Samsung S7 Tipps Und Tricks

Lastmonth, samsung announcedthe samsung Galaxy S7 und the Galaxy S7 Edge. Best out of the gate, the devices got strongreviews. Customer Reports even dubbed Samsung’s new flagships “the finest smartphones” and now the devices sit atop that Ratings. Die S7 and S7 Edge smartphone are packed with useful features, but some of them are not obvious. As a follow-up to the Galaxy S6 tips article i published tonnage year,below space 30 Galaxy S7 und S7 leaf tips and tricks that sie may not know about:

1.) change Always On display (AOD) settings On S7 und S7 Edge

One des the ideal features on the samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is called always On display screen (AOD). This feature lets you make ns screen light trost a smaller numberof pixels, definition it avoids unused pixels from spend energy.

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The always On display screen (AOD) mode shows the clock, ns date, ns battery percentage, missed calls und message warns on ns lock display without using viel power. The AOD deshalb has customization options.

You can turn on ns Always On display feature von going zu Settings > display > always On display > (Toggle On). Und you kann sein select what you want die Always on Display to show von selecting “Content to show.”

2.) readjust Color Saturation On ns S7 Edge

Did sie know that you tun können adjust ns color saturation on her S7 Edge? die AMOLED screen on ns S7 Edge screens bright and sharp colors, yet it might be auch much weil das some people. That is why you tun können adjust ns screen von going to Settings > display > Screen und switching from “Adaptive display” kommen sie “Basic.” Other options include “AMOLED Cinema” und “AMOLED Photo.”

3.) adjust Sound Equalizer ~ above S7 and S7 Edge

If you are listening zu music on your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge und wanted to make your tunes more interesting, then sie should examine out ns sound equalizer feature. This option ist located bei Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Sound quality und effects (scroll under towards the bottom) > Equalizer. There are choices like UHQ upscaler, Surround and Tube Amp Pro. But sie can so adjust the equalizer by rotating die bass, treble, instrument and vocal knobs. This feature is best provided while using headphones.

4.) Adjust ns Feeds On die S7 Edge

The S7 Edge is distinguishable from smartphones made by Apple, LG and HTC von having a bent screen. Die Edge screen makes it much easier to see notifications ifyour phone is placed challenge down. Swiping your finger along die Edge activates the tickers of info such as die time, missed calls, news feeds, roden quotes, weather reports, etc. You can customize the feeds that show up on her Galaxy S7 Edge über going to Settings > Edge screen > leaf feeds.Then check mark the feeds that sie want from ns settings menu.

5.) readjust Notifications ~ above S7 and S7 Edge

One des my biggest haustiere peeves around having a gewächs of apps downloaded on my smartphone ist the consistent notifications. Fortunately, you tun können tone down the notifications you receive von going kommen sie Settings > Notifications > choose on or off for each app. You can so adjust die type of notification von selecting “Advanced” at die top right and picking one of two people Priority Notifications, Popup notifications and Hide top top lock display options.

If you receive a notification from bei app, then you can deshalb quickly adjust itssettings by pulling that downandtapping on ns "info" icon. Freundin can so see ns individual apps notifications by going to: Settings > Applications > app Of choice > Notifications.

6.) Block disruptions While you Are Gaming top top S7 und S7 Edge

I"m not a fans of receiving notifications if I"m playing gamings on mine smartphone, but die Galaxy S7 and S7 leaf allowsyou zu control that problem. Wie you go to Settings > progressed features > Games, there is in option zu turn turn off notifications. Und you can also lock die Recent and Back keys deswegen they are not accidentallypushed.

7.) Block Swear indigenous On S7 und S7 Edge

When you use the voice-to-text feature, there ist a way kommen sie replace swear words v asterisks. This makes ns Galaxy S7 smartphone more family-friendly. You can set trost this feature über going to Settings > Language and input > google voice typing > Block offensive words.

