von the federal government’s Digital hermeneutik Program (DAP) count in October 2020, 3.2 percent of computer users still are on fenster 7 — even though Microsoft no longer supports it for free. If sie have in older system but space worried that it i will not ~ support fenstern 10 — or if you simply don’t want zu deal with windows anymore — I schutz a suggestion: Switch to desktop Linux.

Desktop Linux kann run top top your fenster 7 (and older) laptops and desktops. Machines that would certainly bend und break under die load of fenster 10 möchte run prefer a charm. Und today’s desktop computer Linux distributions are as easy to use as fenstern or macOS.

And if you worried about being able to run windows applications — don’t. For instance, you tun können run the free Office Online, which comes with limited versions of Word, Excel, und PowerPoint top top Linux. Teams now runs ~ above Linux. Skype has lang been available on Linux. And Microsoft’s exporting its neu Edge net browser to Linux. Ns full Office 365 suite wollen be coming zu Linux shortly — it’s only a matter of when.

For all your other desktop computer software needs, there’s usually a free, open-source regime that kann do just as good a job. Gimp, weil das example, instead of Photoshop. Or Thunderbird for emails instead von Outlook. For a full-fledged office suite, i highly recommend LibreOffice.

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You kann sein run plenty of native fenster programs on Linux making use of Wine. This can be hard to set up, yet its advertisement brother, CodeWeaver’s Crossover Linux, renders it easy zu set hoch many proprietary programs, including games.

If that doesn’t work zum your office’s Windows-only programs, you kann always keep running windows 7, with a last less danger, on a virtual an equipment (VM) on Linux. Weil das this job, i recommend Oracle’s great cost-free VirtualBox VM program.

Which Linux?

There are hundreds von Linux desktop computer distributions (known as distros) out there. Die best-known encompass such distros together Debian, openSUSE, und Ubuntu. But zum our purposes, i’m going to tell freundin how kommen sie install Linux Mint.

Mint’s default Cinnamon user interface looks and works a gewächs like windows 7. besides being my personal desktop Linux favorite, it works well for fenstern users. That’s since Mint’s default Cinnamon user interface looks and works a lot like windows 7’s Aero interface. Sure, there’s a finding out curve, but i found it easier zu pick trost than fenstern 10’s desktop.

Another advantage, i m sorry Mint share with other Linux distros, is it runs on low-power hardware. You tun können run Mint top top any des your fenster 7 PCs. All Linux Mint needs kommen sie run is an x86 processor, 1GB of RAM (you’ll it is in happier v 2GB or 4GB), 15GB von disk space, a graphic card the works hinweisen 1024 ns 768 resolution, and a CD/DVD drive or USB port. That’s it. Heck, you kann sein run Mint top top pretty much any fenstern XP PC, if you oase one around.

Mint, like the other Linux desktops, zu sein totally free. It won’t cost freundin a penny.

But what if freundin don’t prefer it? That’s not a problem either. You tun können try Mint, and if it’s notfall your cup of tea, you nur reboot rückseitig to Windows, and you’re done. No harm, no foul.

So let’s get started. First, I’ll show you how zu try Mint out, climate how kommen sie install that on her machine.

Try Mint out

Download Mint

First, download the Mint ISO file. This is an image of the Mint operating system which you kann sein use zu run or install die operating system. It’s around 1.8 GB, dafür it might take a while zu download.

First, download Linux Mint. You’re provided a choice des desktops. Weil das your erste Linux desktop, ich recommend walking with the popular Cinnamon desktop. Once you know an ext about Linux, and if you want zu explore, you tun können try one des the others.

Burn the Mint ISO file to a DVD or USB drive

You’re going kommen sie need in ISO burner program. I recommend freeware program ImgBurn zum DVDs or LinuxLive USB Creator zum USB drives. Other an excellent choices space Yumi for fenstern or UNetbootin.

You’re going zu need in ISO burner regime such together Linux live USB Creator Screenshot: Linux direkte USB Creator when you’ve installed ns burner regime on your fenster system follow me with the Linux Mint ISO file, use that kommen sie burn the bild to a USB drive. Note: while you kann install Mint ~ above older systems using a DVD, it’s yes, really slow. Und if freundin need kommen sie use a DVD, zuerst check her newly burned disc for errors.

When freundin create a USB drive, you will do it be offered the möglichkeit to set it trost with persistent storage. Through this option, you tun können allocate hoch to geholfen of your storage weil das a persistent overlay file. This lets you store neu programs, files, settings, or whatever, just if that overlay file was a mini-hard drive. This way, you can kick Mint’s tires without installing a thing or an altering anything on her PC. If sie don’t favor it, you’ll schutz lost nothing yet some time.

Another handy, mobiltelefon thing around this method is that if it turns out sie like Mint, you tun können use the USB drive together a handy pocket computer. Besides Mint, sie can deshalb use it kommen sie store your very own programs, files, und desktop setup. This way, you’ve got Mint with freundin wherever you go and you tun können easily use any type of public computer safely with your own operating system and program.

Set trost your computer for an alternative bootup

Now you going kommen sie reboot your system, however stop ns boot-up process before windows comes up deswegen you kann get zu your PC’s UEFI or BIOS settings. How freundin do this depends on her system.

The ideal thing ist to do a google search zum your specific PC or laptop brand und “UEFI” (or, with older PCs, your computer system brand und “BIOS”). For example, through Dell PCs, freundin tap ns F2 key zu enter system setup; v HP, freundin tap on the Escape key once a second; and on Lenovo systems, sie tap (Fn+) F2 or (Fn+) F1 an essential five to 10 zeit after die power-on taste is pressed kommen sie get to system setup.

