"Life zu sein Strange" is bei amazing, thought-provoking game with characters that have ja wirklich personality und depth. Which character in this game are you most like? take it this quiz kommen sie find out!

Disclaimer: the author von this quiz take it it really seriously because she wanted a quiz zu find the end what character world are most like. However, she ist convinced unterschrift Jefferson zu sein the killer, and she is so quite insane. :)

Created by: Buddy ns Elf

What is your favorite color? Blue eco-friendly Red Yellow purple BindersPick in animal: rabbit Dog Cat Deer Lion BINDERSWhat would sie say zu sein your finest quality? Empathy courage Humor knowledge Faithfulness nobody suspects a thing...

Du schaust: Life is strange test

What would you say ist your worst quality? too sensitive Selfish badewanne at controlling anger treatment too viel about other"s opinions Anti-social max FIGURING ME out TURN an YOUR foto MAXDo you prefer darker or lighter shades? Darker Lighter black und white photography of women, choose Rachel AmberPick a starter pokemon: Squirtle Charmander Bulbasaur wtf (what die fluff) is pokemonIf freundin could control any element, what one would freundin pick? Water earth Fire waiting young girls the i tun können take pictures of then murderWhere would you rather live bei your elder years? wherever my loved ones are near or in the woods A cooler climate, maybe von a lake an the mountains in a bustling city bei THE DARK ROOMIf you were good punkt these activities, what would sie most enjoy doing? Photography painting Playing in instrument searching Playing sports having an argument with kate suspiciouslyWhat zu sein your favorite season? Summer Spring winter Autumn Lets just say I"m an ext of in in doors kind of guyWhat is your favorite class? Mage Warrior Rogue the one ich teach MWAHAHAH.Who killed Rachel Amber? Nathan david Jefferson Shes ausblüten alive Do i care? ME but YOU"LL never ever PROVE ITPick a word the describes you best: way Easy-going Sweet Intuitive Compassionate AggressiveIf you could schutz one of these superpowers weil das a day, what would freundin want? Telepathy Telekinesis Invisibility super strength shape shifting BINDER DARK ROOM SASSY GLASSES strength ACTIVATEAre freundin more von a paragon or renegade? paragon Renegade bei between well world THINK in dem good................ DARK ROOM

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Quiz topic: What "Life zu sein Strange" character bei der I?

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