Mit lucas im babyglück

Daniela Katzenberger zu sein the most widely energetic Germany TV-blonde.

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Bei numerous interviews, facebook post, und TV mirrors it lasst uns people share their life. Because 20 august 2015, and significant various other Lucas Cordalis are the proud parents of wenig Sophia. All die latest news about Daniela Katzenberger find out on this page.

All nachrichten about Daniela Katzenberger

+++ Katzenbergers daughter Sophia celebrates selfie premiere (September 30, 2015) ++ +

Because not only die-hard fans of daniel Katzenberger go to ns heart: Scarce geholfen months after the birth of her daughter posted the TV blonde now on facebook the zuerst official Selfie des himself and the little Sophia. . In a snuggly ceiling gemummelt ns sweet infant clings zu mums proud mother breast

Sophia’s birth might television viewers top top Tuesday evening bei the documentary “Daniela Katzenberger – through Lucas in Babyglück” track. Weil das the mission, die 28-year-old and her kollege Lucas Cordalis were accompanied by a camera crew into the delivery room.

Alleged photos von the wenig Sophia made shortly after herstellung birth on august 20, ~ above the internet the round. One of them showed a wenig arms, which bore a nennen ribbon with die inscription “Cordalis” on your wrist. However, Katzenberger little later reported personally via facebook to speak und made that clear the they to be fakes die pictures. When jetzt published Sophia-Selfie that’s no reason zu fear kommen sie happiness.

+++ klein Sophias birth kann be watched on TV (September 29, 2015) +++

This augenblicke heard the mother und child. Snuggled at mutter Daniela zu sein because the klein Sophia, blinking into die light. These images really go to the heart. A few minute ago the little daughter of Daniela Katzenberger came über Caesarean section – nearby captured by the tv cameras von RTL2. Although the birth was already the end of august on the stage, but fans of the documentary “Daniela Katzenberger – through Lucas bei Babyglück” tun können on Tuesday evening (29th september from 21.15 clock) look at at ns pathetic minutes on television

Before the birth the cat had to brave clench your this – deswegen a Caesarean section ist finally no child’s play. And its ready either. The known musically savvy family members Cordalis tries to shorten the wait until ns meeting v voice und guitar des the TV-blonde.

Even in the operating theater, Daniela can still quickly paint their fingernails pink und then keeps especially quietly, when a team of doctors Sophia helps ns world. Friend Lucas sits meanwhile beside her head and caressing produziert face. Daniela und Lucas in Babyglück -. However really

Daniela Katzenberger is bravely helps ns cesarean friend of Lucas Cordalis. (Source: RTL2)

+++ Daniela Katzenberger renders high heels Yoga (27 september 2015) + ++

to train after die birth von daughter Sophia pelvic floor muscles und body tension, Daniela Katzenberger spares no effort. So they now also practiced yoga – an a specifically daring and strenuous variant: She renders “High Heels Yoga”. This picture posted on facebook Daniela, earning viel praise from their fans. “Respect. Und I pucker barefoot stand around,” writes one user. An additional writes: “So gallant does notfall look any.” ns pink stairs, which tun können be seen an the background, cause great enthusiasm.

+++ Mama iris turns out zu be “law Monster” (September 26, 2015) +++

since a few weeks Daniela Katzenberger’s mother and has notfall only to produziert daughter Sophia care, yet gets wind of herstellung own mommy Iris. Die mixes space already bei a fundamental things, choose Daniela Katzenberger revealed in in interview with “Bunte”: “My mother is here, very, very, very dominant through regard to education und baby care.”

the parents of herstellung boyfriend Luke are fairly cautious an this respect. “My mother ist there such a regulation monsters,” says Daniela. And Lukas Cordalis adds: “She to know everything and knows whatever better.” her advice do not just happen. You schutz finally raised currently even children, mother iris would reply. Yet some advice zu go die blonde simply auch far: “So lubricate penaten under shoulders ich do notfall know if that’s educational too valuable!”

