Soundtrack 13 Reasons Why

Season four von 13 reasons Why arrived at Netflix tonnage week, bringing with it an additional season des indie tunes and popular hits.

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From lesser-known songs von Lean, St Vincent and James Blake zu Lindsey Buckingham und Gordon Lightfoot, season four’s soundtrack zu sein the perfect mix von upbeat und chilled hits to match ns show’s atmosphere.

We’ve compiled a list of all the lieder played transparent season four, and if you want the full collection, you tun können find the soundtracks des the previous series below.

13 factors Why soundtrack zum season 4

Episode 1 – winter Break

‘Heatwave’ – Lean

Played as Jessica und the gruppe prepare Justin’s Welcome home party.

For a While’ – Fenne Lily

This Fenne lily track zu sein playing if Jessica und Justin chat punkt the end of his party.

‘XYZ’ – Flasher

Plays at die Future Fair.

‘Bottom des the Deep Blue Sea’ – MISSIO

This monitor plays together Alex and Zach go along ns rooftop.

‘Harm’ – IO Echo

This plays during Clay’s journey residence from therapy.

‘Fear ns Future’ – St. Vincent

Plays during episode one’s ending credits.

Episode 2 – college Tour


This disorientating song plays if Clay und Justin walk to school.

‘Not mine Story’ – Cable Ties

Plays wie Clay and Zach skip ns college tour kommen sie attend a fraternity party.

‘The Breath of Light (Chris Liebing Burn slow Remix)’ – Lost Under Heaven

Plays as Winston and Alex speak on the college campus tour.

‘Noise des the Void’ – Drab Majesty

Heard play while Zach speak to chloe on the stairs.

‘Behave’ – Summer Cannibals

Plays during episode two’s credits.

Episode 3 – Valentine’s Day

‘Princess Diamond (Feat. Kelsey Bulkin)’ – Kero Uno, Kelsey Bulkin

Plays during the HO meeting.

‘Batgirl’ – Kahikko, Kantola

Playing as Ani und Clay to walk into die Valentine’s job dance.

Can’t stop Your Lovin” – Poolside, Panama

The das lied playing wie man Tony and Tyler DJ the dance.

‘I’ll come Too’ – James Blake

Plays together Clay and Ani talk und slow dance.

All dort Way’ – Allday

Playing as Clay receive a phone speak to from Monty’s phone call at the dance.

Maybe bei the Summer – SASSY 09

Plays as justin attempts zu stop Zach from returning to the dance.

‘Losing It’ – FISHER

Playing together Tyler leaves the tanzen after answering a mysterious phone call.

‘Maze’ – Juice WRLD

Plays as Clay walks zurück into ns dance, covered an fake blood.

‘Riding’ – Eskimo

Plays throughout episode three’s credits.

Episode 4 – seniorin Camping Trip

‘I seen the White’ – Jess Williamson

Plays while jessica returns home kommen sie chat zu Ani.

Episode 5 – home Party

‘Better the Way’ – Tusks

Plays weist Monet’s, as jessica talks kommen sie Justin.

‘The means it Goes’ – Sneaks

Plays during the party.

Tiny Dancer’ – Elton John

Clay and Zach sing this at die party.

Shake the (Wiggle Wiggle)’ – Like Son

Plays when Clay talks to Valerie.

‘I was A Widow’ – SASMI, Dustin Payseur

Plays together Clay und Valerie have sex.

‘Under die Moon’ – 070 Shake

Plays together Tony fights an the ring.

why me’ – LoneMoon

Plays as Jessica und Justin talk in the kitchen.

‘Shimmy (feat. Blackillac)’ – MISSIO, Blackillac

Plays together Clay zu sein confronted von Valerie’s boyfriend.

My Body’ – Young die Giant

Plays as Zach and Clay space speeding.

Episode 6 – Thursday

Today I’ll schutz You Around’ – Florist

Starts play when die active shooter drill comes to in end.

‘Melt die Guns’ – XTC

Plays during the ending credits.