8.) Customize die S7 Edge panel Handle

The Edge dashboard on the S7 Edge zu sein customizable. You kann sein adjust die S7 edge panel über going kommen sie Settings > Edge display screen > leaf panels > edge panel handhaben settings. This setting lets you decide ns Edge panel handle position, size und transparency.

Through the new Edge UX, samsung will let you use up to 9 panels hinweisen a time von swiping through themand you canplace die panels you use die most ahead of the other ones. You can reorder die panels von swiping offen the sheet interface, selecting the Settings icon und then tapping on die reorder button at the top right.And you kann add new content to ns Edge Panels über tapping on die "+" icon.The settings icon at ns bottom left providesaccess kommen sie additional settings.

The colors that sie select zum the civilization Edge panel will be die same one offered when die S7 edge lights trost if ns device zu sein face down. People Edge lasst uns you pick five contactsand the Tasks Edge lets you develop 10 shortcuts for tasks choose sending text messages und taking photos. You can so download extr panel options.

9.) Hide anwendung Notifications From die Lock screen On S7 und S7 Edge

Sometimes you may notfall want notifications to appear on ns lock screen des your devices bei case someone is looking over your shoulder. This ist especially true zum text messages. Fortunately you kann sein hide app notifications from ns lock screen by going zu Settings > Lock screen und security > Notifications ~ above Lock display screen > inhalt on Lock Screen. Within the menu, you kann sein toggle the anwendung notifications top top or off. Tapping on “Hide Content” lasst uns you obtain notifications, but the content of die notification möchte be hidden. So you wollen receive buchstabe message notifications, but ns actual content of the text message will be hidden.

10.) identify Unsaved Callers ~ above S7 und S7 Edge

Sometimes freundin may receive phone phone call from civilization that you do notfall know, consisting of telemarketers. A beneficial feature on the S7 und the S7 Edge is the ability kommen sie identify unsaved numbers. You kann sein access this feature über going kommen sie Settings > advanced features > recognize unsaved numbers. Then switch on the feature to set up the caller identification.

11.) rise Your Privacy by Turning Off anwendung Location verfolgung On S7 and S7 Edge

When apps track her location, it tun können be useful weil das finding relevant content based on where sie are. Yet this featureeats trost substantial amounts des battery life.In die interest von privacy, there arealso some apps that freundin may notfall want tracking your location. You kann sein control apps location tracking über going to Settings > Privacy und safety > app permissions > Location. Climate toggle die apps ~ above or turn off that freundin want to have tracking her location.

12.) One-Handed procedure On S7 Edge

At 5.5-inches, ns display size von the S7 Edge is larger than countless other smartphones. But this renders it harder zu use ns device through one hand. Fortunately,there ist a way to adjust die device deshalb it zu sein easier to control v one hand. Under Settings > progressed Features, sie will lakers a One-handed procedure feature. This attribute reduces the home display size and readjusts die keyboards deswegen that it move closer to ns display side, hence making ns device easier kommen sie use through one hand.

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13.) Pin fenster On S7 und S7 Edge

Did sie know there ist a way kommen sie pin in app on die screen? This function comes bei handy if who borrows her phone and walks away due to the fact that it prevents the ability to offen other apps. The window pinning feature was added bei Android Marshmallow, however it kann be tricky kommen sie find.

You tun können find die pin window feature über going zu Settings > Lock screen und security > other security settings. Climate scroll down kommen sie Pin windows and turn it on. Native there, you can tap on ns Recents apps button and tap on die pin symbol at die bottom best corner of the apps that freundin want to schutz pinned.

14.) Record video game Play ~ above S7 Or S7 Edge

If freundin are play a game on her S7 or S7 Edge, then you may it is in interested in afeature that permits you to take a screenshot or a video. This feature tun können be switched on by going to Settings > progressed features > games > video game Tools. After permitting this feature, you will notice a floating button with screenshot und video options while freundin are gaming. This feature is definitely handy for people the like to share your gaming suffer on YouTube.

15.) remind Yourself about Notifications ~ above S7 und S7 Edge

There might be situations where sie may want to be reminded around all des the notifications you have on ns S7 und S7 Edge. You kann set this up von going zu Settings > ease of access > notice reminder.

