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The Raspberry Pi 4 Model ns is die best mini pc out there for making and experimenting

ByBrian Westover27 might 2021

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The Raspberry Pi 4 is a big upgrade over previous models, with more processing muscle, better video support and no compromises an price or capabilities.

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ForSignificantly much more powerful than past modelsUSB 3.0 portssupports doppelt 4K videos outputConvenient USB Type-C power
AgainstNot compatible through older Raspberry Pi casesPotential compatibility issues with part USB Type-C stärke cablesSoftware compatibility ist hit or miss

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a large upgrade over previous models, with more processing muscle, better videos support and no compromises an price or capabilities.

Pros+ Significantly much more powerful than past models+ USB 3.0 ports+ supports doppelt 4K videobilien output+ convenient USB Type-C power
Cons- not compatible v older Raspberry Pi cases- Potential compatibility worries with part USB Type-C stärke cables- software compatibility ist hit or miss

The Raspberry Pi line des single-board computer systems has to be enormously popular, thanks zu its at sight affordable price, compact size and maker-friendly design. The latest version, ns Raspberry Pi 4 Model b ($55 together tested), zu sein the most an effective yet, obtaining a major increase bei processing power, enhanced video output and peripheral connectivity, while maintaining die same low price und tiny size readily available on previous models.

The new Pi 4 gets exciting features, choose USB 3.0 ports, stärke over USB Type-C and Ethernet, und video output that will handle two 4K monitors hinweisen a time. Plus, you ausblüten get all ns unique connectivity and expansion of the Pi"s GPIO pins und compatibility with previous add-ons und accessories. Yet all those transforms do come with some neu inconveniences. Because of the tweaks made to die Pi 4, ns software supplied on larger models is not straight compatible, and the updated harbor selection means that older instance designs won"t work with the new model.

One thing continues to be true about die latest Raspberry Pi, however. It"s blieb the ideal mini PC for tinkering, and with the improvements to the Pi 4, it"s proven itself to be one von the best computers period if you"re looking zu get a gewächs done v a little.

Editor"s Note: (Mar 26, 2021) due to the fact that our frühen zeitpunkt review in 2019 die Raspberry Pi 4 Model b has continued to improve, with pest fixes and even a new version constructed inside a keyboard, the Raspberry Pi 400. Our initial rating and recommendation remain unchanged from when it originally published bei October von 2019.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model b price und configurations

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model b is the first of the fourth generation of Raspberry Pi computers. The latest model brings through it a much more powerful Broadcom BCM2711B0 quad-core arm processor and the 4K-capable Broadcom VideoCore VI video processor, follow me with ns move to faster USB 3.0 ports und USB Type-C weil das power.

(Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

It"s available in three variations, which different only in the amount von LPDDR4 SDRAM mounted on the board. Die base modell comes with 1GB des memory and sells zum $35, maintaining the same low preis the Pi has always had. A 2GB model doubles die memory zum a price von $45, while die top modell – und the model we the evaluation – bump the ram to 4GB, weil das $55.

But die Raspberry Pi family zu sein much larger than ns Pi 4. Previous generations von the Pi are so available, including ns Raspberry Pi 3 B+ us reviewed bei 2018 und the Raspberry Pi 2 Model b we looked at bei 2016. For applications where sie may not need the extra handling power of the Pi 4, this are ausblüten superb options, transporting cheap single-board systems that can be programmed, associated to die web and used weil das everything from home automation to sophisticated robotics.

It"s also worth spring at die naming conventions used zu distinguish die various versions des the Raspberry Pi. Die number – Pi 4, Pi 3, Pi 2, etc. – denotes i beg your pardon generation it is und will include improvements to both handling power and the layout des the board. The model designations (A, B und B+) indicate ns specific design. The Model ns is the standard, general-use single-board system, if the model B+ boasts bei iterative improvement in capabilities (the B+ modell usually come between full generation changes). The modell A has a more compact design that ditches most von the bulky Ethernet and full-size USB ports uncovered on the model B und has a smaller sized footprint, but it ausblüten offers ns same processor and capabilities.

And for something even smaller and less expensive, there"s ns Pi Zero ($10.00) und the Pi Zero werden ($15.00). Weist roughly a third the size des the typical Raspberry Pi, it offers some (but notfall all) von the same functionality and is easily accessible with and without wireless connectivity – die "W" in Pi Zero w indicates the model comes with Wi-Fi und Bluetooth.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model ns design

Famous an part weil das its small size, the Raspberry Pi line of inexpensive computers is famously no bigger 보다 a deck des cards, und the Raspberry Pi 4 Model b measures nur 3.4 ns 2.2 ns 0.4 inches. That puts it bei the exact same 3.4 x 2.2 footprint offered on older models of die Raspberry Pi, yet it"s in reality slimmer von almost a quarter inch. And it"s practically identical bei weight, weighing an at 46 grams (1.62 ounces) – nur a gram heavier 보다 previous generations, like the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (45 grams, or 1.58 ounces).

(Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

The list von ports on the Pi 4 so serves as a rundown des the few physical features available on the small computer, with four USB ports (two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0), a pair of micro HDMI 2.0 ports und a USB Type-C power jack. A 3.5-millimeter jack offer as bei analog audio/video-out port; und Gigabit Ethernet – with complete throughput, i m sorry wasn"t offered on past modell of ns Pi – gives you wired networking und even power, thanks to energie over Ethernet support. For wireless networking, ns Pi boasts both 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0.

(Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

First, we obtained a SanDisk extremist 32GB memory card. While countless brands und capacities of microSD card möchte work, you möchte need something, since die card is used zum onboard storage and is used zum installing die Pi 4"s operating system.

For power, we got the Raspberry Pi 4 main 15-watt energie supply. This energie cable sells zum $9.99 and connects end USB Type-C, yet unlike countless third-party USB-C chargers sie might it is in tempted zu try using, such as a spare phone charger, this one is guaranteed zu provide enough energie to let sie fully use the Pi 4.

And with the Pi 4 switching zu micro HDMI connectors for video output, we so picked nach oben a micro-to-standard HDMI cable ($8.99). While this möchte work with any HDMI-connected monitor or screen (including TVs), the cable deshalb supports the 4K videobilien output offered by the neu Pi 4. While these particular cables aren"t die only option, die connections offered on the Pi 4 do mean that you"ll need some sort des adapter if freundin want kommen sie use any kind of HDMI cables that sie already own.

Other desktop basics, such together a wired mouse, wired keyboard und HDMI-connected überwacht are also needed to use the RasPi 4 as a desktop. We had these things on hand already, however even older used models will work nur fine.

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Though it"s not as essential zum use as a energie cable or video connection, we deshalb decided zu dress up die Pi 4 an a case. Zum this us used the Pimoroni Pibow 4 Ninja, a user-assembled instance made up of five layers des custom-cut acrylic. Ns case is easy kommen sie put together, aussehen great und has handy laser-etched labels zum ports. It deshalb has a cutout zum adding a warmth sink or cooling fan, and it leaves all 40 GPIO pins und other port accessible zum all of your tinkering needs.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model ns setup

When you erste pull the Raspberry Pi 4 out des the box, it"s nothing more than a circuit board, with plenty of potential, however none von the ready-to-go capability des a continuous PC or laptop. Die operating system doesn"t come preinstalled – you"ll oase to perform that you yourself – and any peripherals, choose a keyboard, computer mouse or monitor, möchte need kommen sie be got separately.

But also with her peripherals bei place, you"ll blieb need kommen sie install die software yourself. Kommen sie start, you"ll need kommen sie get your microSD card and download Raspbian Buster, ns operating system developed von the Raspberry Pi foundation specifically zum the Pi 4 (though it will so work with past models). As ns latest version von the Raspberry Pi-themed Linux variant, Raspbian Buster zu sein updated to work through the neu Pi 4, supporting die board"s update capabilities and features.

You tun können download Raspbian straight from ns Raspberry Pi Foundation. Download die official bild of die Buster operating system und copy it over kommen sie your microSD card. (Here space instructions, if needed.)

Once die Raspbian Buster bild is on die microSD card, you kann insert that into die card slot on the Pi 4 and (if everything was installed correctly) power up ns Pi, which will automatically boot into die freshly mounted OS.

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While these instructions will get freundin up and running, Raspbian Buster isn"t the only auswahl available zum running your Raspberry Pi. Several Linux-based operating system are freely available zum the RasPi, despite it may not be together easy zu determine the compatibility of these system with ns Pi 4.

Finally, ns popular video game emulator RetroPie blieb doesn"t have a Pi 4-compatible version. Since the development und maintenance des RetroPie zu sein a volunteer effort, ns delay is understandable. There space a couple von unofficial builds that may or may notfall work on ns Pi 4, but in official release wollen be the end eventually. (We"ll upgrade this portion von the review when it"s out.)

