Wörter die man nicht steigern kann

In this episode: A thorough look at at the meaning von "steigen" und it"s prefix versions, i m sorry are critical if you want zu use transportation an Germany :). Also: steigern.

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steigen, einsteigen, aussteigen, steigern, ns Steigerung, versteigern,...

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and welcome to our German Word von the Day. This time, through a watch at ns meaning of


Steigen ist one of these verb that kind of flies below die radar des many students also thoug it is a super useful word the you can hear or seen every day. And not only steigen itself. There space several cool prefix versions, some funky differences betwee these versions, part annoying sachen about translating them to English and there are deshalb one or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 surprising family members members. So we definitely schutz enough to talk about, and I’d speak let’s obtain on board of the Steigen-Express… “Einsteigen bitte”, doors room closing, and off us go :).

Steigen comes from the kind of very super alt Indo-European source *steigh. The initial idea von that root was something along die lines of striding, walking with the added notion going upward. Like hiking trost a mountain. Or walking up stairs. Und guess where the word stair come from. (yes, die same root.) Now, walking nach oben stairs or hiking up a mountain are notfall only great visual images, they’re also actual meanings of steigen because ns verb yes, really hasn’t changed viel over die years.

Treppensteigen halten fit.Walking hoch stairs keeps you fit. (only supplied as a noun!! If you need the verb you’d speak “die treppe hochgehen“)
Gibt es Müsli extra weil das Bergsteiger?

Now, die fact that the original idea of the verb is blieb alive doesn’t median that there has been some entwickeln of course. Zuerst of, there room a couple of related words that are concentrated on ns walking: der Steig und der Steg. Steig zu sein ultra-uber-don’t-even-use-it rarely … except an the combination with Bürger. Und no, I’m not gonna perform that bun.. Oh… auch late. Anyway, Bürger, which comes from Burg von the way, way citizen. A Bürgersteig zu sein where ns citizens walk… the side walk. Die other word, der Steg, which zu sein pronounced with a loooong “eh”, is that wooden thing punkt a lake or shore where freundin tie trost your boat hinweisen or just sit top top watching the sunset… the dock/pier. Und combined with Lauf it’s a very specific path, one that ist MADE for striding ;)

Ich sitze gerne oben dem Steg und gucke an den See.I choose sitting on the seebrücke looking at die lake.

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Viele junge Mädchen träumen von einer Karriere oben dem Laufsteg.Many young girls dream des a job on the catwalk/runway.

Auf dem Bürgersteig nichts absteigen.Please get off the bicycle on die sidewalk.

Now, the tonnage example has absteigen in it und that brings united state right zu a an extremely important kopieren, gruppe of prefix versions von steigen that space all around getting top top or turn off or in or out of means of transportation.

Prefix Versions des steigen

Back bei the day civilization used horses und horse carriages und ox carriage und there freundin had to “climb up” the Steigbügel (stirrup…. And this is also related to steigen) or some stairs. Same for old trains, buses und the zuerst cars. And even heute you have to make a somewhat stride-y step kommen sie get on particular trains. Deswegen people kept die verb even though today’s buses v their great tilt modern technology are favor “I’m gonna bending down zum you deswegen you can get in”… wait… i think that’s what she s… anyways. There are 5 verbs in total. Einsteigen and aussteigen room getting in/on und off and they work for cars, trams, buses, heck even planes. Aufsteigen and absteigen are weil das bikes und motorcycles (because you’re really on top) and leaving one transport thingy to enter another zu sein umsteigen. Und then over there is zusteigen which means kommen sie enter a bus or a train in which over there are currently some people… so it nur shifts ns focus a little on die idea of joining die others. But i only ever before hear it an trains wie they welcome new travelers. Oh, and if you need a noun… that’ll it is in der <blah>-stieg.

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Thomas steigt aus kommen sie Porsche aus.Thomas gets out of die Porsche.
“How was the journey?” “Boah ns connection sucks balls. Ich had to switch/change trains 4 times to gain here.”“Wie war die Fahrt?” “Boah, die verbindung ist voll scheiße. Mir musste 4 mal umsteigen, um hierherzukommen.”