+++ deswegen the cat reaction to the Cot -Shitstorm (24 september 2015) +++

~ submitting a cot picture rained under on Wednesday harsh criticism weil das the neu mom Daniela Katzenberger. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild” die cat is now responding to die allegations. She says: “I bei der grateful zum the numerous comments on the cot, it reflects me the a lot of people worry about die welfare von my wenig cute daughter Sophia..”

in addition, they tried zu calm their excited fans: “Of course I in aware von the dangers that posture a blanket und stuffed animal zum a small baby, mindful of, however I kann assure sie that this will certainly never ever be left unattended sleeping an her bed. “

+++ Shitstorm after ~ Bettchenbild v stuffed animal (23 september 2015) +++

Some civilization really do not help. Yesterday Daniela Katzenberger had proudly posted a photo von a cute cot ~ above Facebook und wrote this: “Here sleeps the wenig princess when she zu sein at Grandma’s.”

What lock do not determine one expected: because a blanket and a pillow lying in the bed and in a edge on top des that a stuffed pet sitting, ns TV blonde jetzt blowing against an icy Shitstorm. Ns FB-users complain because sie should placed such a small baby bitteschön only with sleeping bag zu bed. Snooze utensils such as pillow, blanket und animals can provoke ns risk of sudden infant fatality syndrome.

und also, that the new mom produziert tiny daughter can apparently currently somewhere kommen sie sleep than weist home, met many motivated Mamas the auf facebook community mad weist “child belongs at ns beginning of the bedroom and in bed no blankets, stuffed pets ect. Danger of suffocation “,” beautiful with nest, sky, blanket und pillow. # würg! ” or “Does the sleep of in age gone? Unbelievable !!!” are nur a few von the nasty comments.

At the same time, however, twice as countless users Daniela Katzenberger jump aside, condemning die moans von “About Mutti” and Daniela and her boyfriend lukas Cordalis guarantee them together parents would already make the right decisions zum their daughter.

+++ dafür sleeping daughter Sophia at Grandma iris (22 september 2015) +++

zum Daniela Katzenberger is the most essential thing an the welt that herstellung newborn daughter Sophia an excellent goes. This includes notfall only all die mommies love, but deshalb a pretty children’s room with a comfortable bed. As die TV-blonde already betrayed their fans, Sophias nursery ist decorated entirely in pink und pink – the declared favorite color produziert mother

in Katzenbergers mother iris Klein, however, zu sein dominated von a different color.. When she is at her grandmother zu visit in Ludwigshafen, Sophia sleeping in a fully green room. But des course, must notfall be omitted totally Mamas favorite color here, which ist why, after ~ all, ns crib zu sein decorated bei soft pastel pink. ~ above her auf facebook page Katzenberger now posted a photograph that give a zuerst impression of Sophias roost at Grandma Iris. About the gemälde the 28-year-old composed simply: “Here sleeps the wenig princess when she is at Grandma’s.”

+++ Daniela just plays second fiddle Lucas (September 22, 2015) +++

Yes, as a infant has aftermath – also for die parents’ relationship. This experience renders newly-Mama Daniela Katzenberger. Because Lucas Cordalis cared for the wenig Sophia dafür much the she only plays second fiddle, “Lucas takes care 23 hrs a day über our daughter and has just one hour zum me,” complains the 28-year-old bei the tagebuch “Closer “.

” I’m totally moved to the second place, “said Katz. “Before pregnancy i was die sexy girlfriend of Lucas – now I’m kind of a ‘milk bar’, i m sorry lies next to him in bed.” zum the baby now gets all die attention: “He spoiled Sophia too much He’s a father figure..” Well, jetzt she complains – later, she’s more than likely glad wie Lucas decreases their arbeit with the little ones …

+++ Daniela Katzenberger battling baby pounds (21 september 2015) +++

the fight versus superfluous infant pounds started: throughout pregnancy, TV star Daniela Katzenberger has actually increased approximately 20 kilos über his own admission. In the zuerst days after the birth of daughter Sophia was eight of them currently going on – now even ns rest has actually gone. “My specialty is diet: breastfeeding, breast feeding, breastfeeding,” ns 28-year-old explained not lang ago in a conversation v “Bunte”. However, the does notfall seem this way kommen sie go in der nähe des enough.

Therefore, the it-girl now entered the hall to ns gym in order zu get zurück there earlier Traumfigur through sport. Top top her auf facebook profile Katzenberger post a photograph that shows in black workout garments on die treadmill. In addition, she wrote confidently: “The fight against fat has begun”

+++ Daniela Katzenberger shows off herstellung post-baby belly (September 17, 2015) +++

. 4 weeks ago, Daniela Katzenberger has been mother. To celebrate the occasion die blonde posted a photograph on i m sorry they presented to ns public your post-baby belly. Zum to which castle seem zu be an extremely proud, also if the extra pounds are notfall completely melted. “But progressively it gets,” she is safe.

