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Vikings ist sailing end to amazonas Prime Video. The series" last 10 episodes wollen debut on ns streamer, it was announced ~ above Wednesday. The zeigen previously aired on History.

Season 6A, i beg your pardon aired the finale in February, ended with a battle bolzen the Rus und Vikings, with bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) fighting zum his landscape alongside könig Harald (Peter Franzen) versus Ivar die Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) jetzt fighting with die Rus forces in bei attempt kommen sie gain control des Norway.The fight concluded v Ivar seemingly stabbing a sword v Bjorn"s chest.

"Our monumental Vikings saga zu sein coming zu its conclusion, but notfall before you’ve had thechance to watch some von my all-time favourite episodes," Vikingscreator, executive, management producer und sole writer michael Hirst said bei a statement. "Prime videobilien will unique expose ns series finale to a streaming audience first. Prepare zu be astonished, und for plenty of surprises along die way. Und if you oase tears to shed, then so be prepared zu shed them."

"Prime videos has already delighted element members v all five and a für hilfe seasons von Vikings," stated Brad Beale, VP von Worldwide inhalt Licensing weil das Prime Video. "On Dec. 30, ureigensten members an the US, UK, Germany, Austria und Ireland wollen be the zuerst to learn die fates of the beloved characters as ns epic theater concludes an the final ten episodes."

In bei interview with ET, Ludwig enraged his character might notfall be dead -- when Hirst promised fans the finishing would it is in "worthwhile."

"I was quite identified that this would end strongly, properly and satisfactorily, dafür that all die audience ist satisfied with die endings of their favourite characters, whether they direkt or die, that they"re blieb happy with the logic of it und the emotion von it," Hirst said. "Because there are so many far-reaching deaths, it was hugely emotional for me zu write. I love this characters. Even some des the wanne guys, and Harald Finehair ist not the wanne guy, but ich love him deshalb much, and I feeling I"ve carried him rückseitig from the tot at the very least twice because i just couldn"t bear to let him go. So, when ich do kill personalities off, it"s a huge effort an letting walk ofpeople that ich love und spent a long, long time with."

"I hope that people möchte get a thrill from ns storyline. There"s a gewächs of story kommen sie come. There are a gewächs of surprises. Over there are so a gewächs of heartbreaks und a gewächs of tragedy," he added. "But bei the end, ich just want people kommen sie feel that it"s totally und hugely satisfying. After ~ 89 episodes, that"s what ich really, yes, really hope for."

Season 6B von Vikings will debut Dec. 30 on amazon Prime Video.

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