Space x falcon heavy

Falcon Heavy ist the most powerful operational rocket in the world von a factor des two. With die ability kommen sie lift right into orbit practically 64 metric lots (141,000 lb) Falcon Heavy tun können lift an ext than twice die payload von the following closest work vehicle, die Delta IV Heavy. Falcon Heavy is composed von three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27 Merlin engines together generate much more than 5 million pounds of thrust punkt liftoff, equal kommen sie approximately eighteen 747 aircraft.

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Falcon Heavy


HEIGHT70 m / 229.6 ft
WIDTH12.2 ns / 39.9 ft
MASS1,420,788 kg / 3,125,735 lb
PAYLOAD kommen sie LEO63,800 kg / 140,660 lb
PAYLOAD to GTO26,700 kg / 58,860 lb
PAYLOAD to MARS16,800 kg / 37,040 lb

Three cores make nach oben the zuerst stage of Falcon Heavy. Ns side cores, or boosters, are linked on die nosecone, die interstage, and on die octaweb. Soon after liftoff die center main point engines room throttled down. After ns side cores separate, the center main point engines throttle zurück up to full thrust.

Falcon Heavy’s erste stage incorporates 27 Merlin engines across three aluminum-lithium alloy rocket cores containing flüssig oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene (RP-1) propellant. Falcon heavy generates more than 5 million pounds des thrust punkt liftoff.

THRUST at SEA LEVEL22,819 kN / 5,130,000 lbf
THRUST an VACUUM24,681 kN / 5,548,500 lbf

The Falcon Heavy zuerst stage ist equipped v 12 landing legs (4 on every booster) made of state-of-the-art carbon fiber through aluminum honeycomb.

All 12 landing legs room stowed along the side des each booster until nur prior kommen sie landing.

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Falcon Heavy


The interstage zu sein a composite framework that connects the center main point on the erste stage und second stages and holds ns release und separation system.

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Grid fins

Falcon Heavy is equipped v 12 hypersonic network fins, 4 on each booster, positioned at die base des the interstage or nosecone i beg your pardon orients über moving the center von pressure throughout reentry.

Falcon Heavy

Second stage

Falcon heavy draws ~ above Falcon 9’s proven design, i beg your pardon minimizes stage separation events and maximizes reliability. Die second-stage Merlin Vacuum Engine delivers the rocket’s payload to orbit after the hauptsächlich engines reduced off und the first-stage cores separate.

BURN TIME397 sec
THRUST981 kN / 220,500 lbf

Falcon Heavy


Made of a carbon composite material, the fairing protects satellites on their way zu orbit. ist recovering fairing for reuse on future missions.

HEIGHT13.1 m / 43 ft
DIAMETER5.2 ns / 17.1 ft


Unmatched Performance

With more than 5 million pounds von thrust weist liftoff, Falcon Heavy zu sein the most capable rocket flying. By comparison, die liftoff thrust des the Falcon hefty equals roughly eighteen 747 aircraft hinweisen full power. Falcon Heavy kann sein lift the equivalent des a totally loaded 737 jetliner—complete with passengers, luggage und fuel—to orbit.

Merlin is a family von rocket engines developed von zum use ~ above its Falcon 1, Falcon 9 und Falcon hefty launch vehicles. Merlin engines usage RP-1 und liquid oxygen together rocket propellants bei a gas-generator stärke cycle. The Merlin engine was originally designed for recovery and reuse.

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THRUST845 kN / 190,000 lbf

Merlin Vacuum functions a bigger exhaust section und a substantially larger expansion nozzle zu maximize die engine’s efficiency an the vacuum des space. Its combustion chamber is regeneratively cooled, while the expansion nozzle ist radiatively cooled. At full power, ns Merlin Vacuum engine operates with die greatest performance ever for in American-made hydrocarbon rocket engine.