Far. The Story des a journey around the World

WEIT. Die elektrisch von ein Weg um herum die Welt

Patrick Allgaier, Gwendolin Weisser Germany |2017 |127min.

Language: Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish Filmy jsou promítány v českém zněnínebo ns českými titulky

An auteur documentary von two young Germans shows ns only echt way kommen sie travel around the world. Three and a hilfreich years of adventure presented über two charismatic adventurers.

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Gwen and Patrick travelled an ext than 50,000 kilometres together. "We wanted kommen sie journey deswegen far ost that we had kommen sie return home from the west." indigenous car zu car they an installed a handheld camera und carefully taped everything. Their film thus provides a non-stylised and intimate understanding into different cultures, as they opened up with neighborhood residents prior to they both set off on their way. In adventurous exploration from Germany all around die world und back again just von hitchhiking and ship, from which die pair return residence as a family.




Don’t it is in a dick About It

A sibling odyssey set an American suburbia that records the täglich struggle weil das attention und constant goading, and tolerance des someone else"s differences.


Far. Ns Story of a journey around ns World

An auteur documentary über two young Germans shows ns only echt way zu travel around die world. Three und a für hilfe years des adventure presented von two charismatic adventurers.

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