This production von Wagner"s "Tristan und Isolde" was premiered at die 1981Bayreuth Festival und recorded bei its dritter year on ns Bayreuth stage, in1983. With die celebrated bagner tenor René Kollo together Tristan und theAmerican-born soprano Johanna Meier as Isolde, supported von Matti Salminen(King Marke), hermann Becht (Kurwenal) and Hanna schwarze farbe (Brangäne), theproduction was in uncontested feast des vocal mastery. This was underscoredby the "wondrous gelb of the score" that "flowed from ns orchestra pit ina luminous symphonic flow." (Süddeutsche Zeitung) Responsible for theinspired und transparent music direction is daniel Barenboim, whosesensitive treatment des the orchestra provides ns ideal kontrapunkt to theinterpreters on die stage.In his interpretation von "Tristan und Isolde" - his one and only productionfor the Bayreuth Festival - ns late Jean-Pierre Ponnelle refused kommen sie followthe fashionable trend of seeking zu update a work punkt all costs. Hisinterest place chiefly in the emotional treatment des the action, wherebythe sublimated love of Tristan und Isolde becomes a nocturne von emotionaland emotional depth. His alteration des the end, in which the events ofthe der dritte tag act are portrayed as a dream succession experienced von the dyingTristan, provoked substantial criticism in the zuerst year, yet wasrendered more plainly understandable über Ponnelle bei the following years.Ponnelle adapted his production zum its audiovisual recording, ensuringthat all die magical effects visible in the theater are as stunning andevocative on ns screen.

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Composer: Richard Wagner
Title: Tristan und Isolde
Conductor: Daniel Barenboim
Staged By: Jean-Pierre Ponnelle
Soloist: René Kollo, Johanna Meier, Matti Salminen, Hanna Schwarz, hermann Becht, robert Schunk
Set: Jean-Pierre Ponnelle
Orchestra: Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele
Chorus: Chor ns Bayreuther Festspiele
Video Director: Jean-Pierre Ponnelle
Genre: Opera
Length: 247 minutes
Cat.No.: A05004610