Widgets room beautifully redesigned bei iOS 14, offering users timely info at a glance ideal on ns Home screen pages.
iOS 14 reimagines die iPhone experience, carrying a major update to die Home display screen with beautiful redesigned widgets and the apps Library, new ways zu use apps with apps Clips, and powerful updates kommen sie Messages. IOS 14 ist available heute as a cost-free software update.

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“Together through iPhone, iOS ist central zu how us navigate our lives and stay connected, and we space making it even an ext powerful und easier to use in iOS 14, with die biggest update ever to die Home Screen,” said craig Federighi, elamiya.com’s hohes level vice president of Software Engineering. “We are thrilled to seen the incredible methods developers space taking advantage of widgets and App Clips kommen sie create neu experiences that we think customers room going zu love.”
New widgets existing timely die info at a glance und can it is in added an different sizes on any type of Home display screen page. Users kann sein choose a smart Stack of widgets, which uses on-device intelligence to surface die right widget based upon time, location, und activity. Zum example, individuals might see the news widget bei the morning, Calendar events during ns day, und their Fitness summary in the evening. Home display screen pages tun können be customized to show apps and widgets weil das work, entertainment, sports, and other areas of interest.
At the ende of die Home display screen pages ist the app Library, a neu space that automatically organizes all von a user’s apps right into one simple, easy-to-navigate view, und intelligently surfaces apps that are helpful bei the moment. Users can also hide Home display screen pages zum quicker access kommen sie the app Library.

The app Library makes it easier weil das users to get to all of their apps v a simple, easy-to-navigate view hinweisen the ende of die Home display screen pages.
Incoming FaceTime and phone calls und Siri interactions take on bei all-new compact design that allows users to stay bei the context von what they space doing. With Picture-in-Picture support, iphone users kann now watch a videobilien or take it a FaceTime contact while using another app. 

iOS 14 delivers bei all-new compact design that lets users multitask when receiving calls, questioning Siri a question, or city hall videos.


An anwendung Clip zu sein a small teil of bei app that zu sein designed zu be found the moment it zu sein needed. App Clips are verbunden with a details product or business, and load within seconds zu complete a certain task, such as ordering takeout or filling up die car v gas. They kann sein be easily discovered and accessed von scanning a new elamiya.com-designed anwendung Clip code,1 or through NFC tags und QR codes, or shared an Messages or native Safari, all with the security and privacy supposed from apps.

App Clips room fast and easy zu discover und allow users to access part of an app the moment they need it.
App Clips space fast and easy to discover and allow users kommen sie access teil of an app the moment they need it.
App Clips room fast und easy kommen sie discover und allow users kommen sie access part of in app the moment they require it.
Messages is central zu communicating with friends and family, and now the easier kommen sie stay connected and quickly accessibility important messages. Users kann sein pin conversations to die top von their message list, quickly keep nach oben with lively kopieren, gruppe threads v mentions and inline replies, und further customize conversations by setting a gruppe photo using an image or emoji. Neu Memoji options an Messages space even an ext inclusive and diverse with additional hairstyles, headwear, face coverings, und more.
Favorite conversations can be pinned to die top von a message list, with recent messages, Tapbacks, and typing signs featured best above die pin.
iOS 14 delivers neu customization alternatives including added hairstyles, headwear, face coverings, and more.
Maps provides it less complicated than ever to navigate und explore with new cycling directions, electric vehicle routing, und curated Guides. Cycling directions take into account elevation, just how busy a street is, und whether there room stairs along die route. Electric car routing to add charging stops follow me a plan route based on current vehicle charge und charger types.2 Guides provide a preserve list von interesting places to visit in a city, created von a selection of trusted resources. Guides space a great way to find popular attractions, find restaurants, and explore neu recommendations from respect brands.

