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The AVM FRITZ!Box devices integration permits you zu control your AVM FRITZ!Box based router.

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There is support zum the following platform species within home Assistant:

Device tracker - existence detection über looking hinweisen connected devices.Binary sensor - connectivity status.Sensor - external IP address, uptime and network monitors.Switch - call deflection, harbor forward, parental control und Wi-Fi networks.


Adding AVM FRITZ!Box Tools to your house Assistant instance kann sein be excellent via the userinterface, by using this my button:


AVM FRITZ!Box Tools tun können be auto-discovered über Home Assistant. If an instance was found,it will be bezeichnen as “Discovered”, i beg your pardon you tun können select zu set it trost rightaway.

Manual construction steps

If there wasn’t any kind of discovered automatically, nothing worry! You can set up amanual integration entry:

Browse to your home Assistant instance.From ns list, search und select “AVM FRITZ!Box Tools”.Follow the instruction on screen kommen sie complete ns set up.
TR-064 needs kommen sie be enabled an the FRITZ!Box network settings zum Home Assistant kommen sie login und read an equipment info.


The configuration an the UI asks for a username. Starting from FRITZ!OS 7.24 die FRITZ!Box create a arbitrarily username weil das the admin user if freundin didn’t collection one yourself. This kann be discovered after logging into ns FRITZ!Box and visiting system -> FRITZ!Box users -> Users. The username starts with fritz followed von four arbitrarily numbers. Under properties on the right it says created automatically. Prior to FRITZ!OS 7.24 the default username was admin.


Currently supported dienstleistungen are communication specific:


platform Services

service fritz.reboot

Reboot die router.

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Service charme attributeOptionalDescription
entity_idnoOnly act on a certain router
service fritz.reconnect

Disconnect und reconnect die router to die Internet.If you schutz a dynamic IP address, most likely it möchte change.

Service data attributeOptionalDescription
entity_idnoOnly action on a certain router
dienstleistungen fritz.cleanup

Remove every stale gadgets from house Assistant.A device ist identified as stale wie man it’s ausblüten present on home Assistant but notfall on die FRITZ!Box.

Service charme attributeOptionalDescription
entity_idnoOnly plot on a certain router

Integration Options

It zu sein possible zu change some habits through ns integration options.These can be changed hinweisen AVM FRITZ!Box Tools -> Configure on die Integrations page.

Consider home: Number des seconds that have to elapse prior to considering a disconnected an equipment “not weist home”.

additional info

Parental control

Parental control switches kann sein be used kommen sie enable und disable internet access des individual devices. If a device has internet access it wollen be enabled, otherwise it wollen be disabled. You can deshalb find ns current impede state von the individual devices in the UI des the FRITZ!Box under internet -> filters -> Parental Controls -> an equipment Block

Parental control switches space designed zum advanced users, hence they room disabled von default. Sie need to enable die wanted entities manually.

device Tracker

Note 1: all devices zu be tracked, also the neu detected, space disabled von default. You need zu enable die wanted entities manually.

Note 2: If you don’t want zu automatically track freshly detected devices, disable ns integration system option Enable neu added entities.

harbor Forward

Due to security reasons, AVM implemented die ability zu enable/disable a port forward ascendancy only from the host involved in the rule.As a result, this integration will create entities only for rules that have your home Assistant organize as a destination.

Note 1: On her FRITZ!Box, enable ns setting allow independent harbor sharing weil das this device for the maker which runs ha (Internet -> Permit access -> )

Note 2: only works if you have a devoted IPv4 deal with (it won’t arbeit with DS-Lite)

instance Automations und Scripts

Script: Reconnect / get new IP

The adhering to script tun können be used to easily include a reconnect button to your UI. If you want zu reboot your FRITZ!Box, you can use fritz.reboot instead.

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fritz_box_reconnect: alias: "Reconnect FRITZ!Box" sequence: - service: fritz.reconnect target: entity_id: binary_sensor.fritzbox_7530_connection

Automation: Reconnect / get new IP every night

automation:- alias: "System - Reconnect FRITZ!Box" trigger: - platform: time at: "05:00:00" action: - service: fritz.reconnect target: entity_id: binary_sensor.fritzbox_7530_connection

Automation: Phone notice with Wi-fi credentials wie guest Wi-fi is created

automation: - alias: "Guests Wi-fi turn On -> Send Password to Phone" trigger: - platform: state entity_id: switch.fritzbox_7530_wifi_myssid to: "on" action: - service: notify.notify data: title: "Guest Wi-Fi zu sein enabled" message: "Password: ..."
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