Episode 7 – university Interview

No songs.

Episode 8 – Acceptance/Rejection

2020′ – Maserati

Played at die beginning of the episode, during Clay’s 2060 dream.

Black und White’ – Parquet Courts

Plays together Zach und Alex destroy die school.

The modern World’ – The Jam

Plays during ns school walk-out protest.

Sundown’ – Gordon Lightfoot

Plays during die ending credits.

Episode 9 – Prom

‘Can’t take My Eyes turn off You’ – Frankie Valli

Ani sings this song to jessica as she asks her to prom.

Love Me Like the World ist Ending’ – Ben Lee

Plays while charlie asks Alex kommen sie prom.

You’re not Good Enough’ – Blood Orange

Plays as Clay it s okay ready weil das prom.

Lick bei Heaven’ – Jessy Lanza

Plays together Diego speaks kommen sie Jessica and Ani.

Banana Ripple’ – Junior Boys

Plays together Clay, Alex und Charlie arrive punkt prom.

Over Here’ – Mk.gee

Plays wie Tony and Caleb sit next to Clay weist prom.

The good Side’ – Troye Sivan

Playing together Winston dances with in imaginary Monty.

‘Would You?’ – Richard Swift

Alex und Charlie’s first sprung together as prom kings.

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Carry On’ – Tkay Maidza, Killer Mike

Everyone starts tanzen to this song.

Best teil (feat. H.E.R) – Daniel Caesar, H.E.R.

Plays as Jessica und Justin sprung together.

‘Give yourself A Try’ – The 1975

Clay asks his mum to sprung to this song.

‘True Feeling’ – Galantis

The final song to play weist prom.

Episode 10 – Graduation

The Shape von a Storm’ – Damien Jurado

Plays together Tony returns home to find Caleb video-calling his dad.

Salesman At die Day von The Parade’ – Rogue Wave

Plays together Clay walks v school.

Half Gate’ – Grizzly Bear

Plays whilst Justin’s friend sit bei the waiting room at ns hospital.

Washing des The Water’ – Peter Gabriel

Plays as we seen everyone visiting Justin.

Believe’ – Amen Dunes

Plays together Clay talks zu Justin an hospital.

Unbelievers’ – Vampire Weekend

Plays as graduation ends.

‘On die Floor’ – Perfume Genius

Plays together graduation.

Here come a Regular’ – the Replacements

Plays as the group bury Hannah Baker’s tapes

Take Care’ – Beach House

Plays together Clay aussehen out at the town after burying ns tapes.

Half Light ii (No Celebration)’ – Arcade Fire

Plays together Clay packs for college.

‘Trouble’ – Lindsey Buckingham

The ending credits.

You kann access ns full playlist weil das season four von 13 reasons Why ~ above Spotify.

13 reasons Why official soundtrack for season 3

‘Teeth’ – 5 Seconds von Summer‘Die A Little’ – Yungblud‘Fuck, i’m Lonely’ – Lauv, special Anne-Marie‘Swim Home’ – mindful Clay‘Another Summer Night without You’ – Alexander 23‘Miss U’ – Charli XCX‘Favorite Drug’ – Daydream Masi‘Keeping It in The Dark’ – Daya‘Young Forever’ – Jr Jr‘All That’ – dramatisch Relax, featuring Jeremih‘This infant Don’t Cry’ – K Flay‘Walk Forever von My Side’ – twin Shadow‘Slaves des Fear’ – HEALTH‘All her Life’ – Angelo außerdem Augustine‘Culture’ – Hembree‘Still Want to Be Here’ – frightened Rabbit‘Ordinary World’ – Eskmo, featuring White Sea

You tun können buy the 13 factors Why season 3 main soundtrack now.

13 reasons Why season 3 music episode über episode

13 reasons Why episode 1

New bespeak – Regret 

Ani rides zu school and sees Clay being taken by the police.

Wolf Parade – Incantation

Zach, Justin and Monty room talking on the football field.