Raspberry Pi 4 Model b software

Using Raspbian Buster on die Pi 4 gives you a standard desktop computer environment, albeit a basic, Linux-based one. Included an the anfangsverdacht installation package zu sein a suite des programs that gives you grundlegend web browsing and productivity tools, and a collection von educational apps that teach coding and provide tools weil das adapting the Pi zu your very own custom projects.

This includes handy productivity tools choose LibreOffice und Chromium, i beg your pardon give sie open-source choices to ns Microsoft Office suite – consisting of a native processor, spreadsheet program, presentations, drawing, database direktor and bei equation editor zum math and science – and Google"s Chrome web browser.

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Raspbian also comes loaded with software zum education, giving freundin free tools weil das learning programming languages choose Python, Scratch and Java. There space tools weil das making and playing games bei Python, another called Sonic Pi that lets you make music, and there"s also a version von Minecraft.

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Raspberry Pi 4 Model b performance

The Pi 4 is outfitted through a 1.5-GHz, quad-core Broadcom BCM2711B0 (Cortex A-72) processor and comes with up zu 4GB des LPDDR4 SDRAM in the top configuration – the modell we reviewed.

Firing up the Pi 4, i was struck von two thoughts. First, i was amazed to see the Pi 4 support 4K output, punkt any framework rate. Previously Pi modell are mainly limited to 1080p, deswegen the move zu 4K zu sein a significant jump.

Second, ich was struck von how smooth und responsive ns Pi 4 was, especially compared with the Pi 3 B+ us reviewed tonnage year. As i opened documents und test files, everything nur worked, und the laggy performance ich accepted as ns inevitable fact of bei inexpensive single-board computer like ns Pi 3 B+ mainly disappeared on die Pi 4. This ongoing as i browsed online with many tabs open, and I was able zu browse with eight to 10 tabs offen without any kind of noticeable lag.

(Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

I was amazed to see the Pi 4 support 4K output, weist any structure rate.

These zuerst impressions to be borne out in testing, as ns Pi 4 put hoch results the were substantially far better than the model we reviewed last year. While it"s still no rate demon contrasted with other mini PCs, it"s definitely the erste time I"ve used die Pi und considered utilizing it as a desktop beyond my anfangsverdacht testing. The this level of performance is available on together a tiny, cheap device zu sein seriously impressive.

Everything is faster, starting with boot times. The Pi 4 went from a cold start to a usable desktop in just 23 seconds. That"s a large improvement over the older Pi 3 B+, i m sorry booted an 36 seconds; die earlier Pi 2 Model b was even slower, weist 45 seconds.

While most of the prüfung we use on Windows-based mini pcs aren"t accessible on the Linux-based Pi, us were able zu compare a number of web-based performance benchmarks.

For basic performance, us use ns JetStream 1.1 web browser performance test. In this benchmark, die Pi 4 score 42.65 points. über comparison, the Pi 3 B+ scored just 16.7 points in the same test. That"s a substantial improvement zum single-board systems. However, to compare this with an ext mainstream systems, like die Azulle Access3 (our favorite fenstern stick PC) or ns Acer Chromebox CXI3 setzt this advancement into context. Ns Azulle Access3, i m sorry boasts bei Intel Gemini Lake N4100 processor, score 101.21 points an the same test. The Acer Chromebox did also better, notching a score des 168.22 points, thanks zu its Intel core i5 processor.

Graphics performance was similarly improved, however only impressive bei a relative sense. Using WebGL Aquarium – a WebGL demo that lasst uns you select collection numbers von digital fish – ns Pi 4 managed to render 50 fish hinweisen 3 frames per second (fps). Contrasted with die Pi 3 B+, i beg your pardon struggled with a single fish, that"s a large improvement. But compared with die Acer Chromebox CXI3, which tackled as numerous as 10,000 fish punkt 28 fps, die Pi 4"s graphics assistance is ausblüten pretty paltry.

However, loading nach oben websites on die Pi 4"s Chromium browser wasn"t viel quicker 보다 it"s to be on other Raspberry Pi models we"ve checked out before. Loading up the Tom"s guide homepage took a fast 2 seconds. Die older Pi 3 B+ did die same in 11 seconds.

YouTube, on die other hand, opened bei 11.7 seconds, which was actually a slight drop indigenous both the Pi 3 B+ (10 seconds) and even the Pi 2 b (also 10 seconds).

Oddly enough, opening a lightweight site prefer Stack Exchange, which ist mostly text, wasn"t viel faster; it took 3 secs – only a second faster than ns Pi 3 B+ (4 seconds) — i beg your pardon was, in turn, just slightly faster than die Pi 2 b (5 seconds).

