vehicle drivers take part

DB said that at ns weekend the roughly19,700 train drivers bei total had actually participated since ns industrial activity startedon september 1for freight services, v passenger operations complying with suiton the following day.

A skeleton service of regional, long-distance and freight trains did, however, remain operational during the strike.

The GDL trade union, who members are mainly but notfall exclusively train drivers, orchestratedthe walkout.

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German floods damage rails und train stations

DB tried, butfailed, to block the action

The GDL, which deshalb held 2 strikes an August, zu sein demanding a 3.2% increase in pay for drivers end a 28-month period, and also a coronavirus bonus. Deutsche bahn has practically matched ns demand, albeit asking zum 36 months zu adjust pay.

The gewerkschaftern strike, which began belastung Thursday, was the third bei a couple of weeks — and the second-longest ever affecting German trains.

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Germany"s national rail companyhad gone kommen sie court zu stop die industrial action, accusingthe GDL des pursuing political intends rather than bei improvement des working conditions.

Two courts, however, disagreed and ruled that the september strikecould walk ahead.


The win was the second-longest in Deutsche Bahn"s history

GDL: DB tried zu "restrict ns union"s freedom"

On Monday, GDL chief stoff Weselsky rejected further negotiations with DB if it did not present a "negotiable offer."

Weselsky said the company had tried kommen sie restrict ns union"s freedom des association, which that said was nonnegotiable.

Although Deutsche bahn had available salary boosts totaling 3.2%, it had also tried kommen sie limit the GDL membership kommen sie certain work groups, Weselsky said.


Weselsky to represent train crews

Weselsky wants the GDLto represent more rail employees, including in infrastructure und administration —who space traditionally part des the railway and transport gewerkschaftler (EVG). This would certainly increase the revenues and influence of his union.

He stated there was nothing kommen sie negotiate if DB "permanently limits us to train drivers, train attendants, on-board caterers, und thus avoids us from actually reaching the majority" of the company.

"After die strike zu sein before die strike," Weselsky said, paraphrasing a German football speak used zu mean that ns preparations for the next enhance begin instantly after the previous one.

Businesses verband slams "blackmailing behavior"

The German Federation of Small and Medium-Sized companies (BMVW) dubbed on die government zu intervene an the dispute.

"Deutsche bahn is a state-owned enterprise," BMVW controlling director markus Jerger said newspapers in the funke Mediengruppe alliance top top Tuesday.

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"Therefore, die federal government must now put its foot down," he said, slamming ns GDL"s "blackmailing behavior."

The union was act "a disservice to the autonomy of collective bargaining," that said.