The notification reminder menu allowsyou zu set alerts via vibration or sound wie there space unread notifications. Ns Reminder interval lets you set the number of minute that sie want kommen sie be reminded about ns notification. Andthe apps that sie want kommen sie receive notifications from room selectable in the menu.

16.) conserve Photos zu MicroSD map On S7 und S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 and S7 leaf devices oase up kommen sie 32GB of internal storage storage, however you tun können substantially expand the available warehouse byusing a microSD map (up to in additional 200GB). And there zu sein a way to store your photos on the 200GB memory card. You kann sein set up this feature von going to ns Camera app > settings > Storage place > SD Card.

17.) Schedule Restarts on S7 und S7 Edge

From time to time it is a an excellent idea zu restart her S7 or S7 Edge zum memory management reasons or if your machine freezes up. The Galaxy S7 und S7 Edgeallows you zu schedule rebootsunder Settings > back-up & reset > wagen restart where you tun können set the recurring times.

18.) Send SOS Messages for Emergencies top top S7 and S7 Edge

The S7 and S7 Edge kann sein come bei handy in case of emergency. You tun können enable the ability kommen sie send SOS message under Settings > Privacy and Safety > Send SOS Messages.

Once freundin activate this feature, you can send SOS messages to your notfall contacts von quickly pressing ns power button 3 mal consecutively. This feature deshalb lets you automatically attach photos and audio recordings deshalb your notfall contacts tun können find the end what the notfall situation ist about.

19.) Set hoch Quick Launch for Camera on S7 und S7 Edge

Whenever there zu sein a memorable event, then you may want to be able zu quickly accessibility your phone call camera.That ist why you should rotate on the Quick launch Camera feature. You can set this up by going zu Settings > progressed Features > quick launch camera. Wie man this feature zu sein activated, you can double press the Home taste to launch die camera. This function works even if ns S7 or S7 Edge ist locked.

20.) Set up Sound Detectors like Doorbells und Baby CryingOn S7 and S7 Edge

The S7 and S7 leaf devices schutz the ability to detect whether her doorbell has actually rung or whereby there is a infant crying weil das alerting purposes. This kann be helpful if you schutz headphones top top or you are in another room. You can activate this feature von going zu Settings > access > hearing > Sound detectors. Under this menu, you kann sein toggle on/off die Baby crying detector or Doorbell detector. Ns toggle will request you zu record die sound of the doorbell deswegen that her device kann sein detect it in the future.

21.) Set nach oben Swipe key-board On S7 and S7 Edge

The S7 und S7 edge supports assorted swipe keyboards. A swipe keyboard allows freundin todrag your finger across die keyboard betwee letters deswegen that your device can predict what sie are typing also if ns swipes are not accurate. You can turn this function on by going to Settings > Language and input > samsung Keyboard > key-board Swipe. This attribute does notfall prevent you fromtyping indigenous normally.

22.) set Mobile data Limits zu Prevent Overage fees On S7 und S7 Edge

Last month, i surpassed mine mobile charme limit und so ich had zu pay more for my monthly bill. Mobile data kann sein be quickly consumed afterwatching a few videos und streaming music through yourdata connection. However, samsung has made the easier zu curb overage charges von offering a mobile dünn limit feature.

This feature is available weist Settings > data Usage > Set Mobile dünn Limit. Native there, set the limit to your data threshold. And drag the alert level to ns threshold that freundin want.

If there room apps the consume too much data, you kann sein prevent this native happening walking forward über going kommen sie Data intake > Background säule > Apps. It is deshalb recommended that you turn off charme Roaming underSettings > mobile Networks > säule Roaming.

23.) Set hoch Condensed screen Mode utilizing Nova Launcher ~ above S7 und S7 Edge

An XDA-Developer user found that ns S7 und S7 leaf devices have a hidden DPI scaling setting that basically “condenses” display. Ns setting is maintained through the Nova Launcher. Wie man you offen Nova Launcher, lang press an empty space und select “ Widgets.” climate drag and drop ns “Activities” widget onto ns home screen.

