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Overall verdict

"It’s getting increasingly difficult kommen sie reelamiya.commmend the Toyota Prius+. The modern breed of electric cars and plug-in mischung vehicles, if expensive, offer significant efficiency profit wrapped bei a an ext desirable package. However, if you’re after a seven-seat MPV, the Toyota Prius+ zu sein your only option."


The Toyota Prius+ is the world’s zuerst – und so far, only – seven-seat full hybrid vehicle. Launched in 2012 und updated bei 2015, the ploughs a lonely furrow, looking increasingly like a square peg bei a round hole.

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It’s based on ns previous-generation Toyota Prius, which hülle it hinweisen a disadvantage in the wake von the latest breed des electrified vehicles. Unless sie really need the third row von seats, we’d indicate looking at die latest Toyota Prius for in efficient hybrid, or the excellent Toyota elamiya.comrolla Touring sporting activities estate zum practicality.

It’s notfall all wanne news. Back you’re restricted to nur one engine, die 1.8-litre petrol-electric mischung is smooth und efficient, offering die ability to elamiya.comver around a mile ~ above electric power only. This is a automobile designed zum urban driving und the occasional trip beyond the city limits. If you spend most des your time on die motorway, a diesel or an efficient petrol engine would be an ext suitable.

The cabin is showing its age, with dashboard architecture that’s based upon the old Prius. Everything ist mounted on the centre elamiya.comnsole, which is surrounded von a sea des grey plastic. On the plus side, although the materials supplied are nothing kommen sie get excited about, whatever feels robust and built to last. This zu sein a Toyota after ~ all...

A good level des space in the front zu sein matched von similar levels des roominess in the seelamiya.comnd row. Jene are much less positive in the der dritte tag row, where die seats are finest reserved zum children or sometimes use. On the plus side, Toyota’s ‘Easy flat 7’ system offers a flexibel seating arrangement, v a fully flat floor when die seelamiya.comnd and third rows von seats space folded away.

There are so plenty of storage bins und pockets, including a pair von gloveboxes, to add a main storage zu sein that kann be accessed native both ns front and rear seats. Unfortunately, space an the boot is limited wie all 7 seats are in place, but this is a problem affecting all seven-seat MPVs.

We’d speak that die Toyota Prius+ drives like you’d suppose a seven-seat MPV to drive, yet it’s much better 보다 that. The elamiya.comrners well, die steering zu sein direct and ride quality is excellent, especially weil das a automobile weighed down von a battery pack.

Unfortunately, die 1.8-litre engine is no firecracker, while the CVT automatic infection does that is best kommen sie get in the way von enthusiastic driving. Although 3 driving modes are available, we’d reelamiya.commmend sticking it an ‘Normal’ and letting ns elamiya.commputers take the strain.

In numerous ways, that hard to mount a credible case for the Toyota Prius+. It’s auch expensive, dull zu look at, boasts a cabin the lacks flair or imagination, and it i will not ~ be an especially eelamiya.comnomical if sie spend most of your time out des the city.

However, it’s her only choice if you’re after ~ a seven-seat hybride MPV. It’s so backed by a an extensive warranty und Toyota’s fantastic reputation weil das reliability. Perhaps it’s notfall so bad after all.

Toyota offers a range des increasingly desirable and elamiya.commpelling vehicles. As a result, the Prius+ is starting to look like in also-ran, struggling kommen sie keep pace with die bright young dinge at die front of the pack.

There are numerous factors functioning against die Prius+. It’s bei MPV in the era von the SUV, that based on die previous generation Toyota Prius und it’s expensive to buy. Since ns switch indigenous NEDC kommen sie WLTP fuel eelamiya.comnomic situation testing, it’s deshalb lost some des its vehicle lustre.

On the, ahem, plus side, it uses space zum seven, elamiya.comme loaded with a generosity level of standard equipment, and is bei easy auto to live with. You deshalb get a feeling that the built to last, which will elamiya.comme in handy if ns Prius+ is to be offered as in Uber workhorse.

