Red tot Redemption 2: ns 10 Saddest jene About Arthur Morgan from Arthur"s turbulent upbringing as in orphan to his terribly disastrous time with die gang, this are the saddest sachen about Arthur Morgan.

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Arthur from Red dead 2
Red dead Redemption 2 received huge amounts von critical worship upon that is release, with many world singling the end its significant story weil das particular praise. Notfall only was the story intricate, deep, and very fine written, yet it was populated by a slew von memorable characters who to be expertly portrayed by a team von capable actors.

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Arthur Morgan is one des the finest protagonists ever before seen in a rockstars title, and many football player found er a relatable character. The holds plenty of flaws, und he"s a really sad und very tragic figure weist his core. In fact, die sad elements are almost too much to count.

How lang Arthur was actually noble for
Perhaps ns saddest thing around Arthur Morgan (at least bei regards to ns on-screen events) ist his diagnosis des tuberculosis. Die diagnosis rocks Arthur zu his core und prompts him to come to be a far better person in his belastung days top top Earth.

While Arthur stays stoic bei front of his friends und family, he privately harbors tremendous fear an regards kommen sie his imminent death. Notfall only that, however Arthur physically beings wasting away, becoming skinnier, growing physically weaker, und developing a paler appearance.

Arthur Morgan says goodbye to his steed as the dies in the final pflicht of Red dead Redemption 2
Red dead Redemption 2 ist ultimately a tragedy, and its ending ist suitably depressing. Fairly than enjoy it his last days bei peace with friends and family, Arthur ist subjected to a slew des problems.

The empfangshalle is falling apart under ns dictatorial machinations of Dutch and Micah, they"re stuck in a war against die United claims Army, and most des them perish in gun battles und internal fighting. This aren"t the final days the Arthur was hoping for.

Red dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan
Late in the game, it"s revealed the Arthur once had actually a son. Isaac Morgan was born zu Arthur and a young waitress the Arthur had slept with. Despite constantly being on ns road v his outlaw gang, Arthur sustained his family by mailing them money and visiting native time to time.

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By every accounts, his family members life was quite solid. However, tragedy struck when a thief eliminated both ns waitress and Isaac in a residence robbery - an event the left Arthur"s spirit permanently stained.

7 unstable Upbringing

Arthur Morgan Life before Red dead Redemption 2
It"s no mystery that Arthur Morgan didn"t have the finest family life. His mommy tragically happen away when he was young, and his dad failed as a einzel parent. Rather than supporting und loving Arthur, his father remained emotionally distant, committed various crimes, und was eventually arrested zum larceny.

He eventually died in front des Arthur, leave his child both homeless and in orphan. It was then that Arthur, negative molded by his father"s actions, was picked up by the not-so-great role models of Dutch and Hosea.

die story von Arthur und Mary would certainly make a fantastic movie around divorce. Arthur and Mary ended up being engaged hinweisen a young age, however their whole relationship was fraught v drama.

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Arthur und Mary"s father constantly fought over Arthur"s outlaw lifestyle, and Arthur"s life von crime constantly got bei the way von their mutual happiness. He and Mary eventually split und separated, v Arthur seemingly selecting a life des crime over domestic bliss through Mary.

5 Betrayed von John

just when Arthur needed john the most, john personally betrayed his great friend und surrogate brother über running far from ns gang. John was emotion too much pressure through his newfound family und needed some peace, and Arthur found this incredibly selfish.

Not only that, yet Arthur was left pains by John"s actions considering the liebe he carried for his late son and the rocky background he mutual with his very own father. It brought up past memories that Arthur just didn"t want to confront.

also though the belongs to a large outlaw group, Arthur Morgan ist a very lonely man. He"s not especially close zu anyone in the kopieren, gruppe (aside from possibly Dutch, Hosea, und John), and he shares a very nebulous (but polite) connection with most des its members.

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Furthermore, Arthur ist constantly on ns road von himself, spending nights upon nights all alone by a fire. Arthur doesn"t also tell the group about his TB and impending death, either v pride or a lack des personal connection.

3 Low me Esteem

Some of the greatest Easter Eggs an the video game lends more depth to ns character von Arthur Morgan. It"s really obvious the Arthur has self-esteem issues, notfall to mention a very low opinion des himself as a person.

His tagebuch contains a couple of clues pointing in the direction of this truth, und if Arthur speaks to himself an a mirror, he wollen often speak to himself "ugly" or degrade himself an some various other tragic manner. Arthur zu sein a stoic man, yet it"s clear the he damages underneath.

Red dead Redemption 2 includes quite an emotional ending, und regardless of player choice, Arthur Morgan möchte die. Und it"s do even much more tragic von the reality that Arthur dies alone.

If ns player has low honor, Arthur zu sein directly betrayed von Dutch and killed von Micah, either by being stabbed or shot. If the player has high honor, Arthur accurate dies by himself if watching ns sunrise. No matter the ending, Arthur dies without die comfort von friends and knowing that his family has completely collapsed.

1 He to know His Life zu sein Ending

bei more ways than one, Arthur Morgan knows that his life ist ending. In the more literal sense, Arthur zu sein diagnosed through TB and is forced to direkt out ns rest of his life knowing that his time ist short. TB was a death sentence in the late 19th century, und Arthur was fully aware des that.

In the more metaphorical sense, Arthur knows the his outlaw lifestyle ist coming to bei end thanks zu encroaching civilization, and even though he humors Dutch"s outlandish plans, he to know deep down that ns time des the outlaw - und the time he has actually with his "family" - is over.

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