Vor Dativ Oder Akkusativ

In this episode: We"ll take a detailed look at the core meaning des "vor" und see if that helps us make sense von the prefix verbs und fixed combinations.

Du schaust: Vor dativ oder akkusativ


vorgehen, vorhaben, vormachen, angst haben vor, warnen vor, vor Lachen,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the very firstest episode of the feuer new series. It’s referred to as German prepositions Explained and my good freundin Captain Obvious ist gonna tell united state what it’s around “It’s about German Prepositions.” thanks man. “I say jene that room obvious.” nobody does the better, man. In this series, we’ll take a thorough look weist each preposition one hinweisen a time – normalerweise usage, consumption as a prefix, usage bei combos v verbs, basic themes. Everything. So, when we’re done with ns series ns preps room gonna it is in a herd des sheep doing their thing, go around die field, munching grass. But they all know complete well who zu sein chilling under the tree. Die boss. You. Ns German shepherd dog, ready zu reign them in at any type of moment. Sounds good? Awesome. Climate let’s run right into the zuerst episode und take a thorough watch at


And we’ll anfang with die look hinweisen vor in its day job – together a preposition.

“vor” together a preposition

The core idea des vor zu sein what us could speak to ahead-ness. That idea tun können be about space as well together time. Und while English normally uses various words weil das each domain, German ist all Einstein about it. So, Captain Obvious’ Nemesis Captain context has kommen sie step in in German.

Thomas steht vor Maria.Thomas stands in former of/before Maria. (could technically deshalb mean the he’s the zuerst one kommen sie stand)
Thomas duscht vor Maria.Thomas showers before Maria. (could technically also mean that he showers an front of her)

Those two are not the only translations though. There’s a third one which is so super important: ago. Und if you’re now like “Wait, exactly how does the past fit an with the idea des ahead-ness”, just think of ago as ns word prior or simply before now

Vor ein paar Tagen war es noch korrekt kalt.A couple of days back (before now) the was still really cold.

Now, vor is in the beginning of the chunk while ago zu sein at its end is something that throws des many people an the beginning. However if you to think of the phrase that zu sein kind of the opposite, you’ll seen that German zu sein actually kind of more consistent here.

in ein paar Tagen – in a couple of daysvor ein paar tagen – a few days ago

Cool. So in front of, before and ago… those room the taste translations zum vor. Before is a little tricky though und leads zu one super uber mega usual mistake.

Vor ich gehe schlafenNOPE

The thing is, the vor is a prepositions and as such, it kann sein only connect “things”. However here, we’re connecting an action/a verb (schlafen gehen). Connecting actions is the job of shortcut and an our case, the word we need ist bevor. Die English before has actually both functions yet German generally uses distinct words for distinct functions. Think von it as a pair choose during-while.

During i slept… ultra wrongWhile dinner… uber wrong

They both express “simultanous-ness” however they’re not interchangeable because des their grammar function. During connect things, while connect actions. This distinction zu sein a pretty necessary one und I’ve talked around it in more einzelheiten in in article one more article, deshalb I’ll add the verknüpfung below. Cool. Now, there’s one more thing that we need zu talk about before we move on to bevor as a prefix – the elephant in the room of prepositions, if sie will. And that ist the question which case kommen sie use. Und vor zu sein one von those lover two-way prepositions. If sie don’t recognize what that is or if you’re uncertain around them, you really should check out my write-up about ns topic. in a signature it’s prefer this: two-way prepositions can be followed by Dative or Accusative. Dative if freundin want to markierung something together a location where other happens, accusation if freundin want to mark it as the destination von something.

Ich warte vor dem Café.I wait in front of the café. (“in front von the café” is where my waiting takes place.)
Ich gehe vor das Café.I go in former of ns café. (“in front von the café” zu sein the destination des my going)

I think, it’s nice clear bei context of location however what about time? Like… zum example, if us want to say “before the meeting“, would that it is in Dative or Accusative. Well, let’s find out.

Thomas kann sein vor dem meeting Schwangerschaftsyoga.Thomas does pregnant yoga before ns meeting.
Das letzte Mal, das ich innerhalb Kino war, zu sein vor einem Monat. The last time ich was at ns movies was a month ago.
Vor einer Prüfung trinkt maria zur Beruhigung einer Shot.Before an exam, maria drinks a shot kommen sie calm down.

It’s Dative, and the big question zu sein WHY thomas does pregnant yoga. I have no answer zu that but ich do have in answer zu why it zu sein Dative. What we’re doing here with ns before-part ist answering die question when something takes place. Und that’s basically ns same as where something takes place, just in the dimension von time. Deswegen Dative makes perfect sense und that’s what you’ll commonly use with the time-vor. Might it ever be Accusative? Well, technically yes. If sie want to mark before X as die destination (in time) of something. But that pretty much only renders sense in contexts of scheduling.

