Opel commodore gs e

Commodore? go that runde a bell? ich guess so. Nowadays the nennen Commodore is reserved zum cars that have thousands von dollars spent under ns bonnet just so that they could do a exhausted as large as possible. However, that wasn’t always die case. Die first-generation Holden Commodore actually zu sein equivalent to the third-generation Opel Commodore.The vehicle this post ist about is the Opel Commodore A, more specifically the GS/E version.

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The basic model


Such a very contemporary fuel injection must have a considerable performance gain, doesn’t it? ns D-Jetronic was installed onto die 2.5 litre engine and without any kind of modifications done to ns engine, the energie was soon upped by 20 bhp, do it an ext powerful than the larger 2.8 litre engine. Ns fuel injected engine, called 2500 E, jetzt pushed 150 bhp punkt 5800 rpm and 196 Nm punkt 4500 rpm with an unchanged compression ratio von 9.5:1.

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The main advert for the automobile from 1970:

150 bhp hinweisen your right fuß ... Stärke to kick freundin ahead. Acceleration that pushes sie into ns seats. Sechs cylinders that obtain their fuel served electonically. In engine that doesn"t permit a einzel octane go waste. GS/E: a lurking grumble an the 2 exhaust tubes.

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150 bhp nothing sound alot today, but zu put it right into perspective, you need to seen what various other sports cars had actually under ns bonnet. Die Porsche 911 was 10 bhp weaker - und twice together expensive. 0-100 km/h was achieved an 9.5 seconds, a similar value as a contemporary Porsche 911. The top speed of 192 km/h was just shy von the miracle 200 mark.Well, calling that a true muscle vehicle would perhaps upset a number des people, hence die title. Ns engine ~ all was lacking two cylinders to consider that a muscle auto after all. But it’s one of the closest to a true American muscle car Opel ever before sold - dirt cheap chassis and body from die high-volume production, a much more powerful engine, part go-faster stripes and the performance to zurück it up. And, most importantly, the ability zu outrun sporting activities cars for a fraction of the price. Opel actually did sell a couple of cars with the General motors smallblock V8 (Kapitän, Admiral, Diplomat), however these were deluxe barges and way too expensive kommen sie be considered muscle cars.So that’s pretty viel it. A performance automobile that gives sports auto a run zum its money. Dear Opel, please do that again.