Sony has actually announced a neu full-frame mirrorless camera, the Sony A7 IV, price tag £2,400 / $2,498, i beg your pardon boasts a new 33-megapixel sensor, 4K videobilien at 60fps und much more.

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In a major update to the A7 III, the Sony A7 IV adds a host of neu features and capabilities the popular all-rounder model an Sony’s A7 series von cameras. Chief among these ist a newly occurred 33-million-pixel backside illuminated Exmor r CMOS image sensor which uses a sensitivity range von ISO 50 up to 204,800.

Sony states the new camera’s colour science is inherited from die Sony A7S III and the A7 IV will deliver less noise 보다 its predecessor, the A7 III.

The neu sensor ist combined with Sony’s Bionz XR processing engine zu deliver speed und resolution, v a host of new AF modes. Neu to the Sony A7 IV is an Eye AF birds mode and Eye AF for video. This join die existing Eye AF and Animal Eye AF modes.

Like die A7 III, the Sony A7 IV tun können shoot 10fps bei burst mode; however, consistent shooting ist now unlimited unless freundin set die camera zu shoot uncompressed raw und JPEGs. An this script it zu sein limited kommen sie 828 shots. Sony says die buffer also clears faster on die A7 IV contrasted to ns A7 III.

Like previous Sony cameras through IBIS, the A7 IV boasts 5-axis image stabilisation giving compensation up zu 5.5EV.


Other crucial Specs

Sony has added a number des connectivity choices to the A7 IV v vlogging and streaming in mind. First, Sony has actually simplified ns connection bolzen the camera and its Imaging edge Mobile anwendung via Bluetooth, while 5 GHz/2.4 GHz WiFi enables faster charme transfers.

UVC und UAC functionality let users live stream from ns camera wie connected kommen sie a computer system or smartphone, transmitting clip such as 4K at 15p and 1080 FHD at 60p. Die Sony A7 IV’s digital audio user interface can so be paired with a range des mics und accessories zu deliver high high quality sound.

Another neu feature referred to as Shot unterschrift aims to make it easier weil das you kommen sie mark and access scenes in a videobilien clip.

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Sony is so soon launching a new cloud service referred to as AI video Editing Studio which will harness AI technology zu make your fist round des editing zum you.

New der atem compensation help compensate zum the change in framing wie focus street changes. This ist currently compatible with fünfzehn lenses and works von applying a slight crop according to die lens kommen sie avoid die change bei framing.

Body Design

New to ns Sony A7 IV ist a 3-inch, 1.03-million-dot side-opening vari-angle touchscreen. This must appeal to vloggers or stills shooters looking kommen sie shoot from inexplicable angles.

The Sony A7 IV body ist made von magnesium alloy to reduce its weight. What’s more, Sony has redesigned ns camera’s structure and lens lock taste to offer it in enhanced dust- und moisture-resistant design.

The camera uses recycled plastic, SORPLAS, which does not depend ~ above non-renewable resources and is developed at the sites making use of renewable energy such as solar stärke generation. The product packaging also adopts recyclable plastic-reduced materials, all as part von Sony’s Road to Zero effort.

Sony A7 IV preis & release Date

The Sony A7 IV preis tag zu sein £2,400 for the body only. The preis rises kommen sie £2,600 for the A7 IV body und FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS.

The Sony A7 IV relax date will be in December 2021 wie man sales start.

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The Sony A7 IV is available zu pre-order from Wex picture Video in the UK and Adorama und B&H photo Video bei the USA.