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The 2021 welt Championship ist the crowning event von League des Legends esports for the year. Ns tournament welcomes 24 teams from all regions of the game in a months-long race zum the Summoner"s Cup.

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This year"s world Championship was planned kommen sie be held bei China, with miscellaneous stages being held in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, und Shenzhen--who would certainly have so hosed the finals. China would oase been a back-to-back host for Worlds due kommen sie the covid-19 pandemic disallowing spectators native 2020"s event. Lock have also previously hosted it bei 2017. North America"s human beings event has been pushed to 2022. Ns starting compensation pool for the tournament zu sein $2.225 million, which is expected zu grow through in-game article sales.

Due to the changing covid19 situation and epidemic manage policies in China, the LoL Esports mannschaft announced on august 24th that die event has actually been relocated to bei as des yet unannounced location bei Europe.<1>

On september 9th, die LoL Esports mannschaft reveals that die 2021 welt Championship wollen take place bei Reykjavík, Iceland.<2>

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Qualification24 teams from expert leagues möchte qualify for the event. Note: Unfortunately, due zu travel restrictions, ns two groups from ns VCS will ausblüten not it is in able zu attend this year"s Worlds.

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<2>Play-In round 1 - October 5th - 7thTen groups are split into two groups where lock play a einzel Round Robin format.All matches are played in a Bo1.Top teams an each gruppe advance to kopieren, gruppe Stage.2nd, 3rd and 4th teams in each gruppe advance to Play-In: round 2.Bottom team an each group is eliminated.Play-In round 2 - October 8th - 9thSix teams from Play-In: ring 1.The 3rd und 4th placed teams of the same kopieren, gruppe of round 1 confront each other, winners compete against the 2nd placed team of the various other group.All matches room played in a Bo5.Two winners möchte advance to gruppe Stage.Four losers möchte be eliminated.Group Stage - October 11th - 13th and 15th - 18thFour teams from die Play-In Stage join twelve groups with straight entry indigenous China, southern Korea, Europe, southeast Asia and North America.All sixteen teams are separated into 4 groups wherein they beat a dual Round Robin format.All matches space played in a Bo1.Top 2 teams an each group advance zu Playoffs.Bottom two teams in each gruppe are eliminated.Click here weil das information about tiebreaker rules
If teams space tied and competing zum 3rd and 4th place, there will notfall be any extr matches, the placement wollen be determined von their head-to-head result. If teams in identical head-to-head record, they möchte share die 3rd place.No tiebreaker game wollen be play if ns tiebreaker would notfall decide one of two people the zuerst or 2nd place position an the group.In various other circumstances:If there space two teams have an equal amount des points, bei additional tiebreaker match möchte be played.If there space three groups have in equal amount von points, 5 circumstances will be considered based on die records against each of the other teams bei the tie:Each team in the tiebreaker has actually a record des 2-2: die two teams with highest winning time will play versus each other, winner wollen face ns other team. (Group A)The teams have 3-1, 2-2 and 1-3 records: the 2-2 und 1-3 teams möchte play against each other, winner möchte face die 3-1 team.The teams are with two 3-1 und one 0-4 records: the team that zu sein 0-4 will be awarded ns lowest stand being decided by the tiebreaker und a new tiebreaker zu sein declared amongst die two teams with bei aggregate record des 3-1 utilizing die two-way tie procedure set.One team has 4-0 and the others are 1-3: The mannschaft that zu sein 4-0 ist automatically granted die highest seed available bei the tiebreaker, and a neu tiebreaker ist declared amongst the two groups with an aggregate record von 1-3 utilizing the two-way tie procedure set.The teams space with 4-0, 2-2 und 0-4 record: the tie wollen be broken von the aggregate record.If there are four groups have an equal amount des points, die teams wollen be drawn into a einzel elimination clip based on die cumulative video game victory time weil das the separation, personal, instance teams.The seeds wollen be given bei order to die teams that won your games the quickest. Ns four teams möchte be break-up into 2 first-round matches: quickest team faces slowest team and 2nd team faces 3rd team.The shedding teams wollen be got rid of from ns tournament. Die winning teams play a match to determine the first und second seeds of the group.Side selection zum a head-to-head tiebreaker matchup wollen be awarded to the team with ns lower total game win time.All tiebreaker matches space Bo1
Playoffs - October 22nd - 25th, October 30th - 31st and November 6thEight teams play in a einzel elimination bracket where 1st placed team of each kopieren, gruppe faces second placed mannschaft from an additional group.Side selection PrivilegeTeams through Side choice Privilege tun können choose die side in game 1, after that, the team lost kann choose die side bei the following game.In Quarterfinals, 1st placed team from each gruppe will oase the Side an option Previlege.In the following matches, the Side an option Previlege wollen be determined von coin flip.All matches space Bo5.

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Patch Information

Worlds draw Show

The civilizations Draw zeigen was hosted on september 22, 2021 - 12:00 GMT zu place teams right into groups zum the Play-In Stage and the group Stage of the 2021 world Championship.