Peugeot 308 Puretech 130 Test

In fact, it was a kind of harbinger von the future. Notfall only because it was much more German than previous Peugeots, but deshalb because it brought a completely new entwurf to the meter setup. Instead des the classic, the is, sensors that the driver looks through ns steering wheel, she lugged sensors that the driver looks through ns steering wheel. Sure: back then, lock were still mostly analog, just with a smaller LCD screen in between.

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This Peugeot concept has progressed over the years und its new generation, which can be found in the 3008 und 5008 crossovers, has totally digital gauges, making it exactly what Peugeot envisioned from ns start. Well, ns 308 should (because the entwurf of its electronic "vascular" device is not contemporary enough zu support fully digital meters) be content with bei older semi-analogue ausführung even after ~ refurbishment.


However, everything else zu sein very modern. Die shape von the cabin stayed basically the same as before ns renovation, yet some details ausblüten show that the developers schutz tried kommen sie refine the car a little more. But in fact, this zu sein even an ext evident in the infotainment system. The neu generation obtained a number of new features that put ns 308 on par v its competitors. Smartphone connection works good even through apfel CarPlay, which easily replaces die classic navigation device. This one sit at the 308 TomTom, which means it"s notfall quite a piece von perfection. Von course, Peugeot insists on controlling almost every functions via a main touchscreen, und it is clear that this zu sein the future of the automotive sector that Peugeot has currently embraced.

Slightly less modern, but blieb desirable for day-to-day use, ns six-speed automatically in in extended three-octave test. This ist a real automatic (signed von Aisin), however it zu sein a generation larger than ns eight-speed (from die same manufacturer), which is bei the best motorized 308. Linked with a 130-horsepower turbocharged gasoline engine with PureTech labeling Well, after the zuerst impressions, and what an ext about ns drivetrain bei the adhering to entries, wie man we test the "our" 308 extensively an urban crowds and at viel higher speeds - which, besides ns drivetrain, of course so applies to other components from the car.


In conclusion, let"s say this: despite die once dreadful (in terms von consumption) combination von a petrol engine and in automatic machine, this 308 on the zuerst roads rotate out to be notfall only how amazing lively, but also pleasantly economically - and, of course, comfortable. Und this is still true: the French interpretation des the golf is just "different", that it is something special, but blieb homey.

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Basic dataBase modell price:Test modell cost:
Costs (per year)Technical informationengine:Energy transfer:Capacity:Mase:External dimensions:
3-cylinder - 4-stroke - in-line - petrol turbocharged - 1.199 cc displacement - 3 kW (96 hp) maximum stärke at 130 rpm - 5.500 Nm preferably torque weist 230 rpm.
the engine ist driven von the front wheel - 6-speed automatically transmission.
oberteil speed 200 km / h - Acceleration 0-100 km / h 9,8 secs - Average linked fuel consumption (ECE) 5,2 l / 100 km, öffentlich 2 emissions 119 g / km.
empty automobile 1.150 kg - permissible gross weight 1.770 kg.

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size 4.253 mm - broad 1.804 mm - elevation 1.457 mm - wheelbase 2.620 mm - stems 470-1.309 53 l - fuel tank XNUMX l.