Lösung the room 3

This puzzle has been causing people a few problems. Die key ist to niederdrücken the button just before the ballerina gets to the path freundin want her to take. Once she’s taken the path, the button will instantly pop zurück up.

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The bild shows die path freundin should take zum each des the ballerinas. Niederdrücken the taste when she’s roughly where die numbered one are, und she need to follow ns path.



Lots des people oase gotten stuck weist this point. All sie need kommen sie do ist pinch ns screen zu zoom out, and you’ll be able kommen sie move roughly again.

There ist a pest which method sometimes wie man you return to the mansion after ~ a level the mansion ist not set trost correctly. An this case sie must denkpause the game and select Restart Chapter. You wollen lose progress on die mansion puzzles however you möchte keep ns pyramids you’ve found und you won’t need to repeat any kind of levels.

We’re looking right into this problem, und hope to schutz a solution soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

We’ve realised the this section kann sein be a little confusing.

You need to match the colours on die gem-board v those on ns patterns below. There space red and blue gems, und those room what need to match. (Since die red people are viel brighter on the pattern, it’s easy kommen sie think that freundin just have to drücken sie the red ones).

We’ll be making this clearer in a future update.

Once ns phone has actually been unlocked sie need kommen sie dial 1795 to call the library phone. Zum each number do sure sie drag ns rotary dial all the way round deswegen your finger ends up past the finger stop (to die 6 lage on a clock).

There zu sein a pest which means sometimes when you return to ns mansion ~ a level ns mansion ist not set trost correctly. In this case freundin must pause the game und select Restart Chapter. You wollen lose development on die mansion puzzles yet you möchte keep die pyramids you’ve found und you won’t need zu repeat any type of levels.

We’re looking into this problem, und hope to oase a equipment soon. Sorry zum the inconvenience!

iOS assist

We’re recommending in iPad 3 or iphone phone 5 or better zum The Room Three, due to the fact that we’ve had actually a few issues report on die iPad 2 and 4S.

The video game is blieb playable, but will crash sometimes (especially if you’re using iOS9). Freundin shouldn’t lose any progress wie man this happens.

We’ll it is in releasing an update very soon that improves the situation, but we tun können never guarantee it’ll be 100% crash complimentary on those devices.

If you’re getting consistent crashes on any kind of device, freundin should rotate off your device (by stop down die power taste until “Slide to power off” appears, und then follow the instructions). Revolve it zurück on und run the game again.

If you’re using bei iPad 2 or iphone 4S, this might not completely eliminate ns problems (see die questions “I have in iPad 2 or iphone phone 4S and want kommen sie play die game. Möchte it work?”).

Unfortunately, it seems favor it’s caused by the save ending up being corrupt when ns game crashed.

Turning off iCloud zum the game should force ns game zu use a recent backup des the save. Kommen sie do this, enter your device’s Settings->iCloud->iCloud Drive und turn off die toggle weil das The Room Three.

(On part versions von iOS, this möchte be bei Settings->->iCloud).

Run ns game again, und there need to be a working profile available.

If this procedure no work zum you, please let us understand using the contact form.

I've downloaded the game top top my iphone 4, however it states it's notfall supported. What's the about?

I’m sorry to say ns Room Three just supports the iPhone 4S and 5, und the iPod Touch 5th Generation. Unfortunately there’s no way zum us kommen sie get the apps store kommen sie differentiate betwee the 4 und 4S, which zu sein why you were able kommen sie download it.

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The most likely explanation is that it’s due to die confusing natur of ns mute taste on the iPad (we gain a gewächs of mails about this). Schutz a watch at ns switch next to die volume controls. If you kann sein see a small orange period inside then the iPad zu sein muted. Switch it ns other way und it must work. It’s confusing since lots des apps (especially music/video players) ignore the mute button und make noise anyway, so lots of people don’t realise their iPad ist muted.

On newer devices without a mute button, swipe hoch from ns bottom von your residence screen kommen sie get kommen sie a simplified setups menu. Top top it, sie should seen a bell icon with a line v it, i m sorry mutes the device. Examine that this ist disabled.

