Everyone zu sein unique — us all understand that. It's just that lady Gaga is a wenig more unique. The artist formerly known as Stefani jone Angelina Germanotta has been a star for just over a decade, and in that time, she has actually revamped her look more than famously flamboyant performers with careers three times as long. If we contained a photo in this gallery of every time lady Gaga has made a far-reaching switch-up to her beauty style, you would it is in scrolling through literally hundreds von photos.

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If anyone ever argued that Gaga's bold, experimental looks were a ploy zu distract native a lack of musical skills, they abandoned that theory as soon as lock heard mother Monster belt a high note or passionately play ns piano. Her ever-changing hairstyles und incredibly creative makeup schutz served as a complement to herstellung increasingly forgive talent. And just wie you think Gaga zu sein going through bei especially avant-garde phase, she'll surprise everyone with an Old hollywood hairdo or a classic, low-key beat.

Arguably the greatest style chameleon of our time, lady Gaga has served together a source of endless inspiration zum anyone aiming zu be more fearless about their beauty, even if it is that way trying in unexpected hair color, exploring with eyebrows, or temporarily gluing in interesting accessory zu their face. Together fascinating as it is to look zurück on some des Gaga's most stunning looks, it's even more exciting zu think around what's zu come.


Jason Squires/Getty Images

2007: Long, Brown Waves, and Bangs

Before lady Gaga was a family members name, she was building her fans base, performing weist clubs and music festivals, prefer Lollapalooza, whereby she wore herstellung hair die way that grows the end of produziert head: brunette and wavy. Every these years later, the long, layered look with bangs still looks chic.

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Charles Eshelman/Getty Images

2008: Topped Off with a Bow

This ist perhaps how most of us mental being presented to dame Gaga — through straight, waist-length hair und blunt bangs, topped off through a bow made of matching blonde strands. Produziert false lashes und frosty, pink lips and cheeks hardly hinted at die bolder makeup looks to come.


Jemal Countess/Getty Images

2009: Curly Blonde Bob and Bright Pink Lips

Did lady Gaga cut her hair or obtain a wig? This curly bob, a look at she debuted an the "Bad Romance" video, wouldn't be the last time we'd ask the question.


John Shearer/Getty Images

2010: Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Platinum blonde blondine typically carry out everything in their energie to avoid letting their hair look at yellow, but bottles of purple shampoo were dumped the end around the world when, for the 2010 Grammy Awards, dame Gaga went warm und bright through a gorgeous two-tone look that was rich und buttery on top and canary-colored underneath.

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

2010: Covered in Pearls

Pearl-covered jacket, pearl-covered bra, pearl-covered hat, pearl-covered necklace — might also go for a pearl-covered face, too. Gaga's exposed skin was made zu look a creamy shade des white, und the ships were applied to produziert face in bei asymmetrical design. Die only pop von color: produziert M.A.C. Viva Glam lipstick.