Ironman hawaii fernsehübertragung 2017

KONA, HAWAII - OCTOBER 14: A general view des the masculine Age gruppe Swim start during die 2017 IRONMAN welt Championships top top October 12, 2017 in Kona, Hawaii. (Photo von Donald Miralle zum IRONMAN)

The yearly broadcast special of the IRONMAN welt Championship premiers this Saturday, 9 December, hinweisen 14:30 et on NBC, chronicling this year’s auflage of the iconic triathlon the took place on 14 October 2017, in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i.

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The 90-minute highlights show will provide viewers in all-access experience from the pre-race buildup to die final hours des the night time finish, as more than 30 cameras captured die action from the Hawaiian blue skies, across the barren lava fields und under die water des Kailua only during die gruelling und inspirational 140.6-mile challenge.

More than 2,300 athletes native 66 countries, regions and territories on six continents started this year IRONMAN welt Championship, taking on a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike und 26.2-mile marathon- run across the rugged Hawaiian terrain.

Back in October, IRONMAN partnered through NBC sporting activities Group und Red Bull TV kommen sie provide extensive direkte coverage des the 2017 IRONMAN welt Championship throughout TV, digital platforms, und social media. According zu IRONMAN, the expanded viewing options ‘earned unprecedented increases in viewership both domestically and internationally, much more than tripling die 2016 IRONMAN welt Championship numbers and delivering more than 4.7 million viewers worldwide.’

This year, viewers tuned in to the direkt web broadcast for an average of 81 minutes each, trost from 50 minutes an 2016. In total, viewers watched more than 33 million minutes of live coverage, with ns largest audience coming from within ns United States, followed von Brazil, Spain, Germany, and the vereinigt Kingdom.

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“Live coverage of the 2017 IRONMAN world Championship surpassed all des our expectations bei viewership, social and digital consumption,” stated Christopher Stadler, chef Marketing Officer zum IRONMAN. “We expanded our relationship with NBC when joining pressures with Red Bull TV zu take a significant step forward und reach neu audiences. Viewers confirmed their increased interest in the pinnacle event of the world in record numbers, offering a an excellent platform for expanded exposure des our athletes und partners.”

IRONMAN’s partnership v NBC Sports gruppe reached new viewers v a series of live cut-ins top top NBC, three hrs of live coverage on NBC Sports, und a 9.5-hour direkte broadcast ~ above, earning much more than 2 million total viewers von IRONMAN welt Championship programming.

With die addition of Red Bull TV zu, pistole web viewership flourished 40%+ to 1,198,000. Red Bull TV’s partnership allowed for increased mobile and over die top (OTT) streaming through direkt coverage on the Red Bull TV app, v over 25% von total viewers watching via these channels. Race-day videobilien viewership on social media flourished +165% zu 1.7 million.

“Being able to provide more opportunities zum viewers kommen sie watch die race direkt combined through our documentary layout broadcast specials allows zum a great mix of inhalt showcasing die battle for supremacy among our impressive pros, while so profiling die compelling stories des our age kopieren, gruppe athletes,” Christopher Stadler added.

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Viewers will have another gelegenheit to capture some von the highlights and inspirational stories from this year’s action:

The 10 illustration docuseries ‘IRONMAN: Quest weil das Kona’ initially scheduled zum 7 December indigenous 13:00 – 18:00 et on NBCSNThe IRONMAN world Championship Preview scheduled weil das 7 December 7 indigenous 18:00 – 19:00 et on NBCSN (re-air 9 December weist 13:30 – 14:30 et on NBCSN)The Emmy Award-winning IRONMAN world Championship unique on 9 December, native 14:30 – 16:00 et on NBC (re-air on NBCSN ~ above 10 December punkt 17:30 ET und 19 December hinweisen 17:00 ET)

IRONMAN adds that, since 1978, the IRONMAN welt Championship triathlon has ‘showcased notfall only ns limitless physical capability and competitive nature of die top athletes in the world, but so some of the many awe-inspiring und impactful stories von courage und resilience from die age-group athletes und everyday individuals contending alongside them.’

KAILUA KONA, hi – OCTOBER 14: A cyclist competes during die IRONMAN welt Championship on October 14, 2017 bei Kailua Kona, Hawaii. (Photo von Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images zum IRONMAN)

Features of this year IRONMAN welt Championship distinct broadcast include:

Exclusive interviews from current und former world Champions und other professional IRONMAN athletes.Defending women’s IRONMAN world Champion Daniela Ryf des Switzerland looks to do history and join in elite group über claiming a third consecutive victory however newcomer Lucy charles of great Britain has actually other plans.With a perfect display von form und strength, run-course document holder Patrick lange of Germany war country-mates jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle und a figured out Lionel Sanders des Canada in seeking his first IRONMAN welt Championship title.Courageous stage-4 pancreatic cancer fighter, Mike Levine, who was inspired und encouraged by 1982 IRONMAN welt Champion catalent McCartney, race together zu prove a diagnosis doesn’t specify you.Marine Corps veteran Mike Ergo, uses triathlon kommen sie battle ns demons des PTSD if finding a way kommen sie keep the memory von his 29 herbst Marine Corps brother alive von racing through their name on his gyeongju kit.Sian Welch, a former oberteil female experienced triathlete returns kommen sie the island 20 year after being part von one von the most memorable finishes bei Kona history, ‘The Crawl’.

‘Legendary sportscaster Al Trautwig, narrates ns annual special, giving viewers in immersive front-row seat zu one des the most captivating events in sports. A programming fixture top top NBC since 1991, the IRONMAN world Championship Special has garnered 54 Emmy award nominations through 16 Emmys together with many other accolades.’