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In die successful und award-winning zdf political satire, Martina Hill has showed up alongside anchorman oliver Welke together Tina Hausten, an expert top top everything und everyone, zum many years.

In addition, herstellung long-lost cousin Mandy Hausten from die Left Party also adds her two cents worth on die program. Ns feisty bundle des energy with stone-washed jeans and bei acid dauerwelle has, zum the most part, “had it up to produziert neck” und likes zu use ns opportunity bei front of the camera kommen sie remind Rico, produziert ex-boyfriend, about die maintenance payments weil das little maik (“that’s through a-i”). “THAT’S IT!”.

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The rest des the Hausten clan also always oase something zu say, such as narrow-minded cousin Antonia from Bavaria or Dörte, born Knülling Dingeldey, from berlin who on regular basis vaccinates herself von licking the hand rails of Berlin’s suburban railway.

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Despicable Me 3 i 2017

Cast: Lucy, Director: frank Schaff, universal Pictures international Germany GmbH

The secret Life von Pets ich 2016

Cast: Cloé, Director: frank Schaff, global Pictures international Germany GmbH

How zu Train your Dragon 2 ich 2014

Cast: Valka, Director: frank Schaff, 20th Century Fox

Despicable Me 2 i 2013

Cast: Lucy, Director: frank Schaff, universal Pictures international Germany GmbH

Cars 2 i 2011

Cast: Holley Shiftwell, Director: Benedikt Rabanus, Walt Disney Studios Motion photos Germany GmbH


Was bilden ich hier eigentlich?

The book ist on Rohwolt und the audiobook on ArgonVerlag available.

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As such goes this Chinese adventure/road movie/picture montage/audio book

For countless years, die queen of comedy Martina Hill has had a large fans base – including in China. However, she had experienced nothing von this herself before she was invited kommen sie Peking to take part in a Chinese comedy series.Suddenly, due to a slim snag, she zu sein faced with the greatest adventure of her life: Martina ill from an extreme fear des flying and has deswegen far had actually very little to carry out with china – apart from “number 71 sweet und sour, yet with tofu please!”. Nevertheless, she sets off on herstellung journey to die country of comedy both utterly fearless und completely clueless …A expedition to china of a various sort: hilarious and with many images und funny story from Martina’s life.