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However, unlike previous versions von the Pi, die newer Pi 4 was able zu actually run much more than one or 2 tabs punkt once. Ich was also able zu work in a google Doc kommen sie work on the zuerst draft von this evaluation while so researching specifications in another window and watching a related youtube tutorial an a third. That level of (admittedly basic) multitasking wasn"t really feasible on larger models.

One other problem worth note about the Pi 4 is that that runs warm — viel hotter 보다 its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. While die Pi 3 B+ would get wärme when under pack (up zu 142 degrees Fahrenheit), die Pi 4 gets viel hotter — up to 168 levels Fahrenheit an our testing. That warmth makes it imperative that you outfit her Pi with a case, deshalb as kommen sie avoid melted fingers or also accidental fires. However it deshalb will have bei impact ~ above performance, because the system will accelerator performance wie man it runs auch hot.

And zum optimal performance, you would carry out well to outfit your own Pi 4 with warm sinks zum the CPU und GPU, or possibly a fan (available on plenty of Pi 4 cases), or both.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model b projects, expansions und kits

Between its klein size, superlow price and ultraflexible form factor, ns Pi 4 zu sein the most powerful version von the best tinkering pc on die market. However what kann you actually execute with it?

As a member of the Raspberry Pi family, ns Pi 4 has in ecosystem von accessories available zum it, and a rich community of enthusiasts und makers who schutz used die Pi for all sorts of projects und are regularly willing to offer help und answer concerns through ns many Pi-centric forums and communities online.

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That ecosystem consists of all sorts von add-ons zum the Pi that connect through the many ports and GPIO pins. Dubbed hats, bonnets und shields, escape upon ns specific design und connectivity of the add-on, these expansions make the Pi 4 (and other modell of the Pi) immensely more flexibel than your typical PC. Most des the hats that have worked v previous Raspberry Pi models will still work on ns Pi 4, because it offers a practically identical GPIO pen layout.

Between its klein size, superlow price und ultraflexible form factor, the Pi 4 ist the most an effective version of the best tinkering pc on ns market.

These add-ons selection from the simple to die extremely technical. You tun können get microphone extension boards, perfect zum building your own amazon Echo or google Home. You kann sein add display screen boards, zum making ns Pi 4 a handheld computing machine – choices include multicolored e-ink displays, touch screens und more. Motiv boards and servo hats room great for building remote-control vehicles und robots, speak bonnets let you roll your very own streaming music player, and you kann even gain a pair von small display screens that are made zu let you add man eyes to a costume.

And, if you want miscellaneous that"s a little less intense, but still lets you scratch that itch weil das DIY tech, there are plenty of kits that let freundin assemble and experiment, while ausblüten holding your hand as needed. There are fundamental kits zum getting began with ns Pi 4, i m sorry bundle die Pi 4 through accessories favor cables, a case and even a preloaded microSD card. Past versions von the Pi have so had gaming kits offered, favor a DIY retro console, complete with video game controllers, or a build-it-yourself arcade-style fightstick kit, zu help you get the ja wirklich retro gaming feel weist home. There aren"t numerous gaming kit out weil das the Pi 4 just yet, however that wollen likely change once gaming assistance improves weil das the newest member des the RasPi family.

Raspberry Pi 4 model B: Verdict

The Raspberry Pi principle has already proven chin a winner, through millions of the single-board computers sold und used in everything indigenous gaming to home automation und robots. But the latest release, die Raspberry Pi 4 model B, takes the already amazing Pi ide to neu heights, v processing stärke that lasst uns you use ns cheap wenig computer together a radikale desktop, und features prefer 4K videobilien output the were unthinkable only a year or 2 back.

The Pi 4 isn"t perfect. It runs hot und still has limitations that even ns most basic stick pc won"t be slowed by. Even some des the software that"s easily available zum other Pi system isn"t fully baked weil das the Pi 4, prefer RetroPie. All of this zu sein on top des the fact that die Raspberry Pi communication asks a gewächs of that is users, and it has actually a quite steep discovering curve. If user-friendly capability ist what you want, you may be far better served von something like ns Azulle Access3, i m sorry gives you a full fenstern PC weil das a couple hundred bucks.

But if you"ve ever wanted to make your very own smart spiegel (or weather station, or internet radio, or game arcade cabinet, or … you get die idea), there"s nothing the end there that matches ns Pi"s distinct mix von accessibility, supporting community, accessory ecosystem and outright affordability. Und the Raspberry Pi 4 it is intended all von that with better features und more power than the predecessors, all for the very same low price.

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The Raspberry Pi 4 Model b is die best computer out there for tinkering und creating, hand down.