Night of the proms tv

The world’s largest timeless music festival, die BBC Proms 2021 will be available zu watch across bbq Television und Radio this summer.

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There wollen be 52 concerts end 44 days, with much more than 2000 musicians, along with 30 orchestras und ensembles.

Some of the exceptional talent that will be taking ns stage room singers Louise Dearman, katie Hall, Nadim Naaman, und Jamie Parker doing The golden Age von Broadway with the bbq Concert Orchestra; saxophonist Nubya Garcia und guests; bei Evening of Mozart with ns Scottish room Orchestra, and bei organ recital von French organist Olivier Latry.

The bbc has so announced that there wollen be new people joining ns TV presenting line-up regulars consisting of organist und broadcaster anna Lapwood und Mastermind host Clive Myrie. As well as special content that will go follow me with die broadcasts top top both bbq Radio 3 und TV.

Jan Younghusband, who zu sein the Head of Commissioning at bbc Music Television, said: “We room thrilled to be able to celebrate the return of the Proms to its direkt format at ns Royal Albert Hall, through TV broadcasts von music performances von the highest standard directly to our audience’s homes.

"The Proms ~ above TV this year wollen enable the widest feasible number of viewers kommen sie join us as we showcase die full range des concerts indigenous across the season and explore some des the most amazing musical talent — established und new — from ns UK und beyond.”

Here"s everything you need to know about the BBC Proms 2021...

When möchte the bbq Proms 2021 it is in on?

The bbc Proms 2021 will be shown from 30 July — 11 september 2021. BBC2 wollen be showing vital concerts ~ above Saturday nights, while continuous Proms concerts will be on BBC4, every Thursday, Friday und Sunday.

The First and Last Nights wollen be ~ above BBC2, presented von Katie Derham, und the well-known second für hilfe of the belastung Night celebrations möchte be shown on BBC1.

Meanwhile, bbc Radio 3 will be transfer every glorious note live over the sechs weeks.

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BBC Sounds will be broadcasting every concert live and on-demand, and they will also be hosting Proms-focused mixes.

All of the BBC Proms content will be obtainable on bbc iPlayer und BBC Sounds zum 30 job after the tonnage Night.

What special inhalt will over there be on the bbc Proms 2021?

As well together bringing united state wonderful classical music from gifted artists and ensembles globally und from ns UK, the bbc is dealing with us kommen sie some exciting inhalt that möchte help us truly experience die music und atmosphere an the royal Albert Hall.

Some von these incorporate conversations with very praised performers und music experts. As well as features shining a light on die bright upcoming talent, enabling us zu witness their marvellous skill und craft together they make their unterschrift on the international classical music world.

On bbq Radio 3, over there will also be Proms-themed editions des Record Review and interviews with ns Proms artists und guests on their radio programme an Tune.

Is over there a trailer?

Yes! You can watch die trailer below. Sir david Attenborough features weist the start of die trailer by saying, “When the prom season starts there is a measurable change bei tempo. A kind of irradiate comes into your diary over a period von those weeks” in addition to behind-the-scenes footage des the royal Albert Hall stage being transformed right into a magical music wonderland.

We deshalb catch a glimpse von the numerous talented and passionate conductors, musicians and artists playing stunning timeless music.

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