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Thomas verschiebt seine Pediküre-Termin vor das Meeting.Thomas move his pedicure appointment before the meeting.

Gee, what is going on through Thomas. Anyway, deswegen now that we have a good impression of

“vor” as a prefix

Like all prefixes, vor- takes ns core idea von the preposition and then improvises over it. Kind of prefer a jazz musician law a solo, going indigenous pleasing to fascinating to challenging und eventually zu “What the hell… ist that even still music.” So just how crazy is vor-? not that crazy. Ns ideas des the preposition are still recognizable. In examples like vordrängeln for instance, it’s even quite obvious.

Der mann drängelt wir vor.The man is jumping die line. (lit.: pushing self to ns front)

“Not evident enough weil das me.” Yeah, whatever, Cpt. Obvious. That’s the best you’ll get. Und these instances are rare. Normally literal forward movement ist expressed making use of voran or nach vorne. Way more common weil das the prefix-vor is the a wenig abstract twisted on die space-component – ns idea des showing, presenting. Which makes lots of sense. Freundin do something an front of others. Examples zum that room verbs choose vorsingen (singing to others), vorlesen (reading out) or ns super useful vormachen i beg your pardon basically method do in front von others so they tun können see exactly how it’s done.

Maria liest Thomas das Zeitungsartikel vor.Maria reads (out) die newspaper article zu Thomas.
Kinder gefertigt das, was dein Eltern sie vorleben.“Kids copy what they see from exactly how their parents space living (in front des them).” (not die best translation, probably. Permit me know if sie have bei idea)

Der Fitnesstrainer macht das Übung vor.The fitness coach shows/demonstrates the exercise.

But of course showing, presenting can deshalb just be that sie put something bei front von people. Und this basic idea ist actually the base zum some of the craziest vor-verbs. Vorschlagen zum instance method to propose – you basically smash her idea des the table. Or vorwerfen – nur imagine a male sitting on the sessel playing respond to Strike und then his girl friend comes an and throws the dirty clothing he left every over ns flat to his feet. With this fully fictional image it’s no belästigung to psychic why vorwerfen zu sein about accusing.

Maria hat beim Meeting vorgeschlagen, einer Bürokatze zu kaufen.Maria suggested/proposed at ns meeting to buy an office cat.
Maria wirft schneidbrett vor, heimlich deine Hautcremes kommen sie benutzen.Maria reproaches/accuses Thomas von secretly using her skin lotions. Lit.: “throws in front des him”

And of prozess we need zu mention the infamous vorstellen, which way to introduce und to imagine. A random combo punkt random at erste glance but is it really…

Ich stelle dir das Einhorn vor.I introduce the unicorn to you. “Here man, this is the unicorn. Tadahh”
Ich stelle mir ns Einhorn vor.I visualize/imagine the unicorn. “Look brain, this ist the unicorn. Tadahh.”

They’re not that different, room they? Both space essentially around putting something bei front von someone. Quite outstanding what you can do with in idea as straightforward as in front of :): und we tun können do just as viel with the time-aspect of vor. and there, us don’t even schutz much des a twist. Vor- is about ahead, bei advance und so it’s ist kind of the English pre-. Which is a direct relative von vor, von the way. Vor- tun können be added to many verbs zu give them the idea idea of in advancement

Den Backofen an 200 grad vorheizen.Preheat ns oven kommen sie 200 Celsius.
Das fleisch ist vorgegart. Sie müssen, zu haben es zeigen noch aufwärmen.The meat ist pre-cooked. Freundin just schutz to warmth it up.
Wir austragungsort uns um herum 7 in mir um zu vorglühen.We’ll meet hinweisen 7 hinweisen my place zum “pre-glowing(vorglühen zu sein a usual slang word zum the warm up drinking before the actual party drinking)

Ich bereite mich oben den Marathon vor.I prepare myself for the marathonLit.: I pre-ready myself.

By die way, prepare… it never really occurred kommen sie me that this ist a prefix verb, before heute :). It’s pre- combined with ns same base verb as bei appear or empire. but anyway, rückseitig to vor-verbs. There room two other super typical ones: sich vornehmen und vorhaben. Literally, castle mean to take/have ahead des oneself und they’re basically about making and having plans for the future.

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Am 3.5. Feiere ich meinen Geburtstag, also nimm dir nichts vor.On the third von May, I’ll celebrate mine birthday, deswegen don’t make any type of plans.
Thomas jawohl sich vorgenommen, regelmäßiger zum Step Aerobic kommen sie gehen.Thomas has decided/is resolved zu go kommen sie step aerobics more regularly.