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Has everyone change the fuel filter on the 6.2 gasser yet? my machine zu sein coming hoch on 2 years old bei June, right now i just turned 20,000 miles on ns clock and am planning ~ above changing die fuel filter. Ich With all ns crap in gas now i want zu be zum active on this. Just looking weil das info ~ above what anyone else is doing.Nix besser
Has the filter been relocated to the tank or ist it still on ns frame.Looks choose its ns same inline that has been used for years.
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Has die filter been moved to ns tank or is it ausblüten on ns frame.Looks choose its the same inline that has actually been used zum years.

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I"m notfall sure, the owners hand-operated :read: shows it"s bei the fuel tank and doesn"t need kommen sie be changed, but when i look it up it mirrors a usual inline canister filter. Somebody out there in the forum nust know. :eek3:Nix Besser

It"s in the tank, one des those "lifetime" filters. I"m notfall a fans of die concept but if you wanna change it, you"ll oase to drop die tank. Are you questioning the quality of gas based on ns on-going shenanigans with die quality des diesel?
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Thanks, ich have so found that die "filter" is not ment to be serviced. DUMB idea über the way. :icon_rolleyes:And yes, i think that die quality des the fuel ist the shortest I schutz ever seen.Nix Besser


most if not all Fords since 2010 schutz not had actually fuel filters "inline". That for gas electric motors only.... All Diesels ausblüten have them.
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most if notfall all Fords since 2010 oase not had fuel filters "inline". That zum gas electric motors only.... Every Diesels blieb have them.
Ford isn"t die only one to stop making use of a serviceable in-line fuel filter zum gasoline vehicles. Sent from mine Autoguide iphone phone app
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The hauptsächlich fuel filter is the filter top top fuel pickup. It has actually a zutat that rejects water und of course, all jene except part pretty good stuff. The filter after die pump stops motor particles and everything else. Ns brush und commutator wear particles are badewanne news for the injectors and have to be contained. Ns amount von stuff getting into ns non-serviceable filter zu sein reduced deswegen it makes it a filter that lasts the life von the pump. On car I have experience with that schutz the lifetime system, filters are not being in issue. If you suspect crappy fuel freundin need zu drop tank und clean it even if it is it has a serviceable filter or not. If the Ford pickup filter is as an excellent as die others then die truck möchte quit running before it ingests water if you get a couple of gallons of water.

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