Mondial hps 300i abs

FB Mondial built legendary racing bikes a lang time ago.

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A descendant of the Italian co-founder wants kommen sie revive die traditional brand with smart retro replicas indigenous China. It can work.


The zuerst impression: short sports bench and round headlights from Café Racer; large handlebar; Stollen tires and stub tailpipes choose a scrambler - the successful layout mix pleases die eye.

That says ns manufacturer: FB Mondial is as a manufacturer unknown to most people. however those who dig in the motorcycle gyeongju history des the forties und fifties von the tonnage century inevitably encounter ns company. die Italian motorcycle brand, named after ns four starting brothers "Fratelli" Boselli, abbreviation FB, winner world-class series weil das twenty years. Unfortunately, the success story did not tonnage forever. an 1979, the belastung vehicle was built in Bologna, FB Mondial was dead.

in 2014, Cesare Galli and Pier Luigi Boselli, ns latter a descendant of the 4 founders, revived the brand FB Mondial, first with three 125 cc models. They marketed passable. jetzt the zuerst motorcycle v 250 cc on die market, the HPS 300i ABS. "Of course, the zuerst Mondial in the 300cc klasse had kommen sie be a intuitive tribute to the legendary racing era," says christen Ludwig, ns German spokesman zum FB Mondial. "But at the same time, we wanted to build a modern und attractive little scrambler."

We i found it that: ns seat sample. and positive: ns ergonomics on the short individual bench fits, die knee closure zu sein on die small, but well-proportioned motorcycle ideal for tall drivers. getting used to ist only the double stub of the exhaust, which ist the right boot something an the way.

the engine built in China awakens v a deep, hoarse cough. FB Mondial has actually packed ns single-cylinder with four valves, which renders 23.1 hp at 8500 rpm, sent under the narrow waist in the an extremely handsome all at once picture. The details are also perfect for the stem, i beg your pardon is an the driver"s field of vision: a vast handlebar with cleverly docked handlebar ende mirrors synchronizes well with the classic looking but digital round instrument.

Even wie driving makes ns HPS 300i ABS a gewächs of joy. Even at low speeds from 2500 rpm, ns unit bubbles surprisingly fast und pushes the small Flitzpiepe vigorously.

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deshalb it continues linearly without rate hole, hoch to die range end 7000 revolutions. From ns imaginary rubber wall, whose resistance hinweisen 23 hp kann actually be expected, hardly anything is felt.

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Mondial HPS 300i ABS: retro racer from china

When ns 135 kilograms role briskly, the motorcycle rides on die coarse tire profile very good-natured, sprint und manoeuvrable. ns fork und damper on the rear wheel react well and iron out hard strokes und long tide confidently. Sure: on ns road on die road, ns driver"s imagination also enough for a little more power. however keeping ns engine fine under steam with the precise six-speed gearbox, ns Mondial is agile und lively up to its oberteil speed des around 125 kilometers.

The basic technical equipment is so right: ns Euro4 standard has been mandatory for an ABS system since 2018; the responds to ns HPS 300i ABS ~ above both ns front und rear carefully dosed. ns two brake discs decelerate tightly and convey not only subjectively safety.

zum two civilization it gets pretty chop on ns HPS 300i ABS: Although the motorcycle will be yielded with footpegs weil das the pillion seat, an practice nobody wollen want zu stop lang on the short ende triangle. the Mondial zu sein clearly a solo vehicle, in the zoll of a true café racer. at least she zu sein very economical; on the test drive the consumption was three liters per hundred kilometers.

You have to recognize that: die HPS 300i ABS zu sein currently being supplied by the German importer MSA Weiden only bei the shade black. die tank ist very complex partly shiny und partly painted matt. in any case, ns processing weil das a auto made largely von Chinese production ist surprisingly convincing. This deshalb applies to the price: only 4095 euros.

We will notfall forget that: optically they have done virtually everything best with FB Mondial. Nearly. Because bei the traditional kit des motorcycle designers there are design elements that, wie they kommen sie into fashion, are as contagious as a flu in winter. This right now includes the number plate, including die tail light, i m sorry are notfall over-placed von means des strange boom und struts, yet behind die rear wheel.

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This happens zum no obvious technical reason, and the HPS 300i has actually been spoiled von this current rampant hauptes aberration. Terrible, gain away through it!

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Manufacturer: Type: Body: Engine: Transmission: displacement: Power: torque: top speed .: Mass: Price:
FB Mondial
HPS 300i ABS
cylinder engine
Six-speed infection
250 cc
23 hp (17 kW)
22 Nm
130 km / h
135 kg
1,095 EUR