Unterschied zwischen worte und wörter

This question also has in answer below (in elamiya.com): was ist das Unterschied mitte "Worte" und "Wörter"?

Worte and Wörter are both plurals of Wort.

Du schaust: Unterschied zwischen worte und wörter

Is over there a difference in meaning between them?



When you kann sein count the words and ns number of words matters, „Wörter“ ist the best choice. Otherwise select „Worte“.


„Deine netten Worte jawohl mir geholfen.“ – „Your kind words assisted me.“ (number of words no matter)„Der Aufsatz soll wenigstens 500 stammen aus umfassen.“ – „Write an essay with at least 500 words.“ (number des words ist important)

The way i learned the was:

Wörter are nur words that schutz nothing to do through each other.

Worte space words that are connected dafür that they transport a message.

It"s pretty much the same as ns other answer though.


"Wörter" is the plural weil das Wort only."Worte" can deshalb mean speech, or meaning.


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Er gesprochen Worte von Bedauerns

He express his condolences.

You cannot use "Wörter" in this context.


I agree with what Emanuel was trying kommen sie say. If freundin are looking at the plural of each individual word, use "Wörter" (like die Wörter an a dictionary). If you"re describing more than one word as a kopieren, gruppe or expression or sentence together, use "Worte" (like ns Worte that used kommen sie express his opinion).

I constantly think of Wörter as just being an ext than one word. Prefer talking around how many new words you schutz to learn. Whereas, i think des Worte together being much more like a gruppe of words together. Favor if sie give a couple of words punkt a funeral.

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