From there, find ns “Settings” folder and select .DisplayScalingActivity. That wollen create a new icon on the home screen. Then tap on die icon and select die “Condensed” display mode after the activity opens. You will need kommen sie restart your Galaxy S7 ~ those measures are done. And you kann sein switch back to your various other Launcher after all ns steps oase been completed.

24.) Share files Using android BeamOn S7 und S7 Edge

Using NFC, you kann sein share records rapidly through android Beam. After android Beam zu sein turned on, you tun können share records with other android devices that oase NFC.

This feature tun können be permitted under Settings > NFC and Payment > android Beam. When you select die file freundin want kommen sie share, choose the android Beam auswahl after tapping on die Share button. Holding ns rears of the NFC-enabled android devices have to allow you toshare ns files using android Beam.

25.) Switch off Flipboard BriefingOn S7 und S7 Edge

One of the unnecessary features developed into the Galaxy S7 und S7 Edge zu sein Flipboard Briefing. Flipboard Briefing ist a nachrichten feature that shows inhalt tailored kommen sie your understand that appears on the far left page des the home screen.

This feature may it is in useful for some people, however there ist a gelegenheit you not wantit. Freundin canturn off Flipboard Briefingbylaunching the home display settings andpinching /swiping right to die Flipboard Briefing page. Then use die toggle turn off switch at the top right.

26.) revolve On Download Booster top top S7 und S7 Edge

In case you want to download apps or various other files weist a rapid pace, there zu sein a way to make it happen using ns Download Booster. Together a warning, this feature uses your Wi-Fi and data link combined kommen sie download ns files. You kann turn on die Download Booster über going kommen sie Settings > more connection setups > Download Booster.

27.) turn On “Easy Mode” zum PeopleNot acquainted With ns S7 and S7 Edge

In instance someone wants zu borrow her Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and he or she isnot used to the android user interface, you tun können enable die “Easy Mode” function. The “Easy Mode” function kann be permitted under Settings >Personalization > simple Mode.

You can also customize i m sorry apps that sie want included bei Easy Mode. On ns home screen, there room three pages und one of the pages has widgets choose clock, calendar and weather. Other widgets that you kann add include ns phone, messages, internet browser and the flashlight. Und you kann add more functions zu theGalaxy S7 “Easy Mode” von tapping on the “+” signs on the home screen as well.

28.) revolve On/Off schon fast Charging top top S7 and S7 Edge

One von the greatest pain points weil das smartphones is battery life. Having kommen sie charge your phone every einzel night und day kann sein be a nuisance specifically if sie are continuous traveling.

But the samsung Galaxy S7 und S7 Edge tools are known weil das being able kommen sie charge quickly. Jetzt Samsung lets you control fast charging within Setting > Battery > schon fast Cable Charging and Fast Wireless Charging. The belästigung with schon fast charging is that your maker may end up being hot while the feature is turned on. Switching off the in der nähe des charging feature avoids that native happening.

29.) revolve Off clever Alert zu Conserve Battery ~ above S7 und S7 Edge

The clever Alert attribute comes in handy if you oase missed a speak to or post notification. Die phone möchte vibrate ns next time sie pick it hoch from a flat surface if there ist a missed notification. This feature kann be a battery drainer though. You tun können control this feature von going to Settings > progressed Features > smart Alert.

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30.) Utilize separation Screen mode On S7 und S7 edge

On the S7 you kann sein use two apps at the same time side-by-side. You kann sein set this function up von holding down die recent key und then tapping die icon with 2 rectangles at ns top right of split screen compatible apps. Climate select an app on ns bottom. From there, the apps freundin selected are split between the top and the bottom des the screen.

Once the apps are an split display mode, you kann adjust it von dragging ns circle icon trost or down to adjust where the apps room split. Tapping on ns circular arrowhead icons swaps die top and bottom screens. And tapping the pointing hand icon permits you to drag und drop content betwee the windows.

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