The Clash – Straight kommen sie Hell

Clay mirrors Ani around die school on his distinctive tour.

The Decemberists – Severed

Zach tries zu call Bryce, Monty is caught über police.

13 factors Why illustration 2

Beabadoobee – Tired

Chloe und Zach speak about herstellung being pregnant.

Perfume Genius – the Other Side

Chloe gets an abortion.

Publicist UK – Slow tanzen to the erbitterter Earth

End credits. Bryce’s body zu sein found.

13 factors Why illustration 3

John and the Volta – Paralized 

Ceremony – leave Fears

Alice Boman – Heartbeat

Jacuzzi boys – Boys favor Blood

Tony and Alex watch Tyler boxing.

Karen O und Danger computer mouse – Woman

Jessica kisses justin then has geschlecht with Alex.

K. Flay – This infant Don’t Cry

Justin and Jessica have sex.

Malaga – girl Names

Tony sits bei his car. Ende of episode.

David Bowie – Valentine’s Day

End credits

13 factors Why episode 4 

TR/ST – ‘Colossal

Tyler watch Monty weist school.

R.E.M. – sweet Follows

Clay provides Ani a bike together a gift

A Place to Bury Strangers – never Coming rückseitig (Trentemøller Remix)

Justin and Alex sit in the polizei car. End credits.

13 reasons Why illustration 5 

The cure – A Forest

Opening scene. Alex sits in the police car. Tyler take away photos.

Cable Ties – Tell castle Where zu Go

This song places when Alex is at die gym, training with Zach.

Daydream Masi – Favourite Drug

Bryce and Monty arrive at the party.

Sir cracked – &Run

Alex arrives kommen sie meet Bryce at the party.

LCD Soundsystem – No love Lost

Bryce and Alex break into the house only to find the end it’s ns wrong one.

Phoebe Bridgers – Funeral

Clay und Justin talk in their room.

Hüsker Dü – Something ich Learned Today

Ani find Tony’s car. Ende credits.

13 factors Why episode 6 

Low – Dancing und Blood

Opening scene. Tony speaks kommen sie Deputy Standall. Cuts kommen sie Bryce’s funeral.

Ride – Sennen

End des the episode. Clay return home and tells his parents he loves them.

Mitski – Remember mine Name

End credits.

13 reasons Why episode 7 

The Midnight – shed Boy

Clay and Ani talk about their favourite characters.

Alexander 23 – an additional Summer Night without You

Clay and Ani measure up each other for their cosplay costumes.

Health – Slaves of Fear

Clay finds Ani in his room. Ende credits.

13 reasons Why illustration 8

Bauhaus – Dark Entries

Clay finds Justin’s pills in a cut cream can. Ende credits.

13 factors Why episode 9 

Chromeo – bad Decision

Zach and Justin throw grapes in the bin.

Hembree – Culture

Justin sells medicine while working weist Monet’s

Nothing but Thieves – Forever & ever before More

The soccer game.

Twin zero – to walk Forever von My Side

Justin cries in his room after ~ his talk through Bryce.

Yungblud – die A Little

End credits.

13 factors Why episode 10 

Echo & the Bunnymen – ns Killing Moon (Transformed)

Bryce asks Tony to listen to his tape

Cautious Clay – swimming Home

Jess visits Monet’s kommen sie speak to Justin.

Jr Jr – Young Forever

Ani und Clay speak punkt school about die Homecoming dance.

13 factors Why illustration 11 

FIDLAR – Flake

Jessica und Justin kiss bei a closet at school.

5 Seconds von Summer – Teeth

Alex boxes, his dad stops him.

Sleater-Kinney – wanne Dance

Jessica und the group run onto ns football field.

Interpol – Party’s Over

Clay asks Tony to help er disappear. End credits.

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13 reasons Why illustration 12 

These neu Puritans – Into die Fire

This das lied plays end a montage von Clay an jail, justin doing drugs, Tony drinking und Monty gift arrested.