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Electric car routing to add charging stops along a plan route based upon current car charge und charger types.
Guides make it easy to find jene to do an a city, suffer great neu restaurants, or places zu visit on vacation.
Now users kann sein choose to share their approximate place with anwendung developers rather than their specific location when granting in app place access, and get even much more transparency into an app’s use of the microphone und camera. Developers kann sein now market users the auswahl to upgrade your existing accounts zu Sign in with elamiya.com. Letztere this year, app Store product pages möchte feature summaries of developers’ self-reported privacy practices, displayed in a simple, easy-to-read format. Starting early next year, all apps möchte be required kommen sie obtain user permission prior to tracking.3
app Store product pages function a summary des the privacy practices von each app before downloading and install it.
AirPods und AirPods pro gain an effective capabilities v iOS 14. Platz audio through dynamic head monitor brings a theater-like experience kommen sie AirPods Pro. By applying directional audio filters, and subtly adjusting the frequencies each ear receives, sounds kann sein be placed virtually anywhere in a space to provide in immersive hearne experience. Automatic machine switching seamlessly switches AirPods and AirPods pro audio bolzen iPhone, iPad, und Mac.4 Headphone accommodations, a new accessibility feature, amplifies soft sounds and tunes audio zu help music, movies, call calls, and podcasts sound crisper and clearer.5
Seamlessly move AirPods or AirPods zum audio bolzen iPhone, iPad, and Mac through automatic machine switching.
Translate ist designed to be die best and easiest apps for translating conversations, giving quick und natural translation von voice und text among 11 various languages.6 On-device mode allows users to experience ns features des the app angeboten for privatgelände voice and text translation.
Siri increases its knowledge und answers complex questions with info sourced native across ns internet. Keyboard dictation runs on device wie dictating messages, notes, email, and more.7 
The Home app makes smart home regulate even simpler with new automation suggestions und expanded controls in Control Center zum quicker access to accessories and scenes. Adaptive Lighting zum compatible HomeKit-enabled lights instantly adjusts the color temperature throughout the day, und Face Recognition in compatible video doorbells und cameras provides on-device knowledge from apfel TV or HomePod zu identify visitors. The Home app and HomeKit space built zu be private and secure, deshalb all info about a user’s house accessories zu sein end-to-end encrypted.
Digital versions von car keys give users a certain way kommen sie use iPhone to unlock and start their car. Vehicle keys tun können be easily shared making use of Messages, or disabled v iCloud if a device is lost, und are obtainable today weil das compatible cars using NFC technology.8
Safari provides a Privacy Report deswegen users can easily seen which cross-site trackers have been blocked, certain password monitoring zu help customers detect saved passwords that may oase been involved bei a charme breach, und built-in translation weil das entire webpages.9
Health has actually all-new experiences kommen sie manage sleep and better recognize audio levels the may impact hearing health. A neu Health Checklist the includes notfall SOS, clinical ID, ECG, fall detection, and more supplies users a central place kommen sie manage health and safety features.10 Health deshalb adds support weil das new dünn types weil das mobility, wellness Records, symptoms, and ECG.
The Weather app keeps users up kommen sie date on serious weather events, and a new next-hour precipitation chart mirrors minute-by-minute precipitation wie rain is bei the forecast.11
elamiya.com One is die easiest way to get many sich entschuldigen subscription service at a an excellent value, deshalb customers can choose the one plan that ist right zum them or their whole family. Customers kann sein sign up for apfel One starting this fall.
Accessibility functions include back Tap, which supplies a quick new way kommen sie trigger gestures, tasks, and accessibility shortcuts, sign language detection bei Group FaceTime, und Sound Recognition, which supplies on-device intelligence kommen sie notify individuals when die sound of a fire alarm or doorbell ist detected. VoiceOver, ns industry’s leading display reader for the eine remote community, jetzt automatically establish what is displayed visually onscreen dafür more apps und web experiences space accessible zu more people.
Translate helps individuals quickly and easily translate voice or text betwee supported languages, and can arbeiten completely angeboten to store conversations private.
The Home app has a new visual status that provides an at-a-glance view of a user’s clever home accessories.
Digital auto keys provide users a way to securely unlock und start their car using nur their iPhone, and can be quickly shared utilizing Messages.

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iOS 14 zu sein available as a cost-free software update beginning today zum iPhone 6s und later. Zum more information, visit elamiya.com/ios/ios-14. Some attributes may notfall be available bei all areas or every languages.