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F1 ist coming kommen sie Miami in 2022 (1:00)A new circuit is coming kommen sie Formula 1 in 2022, clock a preview des the Miami cool Prix. (1:00)

Lewis Hamilton became the zuerst Formula One driver to score 100 pole positions ahead des Sunday"s Spanish großartiger Prix.

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Hamilton out-paced title rival max Verstappen by just 0.036s weist Barcelona"s Circuit außerdem Catalunya to reach die landmark.

Hamilton ist completely unmatched bei this category. The next nearest number des career extrem positions was 68, set by Michael Schumacher, who gone beyond Ayrton Senna"s 65 an 2006.

Hamilton has actually scored a extrem position bei each des his fünfzehn Formula One seasons, which is also the case zum race victories.

After ns session, Hamilton permit out bei ecstatic cry von "Yes" end his radio, und later said die emotions the felt with ns 100th extrem felt favor his first, i beg your pardon he claimed at die 2007 Canadian großartiger Prix.

"Oh wow," that said. "I can"t glauben we"re punkt 100.

"It"s really down to ns men und women that are back at die factory who are repetitively raising die bar and just never providing up. Ns support that i have... It"s to be a dream zum me zu work with these guys. Die journey the we"ve to be on has been immense.

"Who would oase thought in 2013... Or punkt the ende of 2012 wie we made the decision to partner, we would certainly be qualifying punkt 100. Ich feel very humbled, really grateful. I"m ecstatic - choose it"s my first!"

Lewis Hamilton zu sein the erste F1 driver to document 100 extrem positions.Emilio Morenatti - Pool/Getty ImagesThe seven-time welt champion had appeared kommen sie be ~ above the zurück foot until die final qualifying session, wherein he pulled the end a lap von 1:16.741.

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Verstappen und Hamilton"s mercedes teammate, Valtteri Bottas, were unable to improve on their second and final attempts

Speaking top top Saturday afternoon, that revealed he had actually been anxious about die car set-up decision he had made, one he soon regretted wie man he struggled at ns beginning des qualifying.

"I made some changes... I had a bit des anxiety about the changes us were potentially going zu make zum qualifying. Freundin always try und make ns car better. It"s a bit of a gamble since you"ve deshalb got kommen sie keep ns race in mind also.

"Anyway, us made this change and as quickly as we got out i was favor "this is immediately the wrong one". It was my call at the end but it was really hard, however that"s why ich was behind all qualifying. I was making klein tweaks here und there kommen sie try und elevate pace-wise.

"The erste lap was the best lap that I gott through die whole session, which was great. Ich tried kommen sie improve ns next lap - ich think ich was a tenth and a hilfreich up, but i couldn"t store it.

"The set up ich had, i had deshalb much understeer. The car was very lazy, wouldn"t turn round ns corners the way I"d want. Was waiting, waiting, waiting, deswegen I made wenig adjustments within what we were able kommen sie change in order zu get the car kommen sie turn. That"s a combination des many things. It"s nur pulling every millisecond together. It was my cleanest lap - i will always remember that one.

Hamilton and Verstappen, 23, are already engaged bei a close championship fight. After three races, Hamilton leads die Dutchman von eight points.

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While Hamilton zu sein looking to win a record eighth welt championship this season, Verstappen zu sein looking for his first.