Porsche panamera hybrid 2017

Advanced mischung powertrains, an especially from premium vehicle manufacturers, room breathtakingly complicated and relentlessly boring. These Rube Goldbergian contraptions madness every ounce des engineering finesse a manufacturer can muster, all bei order zu deliver extra oomph at ns pedal without a commensurate punish at the pump. Und they defy comprehensible description over drinks bei bars. Go ahead: try to explain zu your friends how your new Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid sport-sedan walk its thing. I dare you.

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2017 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid


Engine / Electic Motor: twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 / 14 kWh lithium ion 100 kW motorTransmission: eight-speed dual-clutch automaticHorsepower: 462 (Combustion Engine: 330 | electrical Motor: 136)0–60: 4.4 secondsBase MSRP: $99,600

Just bei case, here’s a rapid one-sentence primer: It’s a high-tech, high-power, fuel-saving science project based on the $800,000 Porsche 918 Spyder supercar’s powertrain. Zum a much more detailed explanation, lakers the sidebar below. (Best des luck.)

In Panamera form, that mischung supercar tech way smooth, very linear acceleration that, while not quite as perfectly straight as, say, a Tesla modell S all-electric sports sedan (and notfall remotely together simple), zu sein far an ext visceral und emotional. It’s a Porsche, after ~ all. Und the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, which wollen cost $99,600 wie man it zugriffszeiten showrooms this spring, zu sein engineered zu hit all ns marque’s most familiar notes.

Not only acoustically menacing at full throttle, it’s comfortable, v characteristically aromatic leather seat that are firm enough to handhaben sport driving however supple enough zum comfortable hauls cross-country. And it’s luxurious, v all the technological trimmings, including led headlights, soft-close doors, full connectivity, and a durable Bose sound system. You can spec rear-axle steering und safety attributes like lane-change assist, together well. (A longer-wheelbase Executive model is deshalb now available, starting punkt $104,000, with seat massagers und huge rear-seat spiel monitors, amongst other things.)

Extremely Boring Hybrid-Engine technological JargonThe Panamera mischung features a parallel plug-in hybride system, meaning you tun können charge that from a 120V residence outlet an 12 hours und drive up to 30 miles (as lang as you’re soft-pedaling die throttle) nur on die 14 kWh lithium ion 100 kW motor. Die motor is good for 295 lb-ft des torque through ns 8-speed dual-clutch, all-wheel-drive PDK transmission punkt up to 86 mph. Eventually, the twin-turbo, 330 speech V6 gasoline engine kicks an to bring ns total calculation up kommen sie 462h horsepower und 516 lb-ft des torque, which will let sie reach 60 mph an 4.6 seconds on die way to a top speed des 172 mph. Acceleration varies based upon which setting you’re in. E-Power zu sein purely electric. Hybrid auto offers seamless automatic optimization des electric/gasoline thrust. E-Hold conserves battery power. E-Charge makes die engine develop extra stärke to charge ns battery zum use later. Whether or notfall you’re spring to maximal out die MPG’s (which haven’t actually been exit yet), sie should suppose something in the vicinity von 50 mpg under normal use.

Now, here’s some news about hybride Ferraris.

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On several warm laps around die summer sun des Cape Town, southern Africa, the car showed itself kommen sie be just as spry, provided its hefty curb weight, as its non-electrified counterparts, und true to ns family name. Engine and motor responsiveness were immediate und indeed difficult to separate wie man they did your power-sharing dance. Die only niggling annoyance zu sein the brakes, i m sorry possess ns same altered feedback und pronounced off-throttle deceleration des regenerative brakes bei all hybrids und electric cars. It takes a few minutes to it is adapted to ns system, yet once freundin do it’s well — and “normal” cars suddenly start to it seems ~ like the annoying ones.

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The can be fried case zum the car zu sein complicated, but — that nets you overall “just” a few-tenths of a bump bei 0–60 time and a 10 mph boosted top end over ns non-hybrid. But the fuel economy zu sein there, an especially if your jeden tag life kann sein capitalize ~ above those all-electric miles. Or possibly you just appreciate die simple manifestations des highly facility engineering: power, silky-smooth acceleration, and a featherweight feel despite generally like the mountain specs. After ~ all, trickle-down technology from in $800,000 supercar ist nothing zu scoff at.