Test Kia Rio 2017

The Kia Rio 4-door sedan und hatchback were redesigned zum the 2012 modell year. The small overlap frontal ratings apply to both the sedan and hatchback versions of the car.

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Driver restraints und dummy kinematics the dummy’s head barely contacted die frontal airbag prior to sliding off the left side as ns steering column moved 13 cm to ns right, leaving ns head vulnerable to contact v forward structure. Additionally, die seat belt allowed excessive forward excursion von the dummy’s head und torso. Die side curtain airbag deployed and had adequate forward coverage kommen sie protect the head from contact with forward side structure and outside objects. Ns side torso airbag so deployed.


The dummy"s position in relation to ns door frame, steering wheel, und instrument dashboard after die crash test indicates that ns driver"s survival room was notfall maintained well.


During ns crash, ns dummy"s head und torso barely contacted die airbag prior to sliding off to die left as die steering column moved to die right. The seat belt allowed die dummy to move auch far forward, but die side curtain airbag prolonged far enough forward toward ns A-pillar kommen sie protect ns head from contact with forward side structure.

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Door hinge pillar and instrument dashboard intrusion contributed zu a high risk von injury to ns left lower leg.

Measures von occupant compartment intrusion on driver side

Test IDCEN1330Lower occupant compartmentUpper occupant compartment
Lower hinge pillar max (cm)29
Footrest (cm)15
Left toepan (cm)7
Brake pedal (cm)4
Parking brake (cm)
Rocker panel lateral typical (cm)11
Steering column6
Upper hinge pillar max (cm)15
Upper dash (cm)17
Lower instrument panel (cm)17

Driver injury measures

Test IDCEN1330HeadNeckChest preferably compression (mm)Femur (kN)Knee displacement (mm)Knee-thigh-hip injury hazard (%)Maximum tibia indexTibia axial pressure (kN)Foot acceleration (g)
Peak gs hinweisen hard contactno contact
Tension (kN)1.5
Extension bending momente (Nm)12
Maximum Nij0.31

Rating applies kommen sie 2012-17 models

Tested vehicle: 2012 Kia Rio SX 4-door

The Kia Rio 4-door hatchback und sedan were redesigned for the 2012 modell year. Die moderate overlap frontal ratings apply kommen sie both die hatchback und sedan versions des the car.


The dummy"s position bei relation to die steering wheel and instrument panel after die crash test indicates that the driver"s survive space was maintained well.

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Smeared greasepaint indicates where ns dummy"s head contacted the side curtain airbag during rebound.