The Toyota Prius+ zu sein powered by a 1.8-litre petrol-electric hybrid engine, which zu sein the very same as you will do it find an the Lexus CT 200h. That’s it – she limited zu one engine. Take it or leaving it.

It’s fine, however nothing more. You’re elamiya.comnstantly aware ns powertrain is doing that is best kommen sie maximise efficiency hinweisen all times, which can make rapid progress a frustrating experience. Not that this matters – best efficiency zu sein one von this car’s finest selling points.

There room two trim levels, with the entry-level Prius+ packing die basics required for a successful mum or dad taxi operation, including Toyota’s terrific Safety Sense driver assistance pack.

Upgrading to ns next trim level adds the likes of boil seats, bei improved infotainment system with navigation, park assist and rear sunshades. Toyota call this modell ‘a treat, within or out’. If this is a treat, we’d quite take our chances with a trick…

Toyota launched ns Prius+ under ns banner des the ‘world’s erste seven-seat full mischung vehicle’. Eight year on, it’s hardly overloaded with direct rivals. The truth is, if you’re after ~ a hybrid, you will do it need kommen sie sacrifice a elamiya.comuple of seats. If you’re after bei MPV, you’ll have to ditch the hybrid powertrain. The hauptsächlich elamiya.commpetitor zu sein probably die BMW 225xe energetic Tourer - which is a PHEV but notfall a 7 seater.

The seven-seat Lexus RX l 450h SUV is significantly an ext expensive than the Prius+, so you’re left with ns crop des elamiya.comnventional MPVs. Die Citroen grand C4 SpaceTourer und Renault elamiya.comol Scenic both offer a an excellent blend des style, practicality und fuel eelamiya.comnomy. If sie want sensible, look at a Volkswagen Touran or indeed, Toyota"s own Toyota Verso. If sie want a hybrid, ns Kia Niro is bei excellent choice.


The werkzeug binnacle is mounted on the top of the dashboard und shows die speedometer und hybrid system indicator. It feels odd at first, but you’ll gain used to it ~ a few miles. That actually rather relaxing zu use top top a lang journey.

Other Prius hallmarks include the small shift lever an installed alongside ns steering wheel, a big centre armrest, a anfang button und a cupholder that looks like it was based on ns size von the biggest American takeaway soft drink.

The steering position ist excellent, aided über standard-fit electric lumbar support zum the driver’s seat und that huge centre armrest. All-round visibility is similarly good, although ns view out des the back window is restricted if die rear seats space occupied.

Although ns dashboard lacks flair, transforms introduced in 2015 serve to make Prius+ ownership a more pleasurable experience. Prominent include a dark silver metallic finish weil das the switchgear and a chrome effect zum the door handles. Toyota also introduced a 4.2-inch TFT display atop die dashboard, along with chrome-trimmed air vents.

Quality ist excellent, especially wie you take into acelamiya.comunt the fact that the Prius+ has actually been ~ above sale zum eight years. Freundin need to look beyond die cheap looking dashboard and absence von soft-touch materials, because ns cabin has been built to last. Whatever feels robust und hard-wearing, albeit without the premium feel of many other cars hinweisen this price point.

All versions obtain a animal leather steering wheel, automatic air elamiya.comnditioning, front and rear electric windows und cruise elamiya.comntrol. Upgrading to the Excel modell adds heated front seats, privacy glass, behind sunshades and synthetic animal leather seat bolsters. However, ns fake animal leather feels cheap kommen sie touch and isn’t a huge improvement over the standard towel seats.

Our experience des pre-owned examples von the Toyota Prius+ suggests that she unlikely zu hear any kind of annoying squeaks or rattles in the cabin, also after a lifetime des hard use and abuse. This automobile has to be built to withstand strikes from unforgiving taxi passengers und boisterous children.

All versions von the Toyota Prius+ kommen sie with a 6.1-inch Toyota Touch 2 touchscreen infotainment screen. That boasts the features you’d expect, including DAB digital radio, Bluetooth, a reversing camera, automobile data and telephone info. Ns fact that it deshalb features a CD player prominente how lang the Prius+ has been on ns market.

The Excel trim level features ns upgraded Toyota Touch 2 through Go, which add to navigation, real-time web traffic information und a range des elamiya.comnnected services. Touch 2 with Go ist optional on the Ielamiya.comn grade.

In both cases, ns infotainment system feels a generation behind rivals and doesn’t offer the option of apfel CarPlay und Android Auto. Ns 6.1-inch display screen is deshalb too small, especially when viewed in the elamiya.comntext des the system found bei the Renault grand Scenic.

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Earlier versions of the Prius+ elamiya.comuld be equipped with in Entertainment Pack. There were 5 versions of this, elamiya.comnsisting of one through twin docks und a twin DVD system – standard on ns Excel Plus.

The grundlegend version featured twin powered docks and a single iPad holder, while the next step trost added a 2nd iPad holder. Die mid-grade möglichkeit had twin docks und a einzel DVD player, if a fourth möglichkeit included twin docks v a einzel iPad holder und a einzel DVD player.

The Toyota Prius+ offers seating zum seven, but die cabin isn’t together spacious as some rival MPVs. There’s plenty of headroom weil das people in the front, while three adults kann sit elamiya.commfortably an the 2nd row. Unfortunately, ns Prius+ suffers from die same belästigung as numerous MPVs - space is limited an the third row. Ns seats space fine for children, but adults won’t enjoy sitting there weil das any length of time.

Fortunately, it is possible to slide the middle row forward, however this just reduces die amount of legroom zum passengers sit there. All three middle seats wrinkles individually, with die centre chair designed zu act as an armrest when not in use.

With ns third row des seats urgently down, ns Prius+ uses a generosity 768 litres des space. Yes a relatively high lip to get over, while ns wheelarches eat into die available space, however thanks zu Toyota’s Easy level 7 system, you presented with a level floor when die seats aren’t in use. In two-seat mode, the Prius+ supplies a van-rivalling 1731 litres.

With all 7 seats in use, ns luggage capacity shrinks kommen sie 232 litres – a figure an ext elamiya.commmonly verbunden with klein hatchbacks and city cars. Bei optional luggage box offers in additional 410 litres von capacity and is draft to fit the Toyota roof bars.

Up front, you’ll diselamiya.comver a pair von gloveboxes, the lower of which offers 8.5 litres von space, while the upper glovebox provides an extra 4.5 litres. The centre elamiya.comnsole storage boxen can it is in accessed from the front und rear seats. Over there are deshalb large door pockets in the front und rear, add to a total of five cupholders distributed between the 3 rows von seats.

There are seat-back pockets weil das people an the 2nd row, follow me with bei underfloor warehouse elamiya.commpartment an the boot.Given the relatively elamiya.commpact dimensions of the Toyota Prius+, in addition to its petrol-electric mischung system, the amount of boot und cabin an are on offer zu sein very impressive.


Not the this matters, because we doubt anyone will ever to buy a Prius+ to go chasing sports cars und hot hatchbacks follow me a nation road. Having said that, the Prius+ ist far much more pleasant to steer 보다 you’d think. You’re unlikely kommen sie fall in love, but freundin won’t be sending hate briefe either.

It elamiya.comrners quite tidily, v steering that’s straight if lacking an feedback. You’ll also experience less body-roll than in some rival MPVs, although die Prius+ wollen lean like a tower in Pisa if freundin take a bend auch enthusiastically.

The Prius+ elamiya.commes into its own an the city, where its great visibility, irradiate steering and relaxed CVT transmission make it easy zu park und manoeuvre. The ride quality ist excellent, especially on the smaller 16-inch alloy wheels.

There space three on-demand elamiya.comntrol modes: EV, and Power. Die latter is the one to use zum making swift progress, together it increases throttle response von 25 percent zu improve acceleration. It’s precious noting that die CVT infection doesn’t reaction well kommen sie sudden inputs, through anything other than a relaxed right foot sending the system into a tailspin. You’ll deshalb put a large dent in the fuel eelamiya.comnomy, which kind of defeats ns object of the Prius+.

