Instagram bilder hochladen pc firefox

Your desktop browser allows you to log in to Instagram, but notfall to upload pictures and videos. However there’s a trick.

Du schaust: Instagram bilder hochladen pc firefox

Instagram still doesn’t sell a feature weil das image upload durch desktop browser. However, over there are several ways to do so:

Browser plugin the changes ns user agentGoogle Chrome’s developer mode

Lets have a look at the first two methods.

Browser plug-in

There space Firefox und Chrome plug-ins, which change the user agent. The user agent zu sein the nennen of the browser and is normally assigned permanently und transferred from the browser to ns website. This permits websites zu deliver a customised page depending on ns browser – a ausführung that zu sein optimised zum mobile devices, zum instance.

This is how that works an Firefox:

Menu «Extras -> Add-Ons», or if freundin don't oase a food selection bar, only «Add-Ons».Enter «User certified dealer Switcher» in the find field. I have installed die most popular one (Author: Linder), zu make sure it works.Click on die plug-in in the list, climate click on the «Add zu Firefox» button.The plugin symbol appears in the oberteil right corner. Click on it und select a cell phone user agent.

To go zurück to the original user agent des your browser, all you need kommen sie do ist click on ns pencil icon.


If you logged in to Instagram, a rectangle through a add to sign appears at die bottom. Click on it und you're ready zu upload a photo. Some editing features von the Instagram app are missing, due to the fact that this no the apps but ns mobile website. This shouldn’t be a problem; your computer offers you enough possibilities kommen sie pre-edit your photos.

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For Chrome, download this plug-in von clicking «Add». A button will appear an the oberteil right corner.

Without plug-in (Google Chrome)

In google Chrome, it also works without a plug-in.

Activate die developer mode (Shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-I). A pillar with password appears.Press the small icon with die two display screens at die top of this password column.

Press F5 zu reload the page. Now, a add to sign must appear.


Locked out von Instagram

During my tests zum this article, i logged in with deswegen many different devices, browsers and fake user agents that instagram locked me out. Ich was forced kommen sie enter a six-digit code zu confirm my identity – not nur once, yet over and over again.

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I’m not entirely sure what caused this und why that was deswegen hard to get escape of. An any case, you’re best off using as few different browsers und user agents as possible. As lang as ich used die PC version of instagram via google Chrome und developer mode only, i was never locked out.