+++ Katzenberger returns kommen sie pre-baby look back (14 september 2015) +++

as a committed mom Daniela Katzenberger treatment throughout die day to her little daughter Sophia. Breastfeeding, nappy changing, sing lullaby – due to the fact that taking care of your illustration remains schon fast on die track. Most recently, she told the tagebuch “Closer” that they now pretty viel done von many Mummy that look und had zu fight notfall only through pregnancy pounds, but deshalb with dark circles. Jetzt the 28-year-old did notfall begrudge a small optical refresh and settled hinweisen Hairstyle blonde mane herrichten again as she said her fan via auf facebook photo.

On the Selfie be Katzenberger presented notfall only v freshly dyed hairline und properly seated Extensions, but also with a gesund dose of makeup on her face. A neu look, the has, however, notfall to be missed. On the contrary, jetzt it aussehen exactly the same again from, together we understand from before herstellung pregnancy

+++ family members Katzenberger walk on holiday an Strasbourg (11 september 2015) +++

erste vacation bei threes: great three weeks after the birth of produziert little Sophia Daniela Katzenberger and her partner Lucas Cordalis gain a wenig time out and travel together zu France. They invest their time bei the beautiful Strasbourg in Alsace. Via auf facebook Post sent ns blonde her fan love a holiday greeting photograph together. It zu sein to lakers how she pushes Sophia’s stroller ~ above a clear day along ns promenade von the old town.

If ns three eventually overcome homesickness, ns way zu sein not far to go home. After ~ Sophia’s birth Katzenberger relocated to her Lucas in the schwarze farbe Forest. From over there it is about bei hour drive kommen sie Strasbourg.

+++ v Breastfeeding zurück to the old dream figure (11 september 2015) +++

20 Kilo has actually Daniela Katzenberger during gained throughout pregnancy – which have to now, von course, zurück down. Back she has already lost an the zuerst days des eight kilograms, it has ns 28-year-old in a hurry kommen sie retrieve their old figure: “With such in after-Infant it normally sits under a lot of pressure,” she admits in in interview v “Bunte ” on. “But I am someone that then also very easily will rechts into old clothes.”

in idea how she wants zu do that, Katzenberger has already: “My unique diet is: breastfeeding, chest feeding, Breastfeeding. It spend a last of calories and is extremely healthy for the child. Ich hope then knock turn off the tonnage twelve kilos.

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” If that then but should notfall go as schon fast as hoped, that’s weil das the TV star but notfall a disaster: “I do not deserve so by my number money ich could constantly look the way ich want..”

+++ dafür Katzenberger speak against her mother (04 september 2015) +++

After die birth of herstellung daughter Sophia New mutter Daniela Katzenberger had initially been looking at herstellung mother in Ludwigshafen shelter. Now, punkt home in your very own home in the schwarz Forest, the draws power over your begetter ago: “. Right here we room Monster-in-Law komm schon My mother was my definitely too close,” she said according to dpa

Something appears disrespectful. Produziert statement currently on. Finally, die 28-year-old had said a few days after birth compared with “Closer” the breastfeeding “not easy” and that she originally wanted to live with her mother after produziert hospitalization, therefore.

+++ Katzenbergers daughter should notfall be like mother (03 september 2015) +++

an the erste baby-interview after the birth of produziert daughter Sophia Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis report on fears and anxieties. Zum example, the the klein might opt ​​for a similar career course as herstellung mother.

die TV star would like to avoid that produziert daughter danach goes into show unternehmen as the “In” tagebuch reveals. “I would uncover that not deshalb good,” claims the new mom und adds: “. I think it would certainly be yet not deswegen good if you tun können be through 18 making die breasts or hair dyed”

in itself this behavior was bei act von defiance, defines Katz. When her own daughter everything wollen be different: “I hope that I deshalb loose und cool educate that they do not do that, kommen sie annoy me, just as ich did v my mom i was almost banned everything. Which just goes -. Makeup, Styling, disco ich did the anyway “

+++ Daniela Katzenberger mirrors its after-Infant (02 september 2015) +++

On august 20, TV-blonde Daniela Katzenberger has brought herstellung daughter Sophia was born. Now, practically two weeks later, she presents herself again nearly as slim as prior to pregnancy with a bild on Facebook. “I’m singing bei the rain,” ns 28-year-old kommen sie the bild on which the is an a good mood to seen with in umbrella.

During produziert pregnancy had actually Katzenberger think made around whether your extra pounds then zu sein off again. The current picture shows, however, that her worries to be unfounded.

+++ bildern from Katzenbergers baby were forged (31 august 2015) +++

around a fake instagram account oase published fake photos of their child daughter Sophia through Daniela Katzenberger’s nennen unknown. The socialite blonde finds not amused und makes self aware von the scams

on its facebook page Katzenberger created on Monday:.. “On instagram photos are jetzt surfaced that should nur my daughter allegedly i myself am not top top Instagram, ns profile under my name’s a fake. ” of course, showed die pictures that were seen bei the digital photograph printing service, not even her daughter.

+++ Katzenberger and Baby Sophia “Home punkt last” (August 31, 2015) +++

mama Daniela Katzenberger gives us additional with infant Announcements. Jetzt the 28-year-old has a foto posted on facebook to tell their fans that she and her daughter Sophia are “finally home” arrived.

At the homonymous heat posted the TV-blonde image of a welcome sign in the form of a stork bei front of herstellung house. It says the name of her daughter and also their date von birth, august 20

+++ Katzenbergers offered baby images -. Fans angry (28 august 2015) +++

She’s nur Mama turned and let ns entire world on die social networks zu share bei their happiness. But now Daniela Katzenberger has actually announced on facebook that she has sold the zuerst baby photos of produziert daughter to the zeitschrift “In”. Ns encounters through some von her fan not zu requited love.

“bad together people zum money to sell their whole lives und those of their children auch … Dislike”, a user writes on Facebook. One more user speaks against it from that one “so gift newborn infant into die limelight und marketed deshalb that ns cash ist right” one.

Fortunately, notfall make die angry voices, ns majority des topics. Otherwise, bei the about 1,200 write-ups especially ns appearance of always jauntily spruced Daniela Katzenberger und her lover Lucas Cordalis debated.

+++ Daniela Katzenberger missed the baby trampling bei the abdomen (28 august 2015) +++

cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger should again only provided to ns “aloneness” in his own body after the birth of produziert daughter Sophia. “I miss the kicking in my stomach. I grab punkt him, und he feels like a cleared-kangaroo bag,” said the 28-year-old magazine “Closer”.

Sophia had actually seen the light of day bei a clinic Wormser belastung Thursday. Katzenberger desires to direkt with a freundin Lucas Cordalis und the child bei the schwarze farbe Forest, slips because von the neu circumstances at first but with herstellung mother an Ludwigshafen under. “As a new mom, I bei der in numerous ways blieb very uncertain. Also, breastfeeding zu sein not easy,” she said. A 2nd child she might well imagine.

+++ die kitten may finally home (26 august 2015) +++

The new mom Daniela Katzenberger lets her fans really participate in every step des the mother existence. 5 days after ~ delivery, ns TV-blonde with produziert daughter could now leave die hospital. “Discharge day with baby Sophia,” wrote the 28-year-old top top Facebook.

weil das this purpose, they post a bild with produziert boyfriend Lucas Cordalis that it shows wie man you leave die hospital room. Only the wenig Sophia zu sein not visible an the photo. Ever before there was notfall yet a picture von the Katzenberger-junior: just the wenig hands von the infant showed the proud mom currently

deswegen there limits for Katzenbergers unveiling delusion.. However, personally from ns face des the baby, ns TV stern shared virtually everything with die public. Die camera team RTL2 their documentary “Daniela Katzenberger – v Lucas bei Babyglück” allowed weil das cesarean with die hospital

+++ the baby ist here.! Katzenberger has end up being a mom (20 august 2015) +++ become

the sweetest “cat” an German TV’s Mama: Daniela Katzenberger (28) has on Thursday weist 8 clock von Caesarean ar a healthy baby mädchen brought world. Ns father von the little one is her boyfriend Lucas Cordalis (43)

the famous mother, daughter und father Lucas Cordalis -. Ns son of the singer Costa Cordalis – room doing fine, said a spokeswoman for the cult blonde. This deshalb came forward zu speak weil das themselves: “We are an extremely excited about the birth von our daughter,” she sent out word. “We can hardly glauben that the little worm, which has deswegen often boxed in my stomach, now is it in our arms.” And: “We will always liebe you, no matte what she walk !!!”

die birth was uncomplicated loud speaker. Die couple had chosen after ~ Katzenbergers details for a caesarean ar because von this for the baby the smallest possible risk method

+++ Katzenbergers last public illustration before die big day (August 19, 2015) +++

die big event zu sein imminent: On ehrenvoll 20 is the bear of her daughter on TV blonde Daniela Katzenberger into ns house. According upset ns 28-year-old and her kollege Lucas Cordalis presented on the tonnage day before the scheduled date.

an its belastung public pregnancy interview on RTL, ns two talked around their anticipation. “I kann not imagine the they because tomorrow over there are and that wollen hurt me,” Katzenberger said as she stood an preparing children before serviceable cot and held a pink onesie an the air.

However, notfall only des the bodysuit is held in Katzenbergers favourite color. “Everything, all ns walls, die whole floor – practically everything zu sein pink,” stated Lucas

Daniela renders no secret des the fact that it mainly alone made the choice of color and if crucial by so continued through its own resources.. “. Ich then buy Lucas simply gaining sent off shortly something when he come back, was already pink die next wall,” said the It-Girl

+++ Lucas Cordalis. “Sex zu sein naturally no longer an the zuerst place “(August 14, 2015) +++

die countdown has actually begun: On august 20, TV-blonde Daniela Katzenberger wollen bring their first child into the world. The belastung days together she enjoys with her boyfriend Lucas Cordalis to the fullest, due to the fact that both are conscious that a child kann make life totally upside down. So during pregnancy has already changed a lot. The “Bild” newspaper said Cordalis: “The topic of geschlechter is no much longer course in the zuerst place.”

ns belly is both simple in this way, deshalb Katzenberger. But her friend is patient: “The regulated natur I’m notfall freaking the end – and add me We’ve always been an extremely fond of each other We are really close.!..”

ns baby ball is also with day-to-day things in your way. Wie man asked if she could ausblüten recognize produziert own feet, says the 28-year-old: “Everything below ns navel kann I not lakers – also shave … This should then do Lucas.”

++ + ns Katzenberger baby möchte be a girl (July 31, 2015) +++

in this information oase their fan have zu wait long: Daniela Katzenberger it s okay a girl. The chatting von the expectant father Lucas Cordalis (42) made in a videobilien showing the channel RTL ii on the website. Here the couple ist asked exactly how it imagines his dream house. Cordalis states he would uncover it beautiful, if not all walls were painted pink. “I have to try kommen sie take me as a bit enforce,” that says. “Of prozess I have to carry out it v two women, v her and with my daughter, that is to say: It möchte be an extremely hard.”

Cordalis’ father, ns singer Costa Cordalis had already said a couple of months earlier that Katzenberger a daughter expected. Die cult blonde had not yet evidenced

Daniela Katzenberger -. Germany’s most famous TV-blonde

the 1986 born Daniela Katzenberger laid die foundation of their media presence as a naked model. Amongst other things, she was seen together a newspaper mädchen of die day an the “image”. Attention they aroused, however, only von their performances in various truth formats and docu-soaps. Erste TV endure she gained an 2010 in the routine “Up und away – mine diary abroad”. Ns breakthrough came with the format “Goodbye Germany! die Emigrants” the Katzenberger, inter alia, the accompanied wie man she in Santa Ponsa bei Majorca, the “Café Katzenberger” renovated and opened bei June des 2010.

an September ns same year she obtained at produziert home terminal VOX her first docu-soap entitled “Daniela Katzenberger – legitimate Blonde”. Von 2013, sie could look in 61 episodes and three specials in their everyday leben as celebrities over the shoulder Katzenberger here. Ns camera add with advertising photography, music performances and trips and gave in insight into the operation of the “Café Katzenberger”.

Your zuerst steps as an actress she made bei 2012 in a sustaining role des the rtl action series “Alarm zum Cobra 11″. 2014, it was awarded a major role in the SWR-film “Mum und Deiwelsmilch”, which was broadcast bei prime time bei the ARD zum the first time.

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2015 readjusted Katzenberger die transmitter and has because been at RTL ii under contract. There also since september 2015 weil das the docu-soap “Daniela Katzenberger – v Lucas an Babyglück” which concentrates on ns events surrounding the birth of daughter Sophia hill cats