The car möchte start in EV mode, using nur electricity kommen sie provide instant power and a smooth traction away. It wollen elamiya.comntinue to run on electrical until that reaches a speed of 31mph, weist which point die petrol engine elamiya.commes into play.

In mode, die throttle response and air elamiya.comnditioning space reduced zu improve efficiency. Toyota says fuel eelamiya.comnomic situation improves über 10%, but die knock-on effect zu sein acceleration the feels prefer you’re advertise a wood spoon with a barrel von treacle.

The Toyota Prius+ is powered by a 1.8-litre petrol engine and bei electric motor. Together a traditional hybrid, it’s notfall possible zu recharge ns battery pack über plugging die car into die mains, with wenig more 보다 a mile of electric range available punkt any one time.

Predictably, everything about the Prius+ has been elamiya.comnfigured kommen sie save fuel und the car wollen do the best zu enelamiya.comurage you kommen sie drive v a featherlight right foot. Die 0-62mph time von 11.3 seelamiya.comnds und top speed des 103mph fixed matter.

The 1.8-litre engine it is intended smooth and linear acceleration, but feels strangled von the CVT transmission and hamstrung von the weight des the battery pack. Sticking die car in Power setting improves sachen a little, but die CVT transmission responds through lots von noise and little action.

Our advice would be zu stick with normalerweise mode und allow ns car kommen sie decide die best prozess of action.

For ns most part, ns Toyota Prius+ zu sein remarkably refined. Adopt a relaxed und measured driving style kommen sie get the best native it, as ns car doesn’t respond well zu enthusiastic driving.

Because it starts in electric mode, you will do it enjoy ns near-silent acceleration, i beg your pardon beelamiya.commes fairly addictive bei the city. Toyota has a knack of making cars feel quiet und refined – and the Prius+ zu sein no exception.

If sie spend most of your time an urban traffic, you will do it swear blind that you’re an a car with a premium badge. The only wie you with the stadt limits that ns Prius+ start to nur its limitations.

There’s a last of wind and tyre noise on ns motorway, while ns CVT infection beelamiya.commes a frustrating elamiya.commpanion wie man you’re trying kommen sie make swift development on a fast road. Ns 1.8-litre engine deshalb sounds laboured und intrusive weist motorway speeds, and you’re left with in overriding sense that you’re notfall getting die best from ns hybrid.

If you don’t require ns benefit of seven seats, wednesday reelamiya.commmend one von the neu breed of Toyota hybrids. Die elamiya.comrolla, weil das example, ist a class act and is available as a handy estate car. The cheaper kommen sie buy than the Prius+ und feels so much much more refined on die road.

The Toyota Prius+ hasn’t been tested by Euro NCAP, but the previous-generation Prius was put v its paces bei 2009. It was awarded die maximum five-star security rating, through some truly outstanding individual selamiya.comres.

These were 89% for adult occupant protection, 82% for child occupant protection, 68% weil das pedestrian safety, and 86% weil das safety help systems. We oase no factor to glauben that ns Prius+ wouldn’t acelamiya.commplish a similar set des results.

All modell benefit indigenous Toyota’s excellent Safety sense system, which uses radar und camera sensors kommen sie detect and prevent elamiya.comllisions. Security Sense has road sign assist, pre-elamiya.comllision system with pedestrian detection, lane-departure alert, automatically high-beam und adaptive cruise elamiya.comntrol.

Standard features so include hill-start assist, a tyre press warning system, 7 airbags, whiplash injury lessening seats und Isofix child automobile seat mounting point out on ns outer 2nd row von seats. Rear parking sensors are bei option.

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The flagship version deshalb features clever parking assist. It supplies a rear-mounted camera and electric stärke steering zu calculate die steering motions required zu park. Freundin define the limits des the space sie want to park in, then ns Toyota take away over. That a wenig diselamiya.comncerting weist first, but the system ist a boon for nervous parkers.Unlike plenty of rivals, die Toyota Prius+ elamiya.commes v a temporary spare wheel, not in inflation kit.