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On ns day that ns prop gun von “Rust” stern Alec Baldwin apparently went turn off on set bei Santa Fe, N.M., killing the film’s director von photography und injuring that is director, the official twitter account von the late Brandon Lee (run von his sister, Shannon Lee) posted this message:

“Our mind go the end to ns family von Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza und all involved in the event on ‘Rust.’ no one should ever be killed von a pistol on a film set. Period.”

The death of cinematographer Hutchins quickly drudged trost memories of Brandon Lee’s disastrous death, caused über a prop pistol on ns set von the movie “The Crow” bei 1993.

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We’ve compiled some von the Times’ coverage des the Lee incident and the inquiries that were elevated during ns investigation.


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whatever we know dafür far about die fatal shooting von Halyna Hutchins on die ‘Rust’ set

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, one von American Cinematographer’s rising Stars, was killed on ns set of ‘Rust.’ Here’s everything we know deshalb far.

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The zuerst article von Times reporter robert Welkos was published on april 1, 1993: “Actor Brandon Lee, die 28-year-old son of the so late kung fu stern Bruce Lee, was killed Wednesday after ~ a small explodieren charge used kommen sie simulate gunfire went off inside a grocery store bag during filming on a movie set an Wilmington, N.C.”

Welkos went on zu describe Lee’s character in the film as “a rock star brought back from ns grave that adopts ns persona des a night bird to avenge his own und his girlfriend’s untimely deaths.”

A day later Times reporter patrick Boyle chronicled the surprise revealed von Lee’s autopsy:

“The death des Brandon Lee in a filming event took a startling revolve Thursday when polizei revealed die actor was killed by what was apparently a .44-caliber bullet.

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Welkos continued his coverage von Brandon Lee’s death, detailing a step from his dad Bruce Lee’s film “Game von Death” that has actually eerie similarities kommen sie how his son was killed:

“Gentlemen, these space blanks,” the einer tells them. “Only aim upward. Yes a wad des paper the comes out and can damaged someone.”

Unbeknownst to the movie crew, a fight man zu sein standing among ns actors. He traction a ja wirklich bullet indigenous his pocket und inserts that into the chamber von his gun.

Four month after Brandon Lee’s death, the Times reported that his mother, linda Lee Cadwell, filed a lawsuit completing that ns young actor died wie man a co-star fired blank ammunition, “which bei turn propelled right into Mr. Lee’s abdomen a lethal obstruction that had been lodged in the barrel des the pistol during the filming of another scene numerous weeks earlier.”

The relevant Press followed trost on ns legal ramifications von the shooting: “No verbrecher charges wollen be filed bei the death von actor Brandon Lee, 31, who was shot top top a movie set with a total that was supposed zu fire just blanks.”