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sich kümmern Potter: 10 things Only Book fan Know around Lord Voldemort There are plenty of details about lord Voldemort (and tom Riddle) the didn"t make it from the harry Potter publications into ns movies.

lord Voldemort zu sein one of the greatest villains bei pop society today, thanks to some wonderful acting from ralph Fiennes. Ns Harry Potter movie did a brilliant arbeit at bringing ns Dark lord to ns big screen, with die vile magician appearing an The Sorcerer"s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Goblet des Fire, The Order von the Phoenix, Deathly Hallows: part 1 und Deathly Hallows: part 2 prior to his death at ns Battle des Hogwarts.

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However, while the blockbusters go a brilliant job at do Voldemort in even much more iconic badewanne guy, over there was blieb plenty of information about tom Riddle that was omitted. Deshalb we"ll jetzt take a look punkt ten jene only book fan know around He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

an the Half-Blood prinz book, die story walk deep into die origins von Voldemort and just exactly how he was shaped right into being ns worst rogue on die planet. There, it"s revealed that his mother, Merope Gaunt, was a squib who was regularly abused by her brother, Morfin, und father, Marvolo.

Merope is often mocked zum fancying the handsome tom Riddle Sr. She knows she has actually no chance of getting er to marry her dafür instead bewitches er using a liebe Potion. This works zum a while, with the squib falling pregnant, but wie she stops producing ns potion she"s left abandoned and forced zu fend weil das herself.

together you"d intend from somebody prefer Lord Voldemort, he wasn"t exactly normalerweise growing trost - even as a baby.

The Half-Blood Prince movie mirrors Mrs Cole, that works at ns orphanage where the Dark Lord was raised, admitting the he scares the other children and that there schutz been "nasty incidents". What isn"t explained, however, zu sein that also as a boy he didn"t cry. Imagine that, a newborn baby just silent all the time und shedding no tears whatsoever? That"s pretty chilling and, had that been explained in the movie, it would oase made human being even much more afraid von such a force des nature.

after ~ his fifth year hinweisen Hogwarts, tom Riddle chooses zu look nach oben his past kommen sie discover wherein he comes from bei life. It"s there that he discovers die truth around his mother, Merope, and how she bewitched produziert husband right into loving her - despite die pair gift from two extremely various worlds. The extracts the die info from his uncle, Morfin, before setting out top top a killing spree.

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Ruthlessly, Voldemort death his dad - and also his grandmother and grandfather for good measure. This isn"t clearly said out loud in the movies, rather merely hinted at. Muggle frank Bryce takes a gewächs of die blame from die muggles an the wenig Hangleton town but he isn"t ns only personen who suffers...

7 he Framed His Uncle

As stated above, Voldemort finds out ns truth around his bloodline from his uncle, Morfin. Morfin ist a vile man, one that takes great pleasure an inflicting pain und suffering ~ above others. Yet that doesn"t necessarily median that that deserved zu be framed for the murders von the Riddles.

After getting the info he wants, tom chooses to go on die attack. He transforms Morfin"s memory so he confesses to ns murders and takes far a gold and black ring, which ist a prized family members heirloom. Voldemort danach turns this into a Horcrux und hides it an the Gaunt Shack, through Albus Dumbledore then retrieving it many years later.

while we"re on the subject of Voldemort"s bloodline, it"s revealed bei the Deathly Hallows book that die Dark Lord and Harry potter are actually distantly related.

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In the final book 0f die series, fans learn harry is a descendent von Ignotus Peverell wie he discovers ns true origins von the invisibility cloak. Cadmus Peverell, Ignotus" brother, is actually where die Gaunt family tun können be traced rückseitig to. This way that Harry and Voldemort are actually related however it makes wenig difference. Ns Dark Lord blieb seeks zu destroy the Boy who Lived, using every resource punkt his disposal.

5 that Worked at Borgin and Burkes

throughout his time hinweisen Hogwarts, tom Riddle zu sein held in high regard von all his teacher - with ns exception of Albus Dumbledore. Through dashing great looks und talent kommen sie boot, he"s tipped zum the top by many. He"s also given in award zum special service to hogwart after framing Rubeus Hagrid zum the opening of the Chamber von Secrets and the death des Moaning Myrtle.

But, despite all that, Voldemort bring away a modest job at Borgin and Burkes bei Knockturn Alley after his time hinweisen school. This surprises many des his alt teachers und the Dark lord proves zu be excellent hinweisen persuading people zu give nach oben their prized possessions. What nobody knows, however, ist that Voldemort just took the job deshalb he could find an ext famous items kommen sie turn right into Horcruxes. Not nur any alt thing wollen do...

harry has no luck when it comes to Defence Against die Dark art teachers at Hogwarts. Quirinus Quirrell und Severus Snape both die, Gilderoy Lockhart loser his memory, Remus Lupin ist forced out zum being a werewolf, Alastor Moody transforms out kommen sie be a death Eater and Dolores Umbridge zu sein just level cruel. And, in the source material, all des this ist put down to Voldemort.

Years after ~ leaving hogwarts he returns for a Defence Against the Dark Arts arbeit interview, which he"s turned down for. He in reality curses the lage after being snubbed von Albus Dumbledore und Hogwarts is never able to keep anybody in the role weil das more than a year afterward.

3 he Picked sich kümmern Over Neville

ns prophecy ist touched upon in the Order of the Phoenix movie, but not explained an depth. In the book of the very same name, it"s revealed the Lord Voldemort was only relayed a section of Sybill Trelawney"s prediction, with Severus Snape bolting zu his grasp before ns Divination teacher had finished speaking to Albus Dumbledore inside ns Hog"s Head.

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The prophecy talks around a young born an the month des July, who parents had already thwarted him twice before. Together a result, Voldemort walk after Harry. However, the could deshalb have referred kommen sie Neville Longbottom, who ticks die same boxes. Alas, Lily und James potter died instead and Neville"s poor parents were tortured right into insanity von Death Eaters.

The Goblet von Fire movie opens with Voldemort, peter Pettigrew, and Barty Crouch Jr all plotting away in the Riddles" alt mansion. Ns trio room all scheming about the Triwizard Tournament, which is due to be held weist Hogwarts. However, what"s notfall explained is how ns Dark Lord in reality finds out about ns competition.

Naturally, the book von the same nennen does. Pettigrew meets a witch called Bertha Jorkins and tricks her, taking herstellung to his master. She"s climate tortured till she provides up ns information and is disposed of, with Voldemort cruelling wiping produziert out. The character von Bertha is never mentioned bei the Goblet des Fire movie and it"s commendable the Warner Bros put a plot together without produziert appearing.

1 the Ordered ns Death des Barty Crouch Sr

deshalb in ns Goblet des Fire film, Barty Crouch Sr zu sein murdered über his son, Barty Crouch Jr. It"s made out that die son kills die father zum revenge, having actually been sent kommen sie Azkaban prison von his relative numerous years previously.

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The book, though, shows this isn"t the case. Crouch Sr spends most des the school year under die Imperius Curse and, wie man he division free und travels kommen sie Hogwarts zu tell Dumbledore von Voldemort"s Triwizard tournament plan, die Dark mr orders his death. Barty Crouch Sr then murders his dad and transforms his body right into a bone, before burying it bei the grounds. Yikes...

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