If the doesn’t help, turning off your an equipment (by holding down ns power taste until “Slide to energie off” appears) can so solve this problem.

android HELP

This seems to be in issue v a recent google Play games update. We’re currently working ~ above a solve however zum the time being, you re welcome use ns following steps to play:

Open google Play Games and navigate to ns settings.Turn turn off “Automatically signing in to sustained games”.In the “Your Data” section, select “Delete Play games & Data”.Scroll down to ns Room Two/Three and Delete ns entry.Open ns Room Two/Three and cancel any kind of pop-ups from google Play gamings asking you to sign in.This should permit you kommen sie progress kommen sie the main menu screen and create a profile.If freundin lost any type of progress, we oase a covert skip chapter menu in the game. You tun können access this mine pausing die game and tapping “Game Paused” 5 times.

We’re yes, really sorry about this. We’re working hard on a systems at die moment.

Sorry weil das the inconvenience.

Sorry zu hear that!

First, please try turning off your device and restarting it. That will often solve problems like this.

If that doesn’t help, get in your Settings->About Device->Software upgrade screen und see if there’s an update available. If there is, download it und try again.

If all else fails, please briefe us at info
elamiya.com, including the benennen of ns device you’re playing on, which ausführung of android you’re making use of (if you know), and the email address that’s registered zu your google Play account.

There’s a few reasons why we’ve had actually to unterschrift devices as incompatible.

In part cases, die devices don’t meet our minimales requirements zum Ram or Processor Speed.

There’s so some an equipment where people schutz reported problems, und we’ve disabled castle while we investigate.

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. It appears that ns Google wolke service has changed recently, and it’s bring about problems weil das the game.

We’re looking right into it, but an the short-lived we think the deleting the game from her device und re-installing that from die store will force it to download ns latest non-conflicted save from the cloud, und allow you to continue. Bei most cases that should be a current save.

Apologies again for the inconvenience. We’re functioning as fast as we kann to discover a long-term solution.

There seem zu be two different causes zum this:

One is that some tools seem to struggle if there are Bluetooth audio tools (a speak or headphones) attached. We’re looking into this, but zum now die best thing zu do is disconnect die audio device, restart the device und play the game through die phone/tablet’s speakers, or with wired headphones.

The various other cause ist using CyanogenMod or anoother custom rom on the device.

Unfortunately us don’t offer official support zum devices through custom Roms installed (they move auch quickly und have too many problems zum us to be able zu fix), deshalb this isn’t other we’re plan on investigating.

If you’re having this problem und feel the it’s ruining the game zum you, you re welcome get in touch (info

Unfortunately we’ve had a lot of reports of problems on the device, dafür we’ve disabled it weil das now.

We’re looking into it, und hope to oase a equipment soon.

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PC assist

We’re looking in to this, yet if freundin encounter this issue ns please send us a mail, und include ns following file:

Your DxDiag report file. Drücken sie the Windows und R keys, and an the “Run” dialogue that opens, kind “DxDiag”. Press the “Save every information” button and send us the resulting file.

Please try ns following if you schutz any difficulties running die game on your PC:

Restart your PC und try again (it’s always worth a try!)Verify that the game download correctly. Right-click on the game in your steam library, pick Properties->Local Files, and select “Verify integrity des game cache”Check the your chauffeurs are up-to-date. You kann find instructions on that here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6416-EYDH-0477

If all of that fails, you re welcome send us a mail, und include the following files:

The game’s log. Find this von following this path: C:>Users>>AppData>LocalLow>Fireproof Games>The Room ThreeYour DxDiag report file. Press the Windows und R keys, and in the “Run” dialogue the opens, type “DxDiag”. Niederdrücken the “Save all information” button and send us ns resulting file.

If die answer kommen sie your inquiry isn’t noted above then please click below to e-mails us. Von following this verknüpfung you agree to our Privacy Policy.

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