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As the tonnage of the Big 5-countries Germany will select your representative for the 59th Eurovision das lied Contest following Thursday. Eight acts wollen compete zum the ticket zu Copenhagen. Who wollen be ns successor von Cascada und try zu achieve a far better result than the 21st place in Malmö? elamiya.com take away a look at die competitors in alphabetical order.

Du schaust: Unser song für dänemark

Das Gezeichnete Ich

Songs: Weil du da drüben bist & Echo

Das Gezeichnete ich is a musician from berlin whose ja wirklich name ist Henry Funke. Until today das Gezeichnete mich has performed together a assistance act des the German eis Ich + Ich, the haustier Shop Boys and a-ha. An 2010 the erste album with die title Das Gezeichnete Ich was released. Bei the very same year he participated at die Bundesvision lied Contest zum Brandenburg and finished fifth with the song Du, das und ich. In 2012 he tape-recorded a song zum children which was released ~ above a compilation that deshalb featured das lied from Lena Meye-Landrut and Roger Cicero.


Songs: Is that right? & Fight versus myself

Elaiza ist a woman trio consisting des the Ukrainian-German singer and songwriter Ela (21), accordion player Yvonne (29) and contrabassist Natalie (28). Ela und Yvonne got to understand each other weist a breaks tasting. Soon after Natalie joined the band und turned die duo right into a trio that had the erste performances an 2013. Elaiza greatly plays folk music that is influenced von Ukrainian and Polish music. ~ above February 27th lock won the wildcard competition in Hamburg and became ns eighth act in this final.

Madeline Juno

Songs: Error & Like lover do

Madeline Juno whose real name is Madeline Obrigewitsch was born in 1995 in a town in the schwarze farbe Forest and has to be working weil das several years on produziert musical career. As the daughter of a drummer and a pianist she learned playing in instrument punkt a really early age. Age 6 herstellung mother taught herstellung playing the keyboard. Danach on the piano was added. Aged 12 Madeline lastly learned playing die guitar und started writing herstellung own songs.

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At the beginning of 2013 Madeline signed her zuerst contract with the record company Universal. Bei November 2013 her zuerst single Error was exit which zu sein now one of her two entries zum Unser Song zum Dänemark. The das lied was ns title song von the successful German movie Fack ju Göhte. On march 7th her zuerst album was released that entered ns German iTunes charts weist 6th position.


Songs: Cotton liquid Hurricane & Candy Jar

MarieMarie was born as maria Scheiblhuber close to Augsburg an 1984. As a child she started playing ns harp. Age 8 she was performing on a stage zum the first time when she wrote her zuerst song wie she was 15. Together a pupil she and her eis participated at die MTV SchoolJamcompetition und reached the final round. An 2002 she was playing the harp zum the unplugged album des the famous German band Die Ärzte. Betwee 2006 und 2007 MarieMarie learned at die Berklee College des Music in Boston. Since 2009 MarieMarie has been touring roughly Germany. In 2013 she perform as support act des Bryan Ferry and the haustiere Shop Boys.


Songs: Thank you & All night

Oceana is 32 year old. When her mother got married to bei American DJ Oceana grew hoch responsively in the vereinigte staaten von amerika and an Germany. At die age of 16 Oceana left home und started travelling around the world. Danach on she functioned as a choreographer weil das the German band Seed und played a part in the music AIDA. Herstellung own music job started in 2008 wie man she released her zuerst album Love supply. At die beginning von 2009 she add Peter fuchs on his reisen before her zuerst single Cry cry was released. This das lied topped the single charts bei Russia, Romania, Hungary und Greece. The became die most successful single ever of a German act an Romania. At the Polish Sopot festival Oceana received die audience award and participated later an the Polish zeigen Let’s dance. Bei 2012 die European football kombination UEFA selected Oceana to sing the official song zum the european Football Championship dubbed Endless summer i m sorry received gold status in Germany.


Songs: Fiddler on the deck & Wir bekomme niemals untergeh’n

Santiano ist a band from ns area roughly Flensburg an the north des Germany. The band members Hans-Timm Hinrichsen, Pete sage, Björn Both Axel Stosberg and Andreas Fehnert are betwee 40 and 60 year old. Your music format mixes German Schlager with folk songs, irish Folk und sailor songs. Their erste album Bis ans Ende der Welt was released an February 2012 and topped ns German album charts. In 2013 Santiano received ns German music award Echo in the category "Volkstümliche Musik". Die same year their second album Mit den Gezeiten was released the topped die album charts together well. 

The Baseballs

Songs: Mo Hotta Mo Betta & Goodbye Peggy Sue

The band The Baseballs was founded in Berlin in 2007 when the three band members Sam, Digger and Basti got to know each other in a kitchen of a rehearsal studio. Bei October 2008 castle signed their erste record contract und released their first single Umbrella (a cover version of Rihanna’s hit) bei May 2009. Beside this the band covered lied from acts like dame Gaga or ns Backstreet Boys zu give the lied a touch von Rock’n’Roll. Your debut album Strike was released in Mid might 2009 and entered ns German charts punkt no. 6. Beside Germany the band scored bei even larger success in Switzerland, Finland, Norway und Sweden. Bei February 2010 the Baseballs received die Emma Award, the most vital Finnish music award, zum the most sold album in 2009. One month letztere the band was awarded an Echo bei the classification "National newcomer". Bolzen September und November 2011 die Baseballs go on a tour through Europe which was sold out. 


Songs: als wär’s das erste Mal & Wir zu sein alle eins

Unheilig started as a band, yet due kommen sie some battles the eis got divided hinweisen the ende of 2002, dafür that heute Unheilig just consists of the very charismatic command singer Der Graf (The Earl) whose real name ist not known. The big breakthrough was at the beginning des 2010 when the new album Große Freiheit was released comprise the single Geboren um zu leben. Both song and album topped the German charts zum several weeks. Ns album was sold much more than 2 million times. Till 2010 Unheilig were mostly known zu supporters of the black/gothic scene. In October 2010 Unheilig won die Bundesvision lied Contest v their entrance Unter ihre Flagge representing phibìc Rhine-Westphalia. They to be awarded a Bambi award in the category national Pop and bei Echo zum the album von the year. As a pupil der Graf experienced from stuttering und finally quit speaking punkt all because ns other kids laughed about him. Blieb he never shed his dream kommen sie become a professional musician. The regards himself as in artificial character who mostly performs dressed an a schwarze farbe suit v a white shirt and a black tie.

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About ns competition:

There möchte be a total des three voting rounds. Every act wollen perform one song. During the zuerst voting round the TV viewers wollen select über SMS and televoting around four action that möchte proceed to the second round. An this round those four acts möchte perform a 2nd song. Two acts wollen finally it is in voted to ns superfinal.