Lg G Watch R

Finally, a smartwatch the actually looks like a watch

ByJohn McCannlast updated 23 December 2014


The G watch R zu sein one of the finest smartwatches on ns market, yet it"s still far indigenous a refined device. Android Wear needs more work, it feels weird talking to your wrist and the price tag zu sein hard to swallow.

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The G clock R ist one von the finest smartwatches on die market, yet it"s ausblüten far native a refined device. Android Wear needs an ext work, the feels strange talking to your wrist und the preis tag zu sein hard kommen sie swallow.

In terms of specs the G watch R ist relatively fine equipped v a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB des RAM, 4GB von internal storage and a 410mAh battery.

Compared to the Moto 360 that"s a much better processor and larger battery, plus you deshalb get a barometer, heart rate monitor und 9-Axis (which contains a gyro, accelerometer and compass).


The LG G Watch ns sports a full circle P-OLED display measuring 1.3-inches bei diameter, making it slightly smaller sized than the 1.56-inch supplying on die Moto 360 - yet did i mention, it"s in circle!

While the 360 only has actually a resolution von 320 x 290, ns smaller G clock R ist slightly higher punkt 320 ns 320, giving freundin a clearer, crisper display.

Putting the two ring watches side über side there"s a clear difference between them und the G Watch ns certainly looks better.

There"s no concern that the circular screens are much more aesthetically pleasing than the square design of die Gear Live and G Watch, however those have the advantage of working through a wider array des apps, as part aren"t built weil das round devices.

The always-on screen means there"s no waiting weil das it kommen sie wake when you check die time, and the completely circular design kann be mistaken zum a classic timepiece from afar if you"ve selected a watch confront which suits.

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During my testimonial time with the G watch R i never had in issue with ns screen an direct sunlight, und I tended kommen sie keep die brightness top top its lowest setting, i beg your pardon seemed zu suffice bei most lighting conditions.

That"s good zum battery life, as i rarely needed kommen sie raise it up, and I never ever required the full brightness setting.

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