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The Champagne Mile recently took Air new Zealand premium economy across die Tasman und back again. Keen to try it out? review on for bei in-depth review and discover how sie could fliegen this product yourself.

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Upgrading kommen sie Air neu Zealand Premium Economy durch OneUp

While ich was initially booked to paris economy, Air new Zealand emailed me with bei opportunity kommen sie bid weil das a payment upgrade kommen sie premium economy.

Air neu Zealand manages paid update requests with a system called OneUp which uses a elamiya.commercial back-end platform called Plusgrade. Die Plusgrade platform is used über a big number des airlines and allows you zu bid for in upgrade on many Air new Zealand international flights.

Basically, it works like this: ~ booking an Air new Zealand flight you receive bei email questioning if you"d like zu bid for in upgrade v cash. Freundin then log in into ns Air neu Zealand website und submit a price you"re willing zu pay, making use of either Airpoints Dollars or cash.

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I jumped at die opportunity, und with a low bid submitted zum both flights (just 10% over the minimum), i was successful both ways, setting me up for in enjoyable journey.

Air NZ premium economic situation flight 1: pre-departure

Air neu Zealand ist currently the only full-service carrier flying Adelaide zu Auckland, deswegen the pricing isn"t as sharp together Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane eastern seaboard courses into neu Zealand.

However, zum me, the saving grace ist the convenience – being only 15 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes to check-in, bag-drop and security, you"ll anfang to appreciate ns fact that ich left residence only 120 minutes before ns flight.


With a choice von lamb, chicken or salmon zum main, ich opted for the roasted salmon quinoa and chose roast chicken breast through pea and herb risotto weil das my four-year-old daughter, who was travelling through me.

I thoroughly delighted in my salmon und then ate die chicken together my daughter was already elamiya.complete having poached mine garlic bread. Ns chicken was safe und non-adventurous und every airline menu has to have one.

Finally, it was time zum dessert. My daughter was very impression with ns coconut pannacotta v tropical fruit und coriander – an adventurous however elamiya.comforting choice.

After lunch, die crew provided discrete yet attentive service and proactively offered ns premium economic situation cabin klein snacks und drinks.

Overall, the dienstleistungen on this wait NZ premium economy flight was excellent, time flew und I was able to arrive fresh und relaxed in Auckland v a happy daughter in tow.

Air NZ premium economic situation flight 2: Auckland airplane experience

As we"ve abovementioned here, Auckland Airport is the bee"s knees weil das a premium Air new Zealand pre-departure service. ~ a hauptsächlich spent visiting family in Auckland, we were ready zu enjoy this experience.

Air new Zealand has actually opted zum a funky und eye-catching entrance zu its private premium check-in area, with this leistungen available kommen sie both business Premier und premium economic climate passengers.

With advantageous staff zu assist, mine and my daughter"s bags to be checked in within minutes. Then, it was up an a private elevator directly through kommen sie fast-tracked priority screening via immigration NZ. Through a child, a streamlined dienstleistungen like this is a delight!

Inside premium economic situation (NZ191)

For die second flight, mine daughter and I were seated in 23A and B ~ above a 777-200, close to ns partition bei front. Weil das people travelling with kids or weil das the long-legged, this ist a jackpot seat. Ich was able to pick-up every pencil dropped, totally stretch my legs out und keep ns “entertainment” backpack within simple reach. The premium economic situation cabin was so near capacity.

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With this flight departing Auckland at 8.35 am, we were well looked after by an Air NZ premium economic climate crew, Tony and Lucy. The service elamiya.commenced with warm towels, followed von the breakfast service.

My daughter delighted in the croissants served, while i opted for the corn und spring onion fritters over the scrambled eggs. With a touch des salt, the fritters were an extremely satisfying und a great size. Die sour cream elamiya.combined kommen sie create a nice difference flavour.

Halfway through ns flight, a selection of morning tea snacks was offered, and proactive tea and coffee top-ups.

Sandwiches without ns crusts were available to the cabin approximately one hour prior to landing. These were gobbled trost eagerly by my daughter, who jetzt calls lock Air neu Zealand ‘sammies".

All too soon, the captain was announcing our descent, und it was time kommen sie say goodbye kommen sie our Air neu Zealand premium economy experience.

Which seat should sie choose in Air neu Zealand premium economy?

If freundin value her space, opt weil das the front row (23) versus the unternehmen Class partitions, but if you value openness, opt zum rows further rückseitig (24). Travelling together a pair, my daughter und I appreciated a home window seat both ways. However, larger families may prefer to be seated in the centre des the cabin.

None von the seats is overly near toilets and even row 23 at die front, closestly to ns galley is not too many busy. And, let"s face it, overall, seat an option on four-hour daytime trans-Tasman crossings zu sein not that essential – particularly when excellent service is involved.

Air neu Zealand in-flight enthauptungen system und WiFi

The overall quality von the inflight enthauptungen system ist high. It ist very touch-responsive. However, ns number des recent relax movies appeared limited.

My daughter deshalb noticed a gap in the children"s unterhalten – at 4 years old, over there were only 2 or 3 series des 30 the appealed. There was no Dora die Explorer, and very minimal Australian and New zealand sourced content. The catalogue mainly consisted of Pixar and animated movies.

Noticeably, the old-school seat control ausblüten exists, but there was never a need zu use the with die touch-screen system.

Unfortunately, neither trip had to be WiFi enabled. A shame!

The USB connectivity is provided at ns base des the spiel screens.

Air new Zealand: verdict

Overall, i found the Air NZ premium economy experience kommen sie be an extremely pleasant. Ns Air new Zealand crew provided dienstleistungen of in incredibly high standard und the only niggle i could identify was the safety video und you can"t fault ns crew zum that! die food was enjoyable, despite erred on the side von cautious. I would love to see some more adventurous produce und character kommen sie through bei the food.

And zum families, Air new Zealand premium economy kann sein be a cost-effective und less stressful option than paris children an Business class – particularly if you kann sein score a cheap flight durch Air NZ Grabaseat, followed by a paid upgrade über OneUp.

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The product bridges in important gap between economy and business class, und it"s a great option zum shorter international routes during ns day – after ~ all, do freundin really need a lie-flat bed zum a four-hour flight?

There are absolutely glitzier ways kommen sie cross die Tasman, consisting of on die same planen further forward, or even in Emirates zuerst class. But, punkt the ende of die day, for in enjoyable und fuss-free experience, ich prefer paris Air new Zealand over some des its larger elamiya.competitors.

What do freundin think of the Air neu Zealand premium economic climate experience? Let united state know bei the elamiya.comments!

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