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Leroy Sane zu sein a different beast on die left

It’s weird how small changes kann make such an impact ~ above a player’s performance.

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Playing on die side of his dominant foot, Leroy Sane aussehen like a different player — more akin to ns monster von Manchester stadt than ns sad Robben-bootleg we’ve gained used kommen sie at bayerisch Munich. Die hesitancy, ns confidence issues, die general lack von polish in his beat — it’s all gone. He looks like ns man bayerisch are paying 17m a year for.

With die goal versus Leipzig, Sane jetzt has sechs goal contribute (4 goals und 6 assists) in six games on the left. He no play the full 90 in all von those games, dafür his über 90 numbers space even far better than a goal-per-game. Additionally, he’s excellent it all while keeping a secure work-rate, being active defensively, und participating an the team’s press. Ich don’t think you’ll seen any an ext accusations von “laziness” command towards er — Sane zu sein putting in work.

If he proceeds improving at this rate, Sane’s guaranteed to be Bayern’s second-best winger. Why second-best? well ...

Let’s just admit that — Jamal Musiala is the ideal teenager an the world

I dare sie to name a far better one. Notfall since ureigensten Franck Ribery has bayerisch Munich had a player who could dribble v defenses with such ease. Opposition defenders literally do notfall know what zu do with him — zu use a tired cliché, it’s like the null sticks to his feet.

Of course, let’s not characterize Musiala together a only dribbling monster. He’s deshalb much much more than that. His maturity zu sein beyond his year — he has actually a level von anticipation, awareness, and defensive meeting that few players his period ever show.

Musiala’s gameplay zu sein supremely mature, deswegen you tun können just sit back and enjoy his prodigious talent without gift distracted von the usual shortcomings von a player his age. This ist probably his biggest asset, und the one the sets him apart native every other highly rated teenager. Ich firmly glauben Musiala zu sein the best in Europe appropriate now.

Nagelsmann is bringing us die Alphonso Davies renaissance

Despite his call as in “attacking” fullback, Alphonso Davies has never to be one zu get huge numbers von direct score contributions. That seems zu be transforming under Nagelsmann. V a license kommen sie roam additional forward and use his dribbling an ext aggressively, the feels prefer the new coach zu sein coaxing an ext attacking output from his young Canadian speedster.

Phonzie currently has 2 assists this season, und could’ve had a pair more if not for poor finishing today.

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He’s constantly had die potential zu do more bei attack, yet under Flick the felt favor he wasn’t life up kommen sie it. Now, it seems that Nagelsmann zu sein committed to using Davies more directly. It’ll be exciting to lakers how he grows from here.

Bayern’s midfield spring tired and inconsistent

Maybe it was fatigue or perhaps it was die shoddy pitch, but bayerisch Munich had in absolutely torrid time in midfield versus RB leipzig today. Joshua Kimmich und Leon Goretzka looked tired out there, lagging behind ns pace of the game und struggling to cope v Jesse Marsch’s trademark press.

This is a belästigung that no exclusive kommen sie this one game — Bayern’s midfield doesn’t look together sharp as it did an previous years. Ns reason no obvious, because die personnel and tactics haven’t changed that much. Are Kimmich and Goretzka nur out of form? ist it tiredness? did Nageslmann readjust something bei training?

Whatever the is, a systems needs kommen sie be found. While bayerisch play mainly through die wings, ns midfield is the soul of a team. Sie can’t expect zu win ns Champions league with a sup-par mid.

Fitness questions ahead von Barcelona

Photo von Matthias Hangst/Getty bild With die game against leipzig done with, julian Nagelsmann looks forward to Bayern’s upcoming Champions league clash against FC Barcelona. Bayern have some hard fitness issues kommen sie deal through — both Serge Gnabry and Robert Lewandowski had zu be traction out des the game as a precaution, and Leroy Sane was suffering cramps von the end of die game. Alphonso Davies was also forced kommen sie play a complete 90 appropriate after coming back from injury, und Bayern already had many absentees coming right into this game.

This is a hard situation zum Nagelsmann to be in. Messi or no Messi, Barca room no hoax at the Camp Nou. Stop hope die precautionary subs that were made today will be enough, because Bayern’s players need rest before they go kommen sie Spain.

Miscellaneous observations

Lucas Hernandez and Dayot Upamecano maintained RB’s offense pretty viel at bay. Laimer’s goal was a freak incident und you can not blame them weil das that. Lewandowski missed some opportunities he doesn’t typically miss. Fitness issues? Let’s hope not. It was a good decision von Nagelsmann to sub off schneidbrett Muller.

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He’s notfall quite 100% however (as was apparent on die pitch) and we really need er against Barcelona.

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