Whether you interested in creating a fun tutorial weil das people zu try hinweisen home, direkt streaming your favorite games, or also sharing your finest jokes v a live audience, yes a gewächs to liebe about creating inhalt on YouTube.

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When freundin want kommen sie directly communicate with her audience in real-time, you tun können always set hoch a livestream, and the open Broadcaster software (OBS) tool is usually the best way zu make the happen.

Get your youtube stream key

Step 1: produce a youtube account if freundin haven’t already.

Step 2: you can’t participate in YouTube live streaming until sie verify die account with a attached mobile number. Head to die verification page, log bei to your account, und follow the on-screen instructions.


Step 3: when verified, it’s time to head to YouTube Studio. Select ns Camera symbol on ns top right-hand side of the taste YouTube page and then pick Go Live.


Step 4: Now select Schedule Stream, and check kommen sie make sure that all die settings room correct und that die video zu sein properly titled und described (this zu sein great weil das video SEO und important if freundin want preferably visibility). Die video should always be set kommen sie Public.

Step 5: when ready, pick Create Stream.


Step 6: v your currently created, a control panel wollen provide a preview window and tabs zum stream settings, analytics, und stream health.

The Stream Settings tab is open by default. Look directly under ns label to find ns stream key sie need zum OBS. Click Copy kommen sie send the long string von characters to ns clipboard. Sie can deshalb click die Show stream Key eyeball taste to expose die string zum 10 seconds und enter lock manually an OBS.

Whatever sie do, keep this number secret. Freundin don’t want anyone else to oase it because they could stream on her account without her permission.

Link OBS to YouTube

Step 1: Download OBS from ns official website and install it as you would any kind of other program. Operation it as in administrator, and head into the Settings panel making use of the relevant button located bei the bottom best corner.


Step 2: On ns following pop-up screen, use die Video und Output tabs zu select your chosen framework rates, resolution, and bit price — they manage your audio quality. To lakers the ideal settings zum YouTube, inspect out Google’s belang support page.

Step 3: go to the Stream tab using die left-hand menu and select YouTube -RTMPS from the Service drop-down menu.

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Step 4: bei the Stream key field, type or paste your youtube stream key. That links OBS through YouTube so the software program streams straight to your channel.

Step 5: Click Audio on die left-hand menu. Every audio machine on that seite represents one potential audio source bei your livestream. If you want viewers kommen sie hear in-game or desktop computer audio, collection one von the Desktop Audio settings to your system’s audio output. If freundin want your viewers to hear you, pick your microphone from ns drop-down next kommen sie Mic/Auxiliary Audio.


Step 6: Exit ns settings panel über clicking Apply OK.

Step 7: bei the hauptsächlich window, click die Plus icon under the Sources heading toward die bottom. If sie want zu stream game footage, click Game Capture listed on die pop-up menu.


You have a couple of different options weil das capturing your footage. You tun können capture any full-screen application, a specific window, or a foreground window. Freundin can also allow transparency, catch third-party overlays, und more. Click OK to complete.

Want kommen sie add your headshot using in external camera? Click ns Plus icon under Sources again, but this time, pick Video capture Device. choose your camera from the list des options under die Device drop-down und decide ~ above its quality and FPS. Wie finished, click OK.

Start streaming

With all of the above settings bei place and your youtube channel configured zu accept your stream, there’s only one thing to do: anfang live streaming! If freundin want to start right away, click the Start Streaming button located in the bottom ideal corner.


Now the time to start streaming. To begin, click die Go Live button in the oberteil left corner von your youtube dashboard. Once ns OBS establishes die connection zu YouTube, the broadcast möchte be visible bei the preview pane. Keep in mind that there ist a 20-second delay between your live stream und the public buchseite where your viewers space watching.

Once you say goodbye kommen sie your viewers, you’ll need to ende your broadcast. You kann sein do this von selecting Stop Streaming in OBS. Climate click End Stream ~ above your youtube dashboard.

Stream issues

You could encounter concerns with her YouTube direkte stream due zu problems with computer or internet performance. OBS allows you to offen a log zu find a solution zu your problems. You can find this log von clicking Help, then selecting Log Files from die drop-down menu. Then, from the following menu, select either Upload present Log File or Upload last Log File. You’ll lakers a neu window giving you a URL weil das the uploaded log in file. Do sure to copy die URL kommen sie your clipboard prior to clicking OK zu finish.

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Your log document becomes a resource employed von the OBS log in Analyzer to execute diagnostics on any kind of issues freundin might be suffering with your stream that need resolving. Open the analyzer and paste the URL right into the text field. You kann click on the Log Analyzer’s Analyze button to acquire a detailed analysis von your streaming task along with suggestions ~ above how zu resolve performance problems. Zum example, her stream might be low-quality due zu your game’s FPS. Alternatively, your computer resolution may be set auch high, which would overload ns GPU.

Here zu sein a list von tools und services that wollen help freundin maintain sharp visuals on your stream: