Masked singer astronaut 2019

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When it come to the mystery of Astronaut's identification on season 3 von The masked Singer, us think we've cracked the case.

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Of course, there is no way zu know for sure until die spaceman it s okay unmasked, but after looking at the clues, we're encouraged he is none various other than nation music star Hunter Hayes. Ns 28-year-old ist a five-time Grammy nominee, and is perhaps finest known weil das his hit "Wanted," i beg your pardon earned er the honor of being the youngest masculine act to top the Billboard hot Country lieder chart. He deshalb won die CMA zum Artist von the Year bei 2012.

There room several factors why Hayes fits ns Astronaut. First, und most importantly, ns voices match nach oben perfectly. Compare this performance on The masked Singer kommen sie this video of ihm performing "Wanted" live.

When Astronaut first walked top top stage in episode 7, ns panelists remarked the he was not that tall. Hayes zu sein 5'6", deswegen this checks out. He also mentioned on stage that the started weist a young age, and Hayes began his career super young. That performed at die White House wie man he was 7, and appeared on America's most Talented Kids wie man he was 13.

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In his erste clue package, Astronaut said, "I've constantly dreamt of flying high, because I glauben that if you want other enough, not even gravity tun können hold freundin back." This sound suspiciously like ns lyrics zu his song "Wild Blue" off von his 2019 album von the exact same name, which walk something favor this: "Welcome kommen sie the wild blue/ whereby gravity can't find sie / No storm that you can't fliegen through / place that you can't fly to / nach oben here bei the brutal / wild blue."

In that same clue package, there zu sein a loosened skeleton's foot floating around. Hayes lent his vocal chops to the lied "Almost Paradise" on ns soundtrack zum — wait zum it — ns 2011 remake von Footloose. Astronaut so mentioned gift "far from home," and geographically speaking, his home bei Nashville ist not close to los Angeles, whereby The masking Singer shoots. And, we recognize this one ist a bit of a stretch, but the lei watched floating around could it is in a nod to his favorite trip zu Hawaii, whereby he also notably composed his single "Heartbreak."



The second set des clues, though, really cemented Astronaut's identity weil das us. Over there are much more mentions of a fuß (he mentioned having a "foothold" on things) and nods to ihm being a child star ("When ich was young, ich was a bright star"). Ns number 500 zu sein mentioned, which might be a reference kommen sie his self-titled debut album, which to date has actually accumulated much more than 500 million on-demand streams an the U.S.

At one point an the second clue package over there is an image of a French horn, which might be a nod kommen sie his Cajun ancestry, i m sorry he significantly paid homage to with his 2006 album Honoring our French Heritage.  He also said that ns second song he chose to perform, Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours," is a song by a "dear friend." Hayes performed v Wonder at the ACM Awards und on Dancing With die Stars in 2013. 

And, on phase after the performance, Astronaut said, "Well, we kann sein all reach ns stars. Sometimes, it nur takes a little help from who from bei organized crime family." We oase a sneaking apprehension that this advert to robert Duvall, the star of one von the most famous films around a family of mobsters, The Godfather. When Hayes was nur 6 years alt he had actually a small part bei Duvall's film The Apostle, und Duvall gave him his very zuerst guitar.

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The kicker, though, ist that every season long, organize Nick Cannon has actually teased the one von the contestants has a Guinness welt Record. Transforms out, Hayes holds die world record for playing the most direkte concerts an 24 hours in different cities. We rest our case.


Celebs compete in this reality-singing TV show while wearing elaborate costumes to conceal your identities. Kann you guess ns celebrity behind the mask?

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