Richard Lugner Roland Lugner

NameRichard LugnerRoleEntrepreneurSiblingsRoland Lugner
Marriage locationSchonbrunn Palace, Vienna, AustriaSpouseCathy Schmitz (m. 2014), Christina Lugner (m. 1990–2007)ChildrenJacqueline Lugner, Nadine Jeannine CutterSimilar PeopleCathy Schmitz, Christina Lugner, sonja Jeannine

Richard "Mörtel" Lugner (born 11 October 1932) is an Austrian entrepreneur in the construction industry, a Viennese die gesellschaft figure, und a former political candidate not affiliated v any of the österreichisch political parties.

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Business career

Born in Vienna, Lugner got a licence kommen sie work as a building contractor (Baumeisterkonzession) bei 1962 and at zuerst specialized in the erection von filling stations und the renovation des old buildings. His firm started to prosper, und he eventually became known zu a wider public with ns completion, bei 1979, von Vienna"s zuerst mosque, positioned on the banken of the fluss Danube.

In 1990 he opened his very own shopping mall, Lugner City, bei a working class district of Vienna and, from the start, aggressively advertised his unternehmen by routinely inviting celebrities—starting with thomas Gottschalk—who would execute there und sign autographs—a marketing strategy not very common bei a stadt that, rückseitig then, solid had any type of shopping malls. With his shopping mall, Lugner was one des a small group of businesspeople who helped change Austrians" purchase habits by pushing to die limits the various regulations concerning opening hours. Bei a city where einkaufen generally closed punkt 6 p.m. Mondays to Fridays and at noon top top Saturdays zu remain closed weil das more than one und a geholfen days until Monday morning, Lugner strongly supported late night to buy on hinweisen least one weekday and bei extension of shopping hours kommen sie Saturday afternoon, even wie man that meant raising die trades unions" opposition.

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In 1992 Mörtel and Mausi Lugner brought harry Belafonte kommen sie Lugner City, and so took ihm along to die Vienna Opera Ball. From the time on, ns couple schutz each year payment a celebrity to visit the shopping centre und then accompany them together their guest kommen sie that prestigious function at die Vienna state Opera, an "invitation" i beg your pardon has often been criticised or nur belittled zum being a nouveau riche idea. However, media attention has actually continually to be rising, so abroad, so that heute any main guests of honour room usually neglected contrasted to the Lugners" celebrities, that invariably oase a zustand image:

Political ambitions

In die late 1990s richard Lugner handed over his unternehmen to his two grown-up young by an earlier marriage, Alexander and Andreas Lugner, and went into politics. Bei the 1998 presidential elections he perfect fourth bei a field des five candidates, receiving 9.91 von cent des the well-known vote; incumbent federal President thomas Klestil, who had actually been running for a second term des office, obtained 63.4%. Zum the parliamentary elections that took place die following year, ns Lugners stop a different platform called das Unabhängigen ("The Independents") but, together they just received 1.02 per cent of the vote, did not get any kind of seats an the Nationalrat. Nevertheless, hinweisen the end of die millennium, a survey found that much more than 90 per cent des Austrians well-known the nennen Lugner. For the 2016 presidential choice he announced zu collect ns necessary signatures in order zu participate.

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In september 2014, Lugner (aged 81) married German Playboy model Cathy Schmitz (aged 24) punkt a ceremony held at ns Schönbrunn Palace an Vienna. Schmitz was a Playboy rabbit at the Playboy Club in Cologne before being the startseite model von German Playboy in 2013. Lugner had been married four mal before.