Once you get to the BIOS or UEFI, look zum a menu choice labeled “Boot,” “Boot Options,” or “Boot Order.” If you don’t seen anything with the word “boot” an it, examine other menu choices, such as “Advanced Options,” “Advanced BIOS Features,” or “Other Options.” Once freundin find it, set the boot order so that, instead of booting from die hard journey first, you boot from either die optical drive or native a USB drive.

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Boot nach oben Linux Mint

After her PC ist set to boot from an alternative drive, insert her DVD or USB drive, reboot, and select “Start Linux Mint” from the zuerst menu. In a minute or so, you’ll be to run Linux Mint.

You can run Mint from an external USB drive. Give Mint a try

Take a couple of days if you like. Windows is blieb there. Anytime freundin reboot without die drive, it wollen go right rückseitig to Windows.

Like what freundin see? climate let’s download Mint on her PC.

Install Linux Mint

Like any type of serious upgrade, anfang with do a finish backup of your fenstern system. Installing Linux do not do it hurt your windows setup an the least, but i don’t believe in taking chances.

It used zu be that installing Linux on fenstern PCs the were loaded with UEFI und Secure boot (a typical that renders sure you only boot approved software) was a significant pain. These days the a non-issue. However if for some reason, you can’t download Mint with Secure boot running on your PC, you kann always turn off certain Boot. Over there are many ways to switch Secure boot off. All involve walk to die UEFI control panel throughout the boot process und turning it off.

Now, let’s get on with die actual installation.

Make certain your PC zu sein plugged an

This might sound elementary, however installing in operating system will give your computer system a echt workout, und the tonnage thing freundin want ist to run out von battery power an the middle des installing Linux Mint. You’ll also need in internet connection (the faster die better) und at least 8GB von free decaying space.

Set hoch a partition weil das Linux Mint from Windows

To make sure you have enough space, you may want zu head back into Windows, log bei as die administrator, and use that disk direktor to shrink the taste C: decaying partition zu make room weil das a Linux partition. You tun können get von with as little as 15GBs but ich prefer zu give Linux at least 100 GBs. Then i reboot right into Linux.

Use the fenstern disk direktors to make certain you have at least 15GB (more zu sein better) zum your Linux partition. Boot right into Linux

Once you oase the Mint screen up, one des your icon options on ns left wollen be kommen sie install Mint. Double-click it, and you’ll it is in on her way.

Name her system, your user ID, und set hoch your password

On your setup journey, you will do it be asked to choose a key-board layout, offer your system a name, pick out a username for yourself, und come hoch with a password. Freundin can deshalb choose to encrypt your home directory zu keep files reasonably safe native prying eyes.

Most von these decisions room simple. The one an essential option tun können be how zu partition your difficult drive. This tun können be a ja wirklich pain. But due to the fact that we’ve done that an Windows earlier, sie don’t need kommen sie worry around it here. An this case, pick the zuerst option ~ above the montage Type food selection that reads: “Install Linux Mint together them.”

That done, you’ll seen a screen like ns one below.

Select your Linux partition. Next, you must choose which file system to use zum Linux. Ns most renowned choice is Ext 4. You so have zu pick a mountain point, the root directory Linux will anfang from. Here, ich suggest you do as i do und select die common “/” for your mount point.

Set trost a system snapshot

Mint 20’s setup menu enables you zu set nach oben a system snapshot v Timeshift. This way, if something walk wrong, you can restore your system files und get zurück a functioning system. Ich highly recommend doing this. When you’re weist it, set nach oben a consistent Timeshift schedule. I set mine up on a weekly schedule.

Check weil das additional drivers

Next, examine to seen if your computer system needs any added drivers. To do this, offen the applications menu, search weil das “Driver Manager,” and run ns program. This möchte examine her system and search for any neu or missing hardware chauffeurs — usually, these are zum graphic cards or Wi-Fi chipsets. That a an excellent idea kommen sie do this also if you oase a totally vanilla, generic laptop. If Driver manager finds in appropriate update, just go ahead and install it.

You can so install proprietary multimedia codecs such as drivers kommen sie watch videos. Ich recommend sie do this together well.

Update Mint to ns latest version

You should deshalb set it to update your system to die latest version of Mint. Uneven Windows, when you upgrade Mint, she updating not just your operating system but all von your installed programs. This includes your web browser, office suite, und any other programs you’ve mounted with Mint’s easy-to-use software Manager.

To get your system current, click on die menu bar’s shield icon. Von default, you’ll find ns menu bar on the bottom von the screen, with the shield update symbol on die right. As soon as clicked, it will ask you for your password and ask if you really want kommen sie update her system. Get in your password, speak yes, und after the updates, you’ll be ready zu put your new up-to-date Mint system to work.

The setup routine also offers zu let sie look at system settings und find neu programs with die Software Manager, but since you’re probably a new user, you tun können skip those zum now.

Reset your computer system to boot from your main drive

Finally, go back to die beginning und reset your system to boot from your tough drive. Then, the next time you boot up, you’ll be offered a choice as zu which operating system you want to boot from. No matter which one you pick, you’ll get a couple of seconds to switch to the other operating system.

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And, it is it. You ready kommen sie go. I’ve set up Linux hundreds of times, and it takes me about an hour from beginning my download (the blessings von a 400Mbps internet connection) kommen sie go indigenous a fenster PC to running Mint on mine computer. If you’ve never ever done it before, allow yourself several hours zum the job, just an case.

I operation Windows, multiple Linux distros, und macOS. But i spend almost all of my desktop computer time on Linux Mint. You may notfall fall an love v Linux as easily as ich did when i switched from fenstern 3.1 bei 1993, but if you give it a chance, i think you’ll uncover you’ll prefer Linux almost as viel as ich do.