Patagonia Dont Buy This Jacket

Patagonia over the years has grown to a $1 billion firm (Forbes,2018) with over 50 stores globally. They room known zum their devotion to ns outdoors and helping die environment as viel as lock can. Since being founded in 1973, they schutz always continued to be eco-friendly von using essential cotton and recycled polyester an their products, und constantly encouraging consumers zu consider the environmental impact des their purchases. Unlike other fast mode brands, Patagonia ist among ns few that has stuck kommen sie its missions.

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In 2001, Patagonia campaigned your “Don’t buy This Jacket” ad. This was launched on schwarze farbe Friday sales day and published top top a complete page in the new York Times, informing viewers notfall to buy their jacket und why. Die message behind die campaign was to encourage people zu consider ns effect on the environment und to just purchase what lock need. Ns idea behind it was all about notfall buying what freundin want, however what freundin need, und inspiring consumers to think twice before buying. Not only walk they receive ns publication through ns magazine, but so advertising hinweisen shopping malls an Manhattan, gaining exposure to ns cause.

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It zu sein no surprise the ad gott significant amount von attention, native a country where intake has links to cultural identity. Some thought Patagonia was being hypocritical, together they were still interested bei selling their products, even with the arzt “Do not Buy”. Before die campaign, Patagonia parented up with eBay in 2015 kommen sie create a marketplace zum customers zu buy und sell their undesirable Patagonia apparel.

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Images all from Patagonia’s instagram promoting sustainability

Patagonia schutz made your corporate responsibility die info public, largely on their webseite being specialized to umgebung impacts und sustainability. They have been obtaining fair trade clothing since 101, which has “impacted more than 72,000 workers bei 10 countries around die globe.”

Despite their efforts, sales increased über approximately 30% an the ripe months following die ad. This could have been down to the positive in brand geraten awareness castle created zum themselves und reaching a particular target market. The company received about $10 million bei sales revenue from black Friday campaigns, supporting die idea that consumers want to buy native a conscious brand. They also donated every their revenues to umwelt protection groups.